Magna Nails Review

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As they say, if you want to nail your look down to perfection every single time you step out of the house, you have to pay attention to your nails as well. They make as much an impression as your hair, clothes and accessories for that matter. Do you end up spending huge amounts on professional nail styling that leaves a hole in your pocket? Are you tired of the regular use at home nail products with their same old designs? In that case you can make the most of Magna Nails, which brings great aesthetic style and magic of science to the fore.

How does Magna Nails work?

This is not just any other nail polish; it comes with special effects thanks to the power of magnets. That’s what brings a multi dimensional metallic design to your nails. There are four brilliant Gemstone collection shades available in this range of product that will tick the right boxes for you; Green Emerald, Blue Sapphire, Rose Quartz and Purple Amethyst. And the four exclusive magnet designs like Dazzling Diagonals, Sophisticated Stripes, Seductive Swerves and Wicked Waves will let you make them your personal style statement that will win you many admirers.

With the help of this product you have access to many sensational designs that you can get in practically no time and without a lot of effort because application is oh so simple. All you need to do is apply generous coat of the product on your nail and then hold the magnet over it. Within no time a sensational design will appear leaving you smiling from ear to ear. No special application process or messy procedures are required; it’s that easy.

This product is your way to getting salon quality designs from the comforts of your home. Thus not only are you saved time but a lot of money as well. Each of the collection you find in the product can create more than 16 different looks for your toes and your nails, which makes it an extremely versatile. It can be used on natural and artificial nails and it dries quickly and lasts long.



What do I get?

  • 4 Magna Nails Gemstone Collection (1 Purple Amethyst, 1 Blue Sapphire, 1 Green Emerald, 1 Rose Quartz)
  • 4 Magna Nails Metallic Collection (1 Titanium, 1 Silver, 1 Gold, and 1 Copper)
  • 8 Design MAGNETS

All this for just $14.99 + $13.90 s/h. Official website –

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