Nail Cones Review

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What are Nail Cones

They are cute ice cream cone shaped covers that promise to help you get those professional salon quality nails from the comforts of your home.

Nail Cones claim to offer you a fun and delicious way of getting your nails painted at home without any hassle. You want to make sure your look is perfect from head to toe and that also means looking after your nails. But trying to get that professional quality look has so far been a pain. You don’t have the time of the day to go to salons for these professional treatments on a regular basis either. However that doesn’t mean you will have to make do with nails that are not painted to perfection. These ice cream cone shaped covers assert that they can do the job for you with ease. We would like to read your Nail Cones reviews to know if you agree with this claim.


Salon quality nails at home

You marvel at the way your nails are done in a professional salon and wish you could replicate them at home. But the problem lies in the fact that every time you start painting your nails you get it on your skin. It’s not only a nuisance to clean up later but ends up slowing you down as well. These specially designed nail covers assure you that it will now be a thing of the past. Unfortunately we don’t have enough Nail Cones reviews to verify these claims. These covers also emphasize on the fact that they are very easy to use. You simply have to place them around and underneath your nails when you are painting them. They will make sure the paint doesn’t get on your skin and the job will be done with professional precision. It would be interesting to see what you think in your Nail Cones reviews.

A fun way to do things

We have all spent big amounts on nail paint because we don’t want to compromise on its quality. But you often end up wasting a lot of it on your skin, which is something you want to avoid. These nail covers claim to let you do that so that you are saved money along with time too. What do you make of this claim? We would appreciate you letting us know in your Nail Cones reviews. Who doesn’t love ice creams? These cute shaped nail covers stress that they will be a hit with girls of all ages who will now have found a fun way to paint their nails and even bond over the experience. We look forward to Nail Cones reviews to ascertain this claim.

What do I get?

You get Five Nail Cones Sets of 120 for $9.95 plus $4.95 S&H.Official website

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