Hollywood Nails Review

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Hollywood Divas have always had their appeal amongst women of all ages. Whatever they do is closely watched and they are style icons in their own right. You want to emulate their chic and elegant fashion sense at the same time want to dazzle your audience too. And it means nailing your look to perfection with stunning nails that will do the talking for you. With Hollywood Nails, which is the latest trend going around, you can do just that and make a lasting impression both on professional and personal fronts.


Hollywood Nails
Are you tired of spending huge amounts on professional nail salons? Do you find it difficult to find time to visit these salons too? Have you tried many use-at-home products that don’t do the job precisely and are a waste of time? Then you can do with this brilliant all in one nail art system that will do the job perfectly for you. Now you can look glamorous and chic when you want to, or choose to be flirty and fun when you feel like. With Hollywood Nails the power is entirely in your hands and what’s more, it’s very easy to use.

Regular nail stamps can be tricky and you have to struggle for long to align them accurately. But this product takes any guesswork out of doing nail art at home and you can get precise placement every time. You just have to lock down this product and align your nail with it. You can then apply nail polish and stamp the design of your choice. That’s it; job done and you have nailed the look you wanted to flaunt. You will be able to use this product left handed or right handed, saving you any trouble and you can use it on your toes as well.

Now those professional quality nail art designs are yours, from the comforts of your home for a fraction of the price.



What do I get?
You can buy Hollywood Nails, which include 5 image plates for $19.95 plus P&H of $7.95 at www.buyhollywoodnails.com and get 2 multi-colour image plates with your offer. You can also get 3D bling kit and professional nail art tool by paying additional P&H of $5.95.


Hollywood Nails Video
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38 thoughts on “Hollywood Nails Review

  1. This. Does. Not. Work. At. All. Stamper doesn’t pick up nail polish and the pad keeps falling off. The only thing that works is the brush and jewels.

  2. This thing sucks it doesn’t work at all and mine didn’t even come with a dotting tool it was an empty tube!!! Such a rip of!!!!

  3. What a total piece of crap! At least it was worth the $4.99 I paid for the design plates, dotting tool/nail art brush and nail jewels. Otherwise, I’d be raising all kinds of hell. But, the point is that I was paying for a particular, unique, nail design system. In reality this “system” neither affords the user ease and convenience of use, nor does it even work….at all. The pad wouldn’t pick up the design. The pad tore up just by pressing down in an attempt to pick up the design. And, the pad wasn’t even attached in any way to the stamper. When I tried to remove the stamper from the unit the pad fell out so it had to be shoved out from underneath. The unit itself is just a useless piece of junk. HEED THE WARNINGS. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS…. unless you find it for $4.99 and just want it for the design plates and accessories.

  4. HOLLYWOOD NAILS REVIEW: What a SCAM…. they charged my credit card but then said they couldn’t “process” my order as my credit card company would not allow the transaction….(WHAT?). Before I got my credit card statement I called to inquire about why my “priority” order had not yet arrived, and of course, then said they couldn’t “process” my order as my credit card company would not allow the transaction… so then asked for another card. Should have been my CLUE to cancel right then and there, but I ordered on my mothers request for her birthday. So I gave them a second credit card number. I even paid extra for “priority” service and after 3 calls and no product, I was told my second card also was not working… did I have ANOTHER??? WTF. No. Please cancel my order and REFUND my card!!!!! This company should be SHUT DOWN… DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM… SCAM SCAM SCAM

  5. I got ripped off too! It cost me $104 with all your reviews there has to be a way to get them. Like a collective law suit!….we can’t let people be fooled again!! It’s a scam and it’s illegal!

  6. Wish I had seen this site before I purchased this. Did search for “Hollywood Nails reviews”, but they were all positive!! I am not a nail stamping novice. Love the Konad stamp system but figured this kit would make aligning easier. WRONG!! As almost everyone has stated, the stamper pad WILL NOT pick up the image from the image pad! Yes, I filed the pad. Yes, I cleaned over and over again with acetone. I searched youtube for tips, and in some vids they were able to get the stamper to pick up the polish, but had problems aligning the image to the nail. What a waste of money. Do not purchase!!

  7. I also bought this product and had the same problem. the stamper would not pick up the image no matter what i did. So dissapointed! I’m returning it to the store.

  8. Awful awful awful!!!! Image is not picked up by stamp like EVERYONE is complaining about! Cheap plastic parts break easily! DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!! We got ours out and threw in garbage after trying for over an hour to use it and my daughter being so excited.. Now she is very disappointed and I am angry!!!!!!

  9. Just opened up the Hollywood nails. And boy is my daughter and I very disappointed!! First the locking nail guide broke on the first try. The stamper doesn’t pick up any polish even after we tried to file it. We followed the direction over and over again. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT! Waste of money.

  10. Am so utterly disappointed with this Hollywood Nails. Saw it in my local supermarket and thought it would be something fab that my daughter could experiment with. Paid $40 for it. Bought it home and opened it up. Attempted use, picked up 1 or 2 part images, then nothing. Stamp is a piece of junk. Very, very disappointing. I basically paid $40 for the brush, which is the only thing in the whole system that is usable.

