Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat Review

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If you want to nail the perfect look every time you step outside your house, you have to make sure your nails are well looked after too. The perfect outfit, brilliant makeup and well put together accessories will not fail to make an impression if your nails are not up to the mark. They often have that yellowish tint, which can look quite unappealing, while at times they appear chipped, which is annoying too. You can’t spend huge amounts on professional nail treatments ever so often. And when you have Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat, you won’t have to.


Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat
It’s the perfect solution for women who want to have beautiful long nails that have that natural sheen and are strong as well. This “suit of armour” was created by someone who was looking for the perfect solution for her nail related problems as well. And she found it with this coat, which is now available to all women. This product will help create a beautiful, sheer pink coating that will naturally strengthen your nails and harden them too. Hence now your nails will grow longer and stronger without any professional treatments and quite naturally too.

The secret behind this must-have product is the revolutionary formula that is keratin rich, which is the source of natural proteins required for strong coating of nails. What’s more, it also contains an optical brightener, which is responsible for removing any yellowness that one might be used to seeing on nails. Thanks to this optical brightener, the natural colour in your nail bed will be highlighted, making them look resplendent. The whites of your nails tend to look whiter, just like after those expensive professional treatments.

When you use any new product, you want to make sure it doesn’t have any ingredients that can be harmful to you. This sensational coating doesn’t contain sulphates, parabens, GMOs, phthalates, Triclosan and synthetic fragrances putting your mind at rest. Looks like, the manufacturer has nailed this one to perfection.

Summary of Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat Reviews – Advantages

If you have thin and brittle nails you think you have no option but to go through expensive professional treatments. But who has the time of the day to make appointments at salons and sit through these tedious procedures. You are ready to go out with nails that look split and chipped to save yourself the effort and not to mention the costs. But Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat makes it easy to give your nails the strength and boost you want them to have. You will never feel embarrassed about your nails again.

You can apply this product once a week and have brilliant long lasting coating. And the results are professional quality, much to your delight. You will not stop getting compliments for your naturally beautiful nails.

While there are many nail conditioners and other similar products in the market, the results they give last for short durations because they do nothing to strengthen your nails. That’s where this product holds an edge over other products because it helps strengthen your nails and prevents them from chipping ever so often. The gel is very thick and takes a while to dry, but it is definitely worth it because of the results you get.

This product will also help those who have suffered from chipping and peeling of nails because of one heath condition or another. There’s no reason to give up on the state of your nails when this coating offers you respite. You will be back to filing and shaping nails before you know it.

Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat Complaints

Using this gel is a bit tedious because you have to think about too many factors to get the perfect coating. You have to apply it diligently but the polish will turn yellowish after some time. It means you have to reapply the gel, which can bring that pinkish look back. However that can lead to the polish peeling off, which is a strict no-no. Fewer coats work better although you might have to make do with some yellowness after a week or so.

You are told that this product helps strengthen your nails, but the results are far from desired. It comes as a huge disappointment when you go in expecting brilliant results. While the colour stays the right shade of pink, the coating chips and peels off. You would expect a lot more from a product that is priced at $30.00.

You are happy to see the list of potentially harmful ingredients this gel doesn’t contain. But then it has formaldehyde in it. What’s the point of that? We all know the problems formaldehyde can lead to, so even if it doesn’t contain sulphates and parabens, presence of formaldehyde is another major letdown.



What do I get?
You can buy Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat for $30.00 at

About Perfect Formula – Perfect Formula asserts to be a nail strengthening and conditioning kit that makes nails stronger, longer, and more beautiful.
How does Perfect Formula work? – You just need to apply Perfect Formula to your nails like regular nail coats. It asserts to be formulated with proteins and keratin that fortify, seal, and provide a protective coating to the nails instantly.

Stronger, longer and healthier nails – If you suffer from dry and brittle nails that break easily, Perfect Formula promises to be a nail conditioning kit with nail treatments that will make nails healthier and stronger once again. There are no Perfect Formula user reviews to verify these claims yet. It guarantees that in a very short span of time, your nails will stop chipping, cracking and peeling and grow longer. More will be revealed with Perfect Formula user reviews.

Different treatments in the formula – Perfect Formula proclaims to have Pink Gel Coat that protects the nails and makes them brighter and stronger. The clear gel coat of Perfect Formula maintains to be a protein-rich strengthener and base coat that will make your nails healthier. Perfect Formula Daily Moisturizer allegedly nourishes nails and cuticles to prevent dryness. The truth about this will soon be revealed with user reviews.



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