Chalk Crazy

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What is Chalk Crazy:

It is a chalkboard manicure kit that promises to help you “nail” your look to perfection every time.
Chalk Crazy has been created to make things easier for women who want to make an impression with their overall look. And that includes paying attention to your nails, which you want to stand out and be your style statement in a way. But you know getting your nails done from salons is not only an expensive proposition, but you don’t have that kind of time either. Chalk Crazy promises to keep things simple so that you can get the job done at home and in a matter of minutes.


Chalk Crazy is so simple that anyone can do it

Chalk Crazy has taken guess work and hard work out of nail art, according to its claims. It’s very simple to use at home and you can start with applying the chalkboard matte polish on your nails. Once it has dried, you can draw your chalk nail design over it. Chalk Crazy also ensures that these lovely images you have drawn on your nails can be sealed in place. You can do that by applying the top coat matte polish and the job is done.

Chalk Crazy gives you access to hottest nail trend at home

Going Chalk Crazy has taken women of all ages by storm and it has become a latest trend. And the good news for you is that you don’t have to go to a professional studio to get your nails done. You can now get professional quality results from the comforts of your home, according to its claims. With Chalk Crazy there’s no dearth of options for you as you can use your imagination and create any design you want.


Chalk Crazy lets you get over the mistakes quickly too

Chalk Crazy is meant to be just perfect for anyone to use, even if you are a first timer with no experience in nail art. In that case, of course there will be mistakes that happen but you don’t have to live with them. Chalk Crazy lets you wash away the mistakes so that you can simply draw again. Only when you love your design, you can seal it for good.


    What do I get ?

  • You get Two Chalk Crazy Kit for $19.95 plus $15.9 S&H.
  • Official Website :

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  1. I ordered this on 3-25-2014 said was back order still nothing, can you please check or not?

    Thank you very much

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