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What is Bo Po

It claims to be a revolutionary nail polish created for younger girls to let them style their nails. This is made possible with its brush-on peel-off technology that allows the process of application and removal to be a breeze. Brush-On Peel-Off claims to be a unique non-toxic nail polish for girls that gets applied easily and peels off in seconds for easy removal.


Nail polish for girls – Brush-On Peel-Off proclaims to be a unique nail polish designed for girls that looks like real nail polish minus its mess and dangers. It basically is easily to apply, dries quickly and gets removed by simple peeling. Although there have been no Brush-On Peel-Off reviews available that will attest to its claims.

Stylish nail polish for girls – Bo Po states to be nail polish series targeted at girls who love to style themselves but shy away due to the hassle of regular nail polish. Although there are no Bo Po reviews available at this point of time that will attest to its claims. Owing to its revolutionary formula Bo Po promises that it is unlike any regular nail polish that is difficult to apply and even more difficult to remove. Such comparison between the two cannot be accepted till the claims by Bo Po are proved via genuine user reviews.

Mess-free solution – Bo Po asserts that it is purposefully invented keeping younger girls in mind, which is why it has many advantages and no disadvantage whatsoever. Bo Po presents a strong claim that will be validated with Bo Po reviews. Bo Po claims to be unique right down to its formula which comprises of water-based formula. There is no verification of such claim by Bo Po and we shall know the truth once it is reviewed. Bo Po assures that the formula is also non-toxic and free of any harmful chemicals that generally are associated with regular nail polish. Bo Po does strike quite an impression; user reviews will expose the truth. Bo Po additionally proclaims that the mess free solution does not spread unevenly and simply can be peeled off using its brush on peel off technology. This eliminates the need of using any harsh chemical based nail polish removers. Is Bo Po really such an amazing nail polish? User reviews will soon reveal the facts.

Features and benefits

Bo Po guarantees that it is very easy to apply and takes only seconds to dry off. Such farfetched claims by Bo Po will be substantiated once it is reviewed by users. Bo Po convinces to be designed in a spill proof manner to avoid any need of supervision by moms and doesn’t drip even if turned upside down. Such child-safe abilities do make Bo Po a very fascinating nail polish; more shall be revealed once we get to analyze genuine user reviews. Bo Po maintains to be different from regular nail polish but at the same time states to look exactly like it which will be confirmed with user reviews. Bo Po declares to be available in vibrant colors like Cloudy Day, Pinkie Swear Tint, Razzmatazz, OMG, etc. Is Bo Po really as good as it promises to be? Send us your reviews.

Stylish nail polish – Brush-On Peel-Off states to be a water-based formula instant of using harmful chemicals for safe usage. The non-toxic Brush-On Peel-Off alleges to be mess-free and goes on like real nail polish with drying time going in seconds. At this point of time there are no Brush-On Peel-Off reviews available that will confirm its claims. Brush-On Peel-Off guarantees that it doesn’t need supervision as the bottle is spill proof. The best part about it is that it doesn’t need a nail polish remover. Simply peel it off and get the nails ready for a new coat. Brush-On Peel-Off maintains to come in variety of bright colors to match the mood. Did your girl find Brush-On Peel-Off really good? Send us your reviews.


What Do I Get?

  • You will get 6 BO-PO Nail polish bottles for $9.99+$6.99 S&H.
  • Official website: |
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