Mystic Manicure 3D Nail Designs Review

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Nail Polishes can define your character and style. Every woman dreams of an absolutely fantastic nail design but the range of nail polishes available in the market is too small. Nail Salons can do some tricks to make them more attractive and different but that can make you end up spending lots of money. If only there was a cheaper yet effective method to have a new stylish design on the nails, it would be an amazing escape from the boring everyday nail polishes. Well the Mystic Manicure is surely one answer for it.


Mystic Manicure 3D Nail Designs
Mystic Manicure is the newest product that provides beautiful nail finishing with amazingly new metallic colors. Nail polishes have captured every woman’s imagination for dressing up for parties, occasions or everyday styling. These polishes have been used since years and becoming very common with their color. Mystic Manicure provides with a new 3D look which is different and looks amazing. The nail polish includes iron particles that react to the magnet provided along with the Mystic Manicure to form a special design. Applying it is really easy and is a matter of just a few minutes. The coat of polish is to be applied over the nail. Once the nail is covered with the coat, the user should hold the magnet over the nail for about 10 to 15 seconds. The new pattern which is formed due to magnetization remains the same after drying up.

Mystic Manicure is a revolutionary design formula and has the capacity to last for almost up to 2 weeks time. The sensational looking designs made by the magnetic nail polish gives an altogether different appeal to ordinary looking nails. Mystic Manicure comes with 4 different options of colors, Metallic Rose for a beautiful finish, Metallic Gun Metal with a rusted color finish, a Bronze beauty which will suit perfectly for every special occasion and a casual Blue Steel for everyday showoff. Mystic Manicure comes with an awesome limited time offer which provides 2 Mystic Manicure free on purchase of 2 Mystic Manicure. It also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee for customers who are not satisfied with its result.



What do I get?

  • 1 Mystic Manicure in Metal
  • 1 Mystic Manicure in Rose
  • 1 Mystic Manicure in Blue
  • 1 Mystic Manicure in Orange

All this for just 19.99 Plus $7.95 S&H! Official website

30 day money back guarantee less S&H. Sales tax will be applied to orders from CA and NJ

For customer service Please call 877.833.7685.



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3 thoughts on “Mystic Manicure 3D Nail Designs Review

  1. Ordered product 45+ days ago, account was immediately debited for the whole purchase. Still no product, now website has been removed….

  2. Review Mystic Manicure

    Does Mystic Manicure really provide a 3D design on the nails?

    Is it easy to apply?

    Does it last for 2 weeks like it claims?

    Is it a cost effective solution for nail styling?

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