Naked Nails Review

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About Naked Nails – Naked Nails is a complete nail care system that promises to give you salon quality results at home. Naked Nails claims to keep your nails looking glossy and perfect for weeks together. Naked Nails declares to be chemical-free and safe to use and needs no nail color to make nails look presentable.


Naked Nails REVIEW

Rebecca Long tried the Naked nails complains in her review that the Naked Nails are not to be used with acrylic nails as they are much too hard. It should only be used as directed on your natural nails. If you are travelling with it and depending on it ensure you have spare batteries because you don’t want it to run out of steam during a trip.

Hazel Caraway in her Naked Nails review says the file paper is flimsy, the shin sheet is flimsy and neither works. It is cheaply made.

Eva Allen in her Naked Nails review reveals that this product does not add shine to nails like what you see on TV. The batteries do not last long enough to shine at all. Do not waste your money or your time.

Deb Warren says the attachments are very cheap. Thin pieces of paper held on with cheap tape. You are better off with a regular nail file.

Claire Snowe is not happy with her Naked Nails purchase. In her Naked Nails review she mentions that it does not live up to the claims it made in the advertising. The disks that were shipped were not glued well, hence the files or buffers had a skipping effect when using. Not recommended as a smart or useful product.

Lisa Hagan mentions in her review that after following the routine, your fingernails look nice and smooth and shiny like the product promises but they will only look this way until you take a shower, do a sink of dishes, wash your hair, or simply apply hand lotion. Then your nails are back to a dull look as if you had never used this product. Do not waste your time and money!

Hillary Dole a Naked Nails user reveals that the Naked Nails does not file anything and the shine is more of a dull shine instead of a high gloss. It is very disappointing.

Kay Collins who used Naked Nails says in her review that there is no power cord so you have to use AA batteries for it. This allows you to use it anywhere and not stay close to an outlet, but if you prefer things that plug in so you don’t have to keep buying batteries then this product is not for you.

Nancy Burdick in her review claims that with Naked Nails your nails will definitely look better! They actually look good enough for you to go out in public without having your nails painted. It is a must product to try out.

Naked Nails Claims

Naked Nails sates to be battery operated and includes a Smooth roller that buffs out the ridges and imperfections in your nails quickly and easily. The High Shine roller then maintains to give your nails the perfectly polished look. The high-speed 30 times per second buffing of nails alleges to do away with the manual buffing and give the perfect shine and gloss that last for weeks.

Nail your grooming regime – Nail care is an important part of grooming but you just can’t afford professional treatments regularly because of the expense and time it consumes. But now the nail care system Naked Nails claims that it can bring you high-quality nail care just like a salon in the comforts of your home at a fraction of the price. Naked Nails maintains to have two rollers that do the trick for you. The smooth roller buffs out the ridges and imperfections within no time. Naked Nails also has a High Shine roller that assures you a healthy, glossy looking shine that will last you for weeks. Thus Naked Nails emphasizes that you get beautiful natural nails that stay beautiful for weeks on end. The rollers of Naked Nails allege to buff nails at about 30 times per second doing away the hassle of manual buffing for good.


A convenient and safe solution – One of the advantages of using Naked Nails is that it gives you the clear polished look without the polish. Thus Naked Nails guarantees that you can get salon quality results without any chemicals or mess involved. Naked Nails guarantees that your nails will look perfectly presentable without any color whatsoever. If you have used nail grooming products at home you know they can be time consuming and tedious to work with. Naked Nails asserts that it is so easy to use that practically anyone can get started with it and it also gets the job done in minutes. Naked Nails also promises to help you save money on manicures on a regular basis. Naked Nails is cordless; hence easy to take on travels and works with AA batteries.


What Do I Get?

  • You’ll receive Naked Nails with 2 Smooth and 2 High Shine Rollers for $14.99 plus $6.99 S&H.
  • You Also get 1 Nail Shaper and 1 Callus Remover

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5 thoughts on “Naked Nails Review

  1. DO NOT PLACE AN ORDER! I received an email that my items were on backorder. I tried to call the customer service line and the call automatically disconnected. At that point, I decided to cancel. So I tried the email addresses and phone numbers on the website. Those would not go through either.

    I do not trust a company they take your credit card info, and leave you no means to contact them!

    • Tina M.
      The same mishap happened my side. Waited for almost a month, heard nothing from them. Had enough. Emailed them and cancelled the order. Very poor website and customer service.

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