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What is Eterluxe:

It is a fast drying ultraviolet manicure system that claims to offer you professional results at home.
Eterluxe has been created for women who want to look perfect from head to toe every time they step out of the house. And that means you have to pay attention to every aspect of your appearance, including your nails. That’s easier said than done when professional treatments cost you a fortune and regular at-home treatments just don’t cut it. Eterluxe claims to offer women respite in such instances, giving them long-lasting professional quality results.

Eterluxe is effective because of the UV light system

Perma Glam’s fast drying UV light system is at the heart of Eterluxe and is responsible for giving out professional quality results at home and in a matter of minutes. The way this light works is that it activates free floating molecules and bond to give a protective shine in a matter of minutes. Eterluxe is said to have an edge over regular nail systems because it is meant to strengthen and protect nails. In fact the results can last for around 2 weeks, according to its claims.


Eterluxe is convenient for use at home

If you have tried working with nail systems at home you know how tedious the job can be. However that’s not the case with Eterluxe, which works in three simple steps. You can start with cleansing and preparing your nails before polishing them to ensure that they are protected. The third step is to seal and shine the finish to get those perfect nails every time. With Eterluxe you get results that are chip free and glossy like new, even after two weeks in harsh conditions, according to its claims.

Eterluxe offers you several exciting options

Eterluxe is said to offer you ten complete manicures, which give you plenty of options to choose from. You will have nails in brilliant, vibrant colours that will help you make the best impression when you are out. And importantly, the results will last, giving you good value for your money as well.


    What Do I Get ?

  • You will get Eterluxe for £59.99
  • Official Website:

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