Timelife Rock ‘n’ Roll Era Collection Review

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Rock ’n’ Roll took the world of music by storm since the late ‘50s when it was introduced. The beautiful spirit and aura of Rock ‘n’ Roll is now compiled in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Era Collection, two sets of original hits by iconic artists who defined music through Rock ‘n’ Roll for you to listen and relive those golden days. It’s the perfect way to get in sync with the music that has been loved and revered since decades when it underwent a revolution.

Timelife Rock ‘n’ Roll Era Collection

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Era Collection, presented by StarVista/Timelife Entertainment and Time Life, brings you original tracks straight from original superstars. Legends like Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, The Everly Brothers, Chuck Berry, Fats Domino and many more grace the collection with the magic of their music. These are the early hits that teenagers across the nation were glued to at the radio. Local disc jockeys presented the best of music by rockabilly rebels, teen idols, doo-wop groups and music legends that came to be known as Rock ‘n’ Roll.

The collection features two sets of CDs for you to choose from- one set that comprises 10 CDs of 158 songs, and another of 18 CDs of 283 songs. You can listen to the most popular pop and rock hits that changed music history forever. Legendry DJ Jerry Blavat spins the music and takes you back to that era with this collection. Blavat, who has been around rock n roll for his entire life as the DJ who presented the best of music, vouches for this music, and when someone of his status praises it so much, you’d better believe it.

The original rock n roll music will never go out of style and will be among the best music we ever had. So when you get an opportunity to own the best of it and that too in original version, make sure you don’t miss it for anything. Check out the beautiful tracks in both the sets and pick the one that you like more or better still, both of them and enjoy!



What do I get?

  • Get the ROCK ‘N’ ROLL ERA Collection of 158 Songs on 10 CDs for just $161.94
  • Get the ROCK ‘N’ ROLL ERA Collection of 283 Songs on 18 CDs for just $287.88

Official website Timelife.com



Timelife Rock ‘n’ Roll Era Collection Video

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