Timelife’s The Sock Hop Collection Review

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What is Timelife’s The Sock Hop Collection:

It is a collection of 135 songs on 8 CDs that promises to bring back the sock hop area into your living rooms.
Timelife’s The Sock Hop Collection asserts that the magic of the late 50’s and early 60’s is still alive and kicking. You can now relive those days and set the ambience for a night in with your loved ones with the help of the music from this collection. There are many who look back on that era fondly and associate it with crew cuts and pony tails, poodle skirts and cars with big fins. These are such iconic memories of the time gone by. But nothing symbolizes that time more than the slow dance music where you could dance with your loved one and have the time of your life. This music collection claims to bring back those times for you to make the most out of. But did the collection live up to your expectations? Why don’t you tell us about it in your Timelife’s The Sock Hop Collection reviews?

Music that evokes fond memories

The sock hop era was all about those soft and tender moments, be it hanging with friends, learning new dance moves or falling in love. You might have lived through those times or heard about them, this collection of music will help you look back fondly. It also stresses that it can be the ideal way to expose the newer generation to that special era. But we want to find out what you made of the collection and look forward to hearing about it in your Timelife’s The Sock Hop Collection reviews.
Another touching association with the music is of teens hopping and bopping, doing the twist or doing the slow dances with special someone. This music is just perfect to set the tone for a romantic evening or a party with your old friends for that matter. Timelife’s The Sock Hop Collection reviews are awaited to let us know if it really worked to set the mood for a party.

Expansive collection with many favorites

This collection brings together seven hours of unadulterated listening pleasure to music fans. There are 135 songs in all, on the 8 CDs that are a part of the collection. The comprehensive collection maintains that it has all your favorites from the era in one place. But did you find that to be true? We hope you will tell us more about it in your Timelife’s The Sock Hop Collection reviews.
Some of the big names featured on the collection include The Everly Brothers, The Four Seasons, Dion And The Belmonts, The Supremes, Elvis Presley, Stevie Wonder and more. Timelife’s The Sock Hop Collection reviews can offer us more information on the names you can find in the collection. Twistin’ The Night Away by Sam Cooke, Runaround Sue by Dion and several other popular numbers add to the charm. We will analyze Timelife’s The Sock Hop Collection reviews to verify these claims.

What Do I Get?

  • You will get 135 songs on 8 CDs for $119.96
  • 257 Songs on 16 CDs for $219.92
  • Official website: timelife.com
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