Gel Touch REVIEW

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What is Gel Touch?

It claims to be a unique way to transform any regular nail polish into a rock hard glossy gel. It offers easy application, solid protection and easy removal as well. Gel Touch alleges to help achieve glossy gel manicures in just 60 seconds. GelTouch claims to be a great and effective way to achieve the sturdiness and life of gel manicure minus the hassles of removing it.


Gel Touch CLAIMS

Gel-like manicure
Gel Touch assures that it will not allow ordinary nail polish of any shade and brand to chip, crack and dull easily. We will need to wait for Gel Touch reviews to be available to make approve or disapprove its claims.


Innovative technology
Gel Touch declares to have a patented Elasticized Polymers that creates a solid, long-lasting surface over the nail. This technology makes it easy to remove since one can simply peel the gel off the nail. Plus, Gel Touch guarantees that it is not made using any harsh chemicals and keeps the nails undamaged after use. At this point of time there are no GelTouch reviews available to substantiate with its claims.


Easy application
GelTouch promises to be easy to apply and takes only seconds to start working. Simply apply Gel Touch as the top coat, and then put on the desired nail polish, place the fingers use the USB lamp for 60 seconds, and wipe the residue. In these simple steps it convinces to offer beautiful, glossy, chip and scratch-resistant manicure. Gel Touch does sound highly fascinating; user reviews will soon reveal the facts.

Gel Touch Questions and Answers

Q. Is there a chemical difference between the top coat and the base coat of the Gel Touch?
A. Not sure about the chemical difference but they are quite different. The base coat is very thin and the top coat is a substantially thicker coat, and tends to puff slightly as it dries under the lamp.

Q. Can I use the base and top coat of the Gel Touch with a regular nail polish?
A. Yes

Q. Does the Gel Touch come with the dryer?
A. No, it doesn’t.

Q. Is the Gel Touch clear to be used with a colored gel polish or does it have its own color?
A. It is clear.

Q. Can the Gel Touch just be used as a “clear coat?”
A. Yes the Gel Touch can be used as a clear coat.

Q. Can I use the top and base with a different brand of gel polish?
A. Yes, as long as it is a gel polish.

Q. How tall and wide is the Gel Touch?
A. The bottom part that holds the polish is almost 1 1/2 inches by 1 ¼ inches. The whole bottle with the handle is 3 inches tall.

Q. Does the Gel Touch work with other brands?
A. Yes, Gel Touch works with other brands.

Q. Does the Gel Touch work with the nail dip powder?
A. Not sure.

Q. The base coat has a big problem with regards to lump, chuck, and mass..Is it right one?
A. Don’t care for their base or top coat….However gel polishes are great.

Q. How much time does the Gel Touch take to dry?
A. Gel Touch is a gel nail polish so you just put it under a UV light for 20-30 seconds.

Q. What is the removal process of the Gel Touch? One review said the base coat is hard to soak off.
A. We improve the Gel Touch formula and make it last longer, so if you wish to remove it in just a few days wearing it may take a little longer to soak off, but it will come off if you remove it properly.

Q. Can I use a LED light?
A. Yes, have used the LED light, you just have to hold the nail under the light a little longer.

Q. Is the Gel Touch the same as shellac top and base coats?
A. Yes it is.

Q. Does the Gel Touch glow under a black light? Looking for one that doesn’t glow when out at the clubs.
A. No it doesn’t.

Q. After applying the top coat, is the surface sticky?
A. It is until you rub with a swab or wipe of alcohol. Make sure you cure the top coat really well (about 2 min) then take a cotton ball or pad dipped in alcohol and wipe the nail until you feel a smooth surface.

Gel Touch Review

Gel Touch user reviews assert that the Gel Touch polish peels right off after a week. You will need 4 coats for the color to not be opaque.

“Very disappointed with Gel Touch polish. With a really high-quality LED/UV curing light, the Gel Touch polish would not care all the way and remained tacky or sticky no matter how long it was cared for or how thin or thick the layers were.”

“The top coat is okay but nails chipped after about 6 days which with other top coats they usually last about 2 weeks.”

“The Gel Touch Nail Polish is nice but here is the catch – the bottle is barely half full. There is very little polish in it. It is very dishonest on the seller’s part.”

“Gel Touch chips and peels off, about like regular nail polish. It is nothing like “gel nails” that you get in the salon, is that is what you are looking for.”

“Bought Gel Touch to use under nail glitter and it goes on well but needs at least 2 coats as it is rather thin. Gel Touch wore well and stayed on nails for about a week. The company is not in the US so if ordering from America you have to be prepared to wait a rather long time for delivery.”

“Had to apply 4 layers of Gel Touch and still didn’t get the look that is pictured. Also, Gel Touch is very hard to get off.”

“Gel Touch polish comes in just mini bottles. You’d only know if you hover over the image and blow it up. Gel Touch is a great product in a sample size.”

“Gel Touch is a beautiful color and works great. But the only problem is that it takes a lot of coats to become visible.”


What do I get?
You can get Gel Touch for $39.99 + $7.99 P&H,This includes two bottles (glossy and matte), LED lamp, and cleansing wipes. As of this writing | Official

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