Hot Design Nail Art Pens

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If you want to look your best on every occasion, you have to pay attention to your nails as well. Nailing your look to perfection gets a completely literal meaning in the times we live. But you know going to a regular nail salon can cost you a fortune every time. Hot Design Nail Art Pens claim to offer you respite so that you can create smart and cool designs easily from the comforts of your home. Hot Design Nail Art Pens let you create your own unique designs without any difficulty or prior training.

Nail art for everyone

There are those who keep away from nail art because it is expensive, others think they won’t be able to do it on their own. But Hot Design Nail Art Pens are supposedly easy to us and practically anyone can make the most out of them. Hot Design Nail Art Pens are a lot more than nail polish that you can brush on when you pop it open. It’s also an ingenious nail art pen that will let you create sleek designs. Hot Design Nail Art Pens come in 12 vibrant colours that are in keeping with today’s trends as well.

Better than nail polish

Since the nail polish bottle is squeezable it ensures that you can control the flow every time you want to use it. Moreover Hot Design Nail Art Pens also have a pull off cap t to ensure that all pens are kept fresh for every use. Hot Design Nail Art Pens are also said to be very simple to use and anyone can get a hang of them. Hot Design Nail Art Pens are known to have fine tip points so that you can do professional like precision work at home too.

What do I get?

6 set of Hot Designs nail art pens
1 carrying case.

Price – $14.95 plus $7.95 processing and handling.Official website

Hot Design Nail Art Pens video

6 thoughts on “Hot Design Nail Art Pens

  1. I picked mine up at Walmart. I love them. Compared to others I’ve tried, they are by far the best! I’m looking into buying more bc I love variety

  2. I ordered Hot Design Nail Art Pens at the beginning of Sept. it’s almost the middle of DEC. I still haven’t received mine. I called they said it will be shipped out ASAP. That was in Oct.

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