The Folk Years Collection Review

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Folk music is truly beautiful and has a charm of its own. If you love it too, you mustn’t miss this gem of a collection of folk songs for anything. Time Life brings you The Folk Years Collection, the definitive folk music compilation in CDs which is a truly singular assortment of the best of folk music right from the ‘50s.

The Folk Years Collection

The Folk Years Collection is the most complete compilation of classic folk and folk rock hit. It has captured the absolute essence of folk music and can be regarded as the finest folk music collection ever assembled. The Folk Years Collection comes in a set of two CDs of the best folk songs- the Standard Set, the 10 CD collection featuring 150 songs or the Deluxe Set of 18 CDs that includes 246 songs. Both the sets comprise the most beautiful and famous of folk songs rendered by top artists.

What makes The Folk Years Collection complete is the variety and freshness it offers. The songs included in both the sets include the greatest hits from the folk revival of the ’50s, the legendary folk scene of the early ’60s as well as the emergence of folk rock that marked new development in the genre.

And it doesn’t stop at that. The sets include even the beginning of the singer-songwriter era, which lends a touch of versatility. Having folk music from such diverse eras, forms and styles under one roof makes it a prized possession, in which there is something for everyone to listen to. It would be no exaggeration to say that this is the best and the most complete collection of folk music ever compiled!

The Folk Years Collection includes legendary artists such as The Byrds, Judy Collins, Bob Dylan, The Kingston Trio, The Rooftop Singers, Dion, Trini Lopez, The Beach Boys, Cher and many more. The CDs will keep you enthralled and entertained for hours. What’s more, you can also spend time listening to The Folk Years Collection CDs with family and friends in get-togethers and make those moments really special.




What do I get?

  • Get the Folk Years Collection of 150 songs on 10 CDs for just $161.94
  • Get the Folk Years Collection of 246 songs on 18 CDs for just $287.88

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