  11. This Hollywood Nails product is terrible! I was extremely excited when I bought this & I tried for 1 & 1/2 hours. And not once did it even come close to working!! I read the instructions 10 million times, went on the websites, checked the reviews and watched videos, & it hasn’t worked. I spent $40 dollars on this “salon quality” nail art. It’s not even close to salon quality, a 3 year old could do a better job then this crap! PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS! IT IS A SCAM & A BIG WASTE OF TIME, MONEY & EFFORT!! #scam

  12. Hollywood nails What a waste of money.. This is crap. Did everything per instructions. They don’t even put a address on their on the box, so to me that says the company knows it is crap.

  13. I bought 2 Hollywood Nails for my sisters for Christmas. When the first one didn’t work I thought well it’s a fluke. But then second one didn’t work. Neither worked even a little; I just threw them both away. Oh well I was duped.

  14. Thank you to everyone who has written on this site, I will not be wasting my money and have shown my daughter who was desperate for it.. Thank you

  15. I received this gift as a birthday present.. It does not work at all.. The stamp picks up nothing, even after I followed the instructions of filing it as instructed.. So disappointed..!!

  16. Glad I read this Hollywood Nails review before I bought it for my granddaughter, thanks for saving me from a big mistake!!

  17. CUSTOMER SERVICE IS ROTTEN~! Read before buying:
    1) Customer service is terrible. They are rude, antagonistic and unprofessional. If you have any problem with them they are very defensive and do not care how they treat you. They clearly are not concerned about their actions as an employee with this company. They will stick you on hold forever, send you to voicemails and even keep hanging up on you.

    2) The will charge your account twice (minimum) for the transaction. One of the charges is to verify your account and the ability to charge for the item. This charge sits on your bank account or charge card and affects your available balance. If you have to pay other bills your bank account is tied up on this transaction until it erases. This is because whatever they use for billing and purchases is “backwards” and they cannot fix this or control it.

    3) The site has the tendency to act up and potentially charge you multiple times for one transaction which is what happened to me and that is when I learned they do NOT HAVE CUSTOMER SERVICE. “Jessica” who claims to be a supervisor was the WORST. A man answered also that was terrible. Then I couldn’t get passed either of them.

    4) They are only open from 9-5 Mon-Fri EST so you cannot NOT get customer service after hours. No email. No address and limited availability which is ALWAYS a red flag when doing business over the internet.

    So – BEWARE!!! If anything goes wrong with your transaction you will then have problems with this company. They have NO customer support! It is TERRIBLE!!!

  18. Is your product available in Australia? What are the costs of refills if I were to purchase your product?

    • I bought mine at Big W, it cost me $39. Do not buy Hollywood Nails, its a waste of money, does not work at all.

  19. JUNK!! I received this Hollywood Nails as a gift. Thought it looked pretty cool and couldn’t wait to try it out, but IT DOES NOT WORK!!! Very disappointed!! Do Not Buy This Product. It is not worth the 20 bucks people are spending for it. This company is a SCAM!!!

  20. Just received this and tried Hollywood Nails – not one nail will work properly. Followed the horrible directions and even looked it up on line. I can see the design, but it’s in a blob of polish. Extremely disappointed.

    Do NOT buy this product.

  21. THIS Hollywood Nails DOES NOT WORK!!! I wasted countless hours and money buying tons of nail polish types and even tried paint. Nothing sticks to the stamper even after applying polish remover and scrubbing the rubber. I’ve had stamps that came out of toy change machines that worked better. Then the store doesn’t restock and if it was a Christmas or other gift and you lose the receipt there are no ways to get help but to being a sucker and eat the lost money paid for it.

  22. It’s becoming just impossible to find genuine reviews of a product. I wanted to search for the keywords “Hollywood Nails” and even though I did get quite a few websites when I checked them out something didn’t seem quite right to me. Most of these sites had dazzling reviews of the product along with a “Buy Now” button. When I clicked on the button I was directed to yet another site where I could place an order for the product. This happened several times without showing me any reviews to read. Because of the same pattern I figured these are all sites promoted by the manufacturers. These fake sites could not fool me though.

    • This is a very common problem owing to the fact that people are easily conned by presenting glaring reviews of a really bad product. Search engines have big time loopholes in them since they cannot differentiate between a genuine review and a fake one. So scammers take advantage of this and indulge in malpractices like flooding the net with fake reviews of their product. These sites are actually owned by affiliates of product manufacturers who get a hefty commission for promoting the product and selling them.

  23. I am someone who believes that more hype you hear about a product extra careful you need to be about buying it. That’s what manufacturers are good at doing, aren’t they, especially when their product is not up to the mark? I have begun to think they are also behind the review sites that I found when looking for pros and cons about Hollywood Nails. I think that’s the job of these review sites to tell me what is good about a product and what is not. But most of these sites I came across had the same spiel from manufacturers that you see on infomercials. And they also had Buy Now tabs, which I found extremely odd.

    • It’s not just odd but it’s downright wrong and a complete scam. There are many users who have had similar experiences because of these Fake review sites that are found all over the web now. Search engines can’t tell that these sites are fake, which is why they go unpunished. Manufacturers meanwhile are paying huge amounts to affiliate marketers to keep these sites running and luring unsuspecting customers. This is an unfortunate trend that has to stop and hopefully it will.

  24. I am trying to check on an order from Hollywood Nails – please can you help me with this – order # 8740748

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