Sherwood DVD Collection Review

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About Sherwood DVD Collection

Sherwood DVD Collection claims to be a collector’s DVD set of four films that are inspirational as well as heartrending. Sherwood DVD Collection proclaims to have faith-building movies that focus on integrity, family, and the power of faith. Sherwood DVD Collection assures to motivate you to work on your relationships, the game of life, family and marriage and your life overall with the movies.

About Sherwood DVD Collection

Art can have an incredibly positive impact on anyone’s life and in many ways inspire and encourage one to do better in life. Sherwood DVD Collection claims to do exactly that with the four movies in the set that are considered nothing less than phenomena and tug at the strings of the watcher’s heart while instilling faith in them that nothing is impossible to achieve. Sherwood DVD Collection convinces to provide entertainment along with teachings to keep the viewer hooked on to the movies and learn important lessons while doing so.

Motivation in every aspect of life

The movie Fly Wheel of Sherwood DVD Collection convinces to inspire you to restore your relationship as a car dealer who has always sold cars by promising more than he can deliver needs to restore a convertible and realizes that God is trying to restore him as a person. For motivation in the game of your life Facing the Giants of the Sherwood DVD Collection presents a coach who has never had a win taking on a challenge that gives his life a purpose. With Fireproof Sherwood DVD Collection assures to strengthen your family and marital life as a firefighter takes a 40-day ‘Love Dare’ experiment that pulls him out of a near divorce. With Courageous Sherwood DVD Collection gives you the encouragement to face challenges as two courageous cops take an urgent challenge that brings them closer to God and their kids. With this, Sherwood DVD Collection convinces to give you motivation in every aspect of your life.

Integrity, values and power of faith

Under the direction of Kendrick Brothers, Sherwood DVD Collection guarantees to focus on integrity, family and the power and importance of faith. Sherwood DVD Collection emphasizes that it has transformed lives by teaching human values and all other virtues. Not just inspirational messages, Sherwood DVD Collection also declares that the movies are action-packed so they will keep you entertained while learning valuable lessons. With Sherwood DVD Collection movies you are asserted to be building a legacy that will last for generations to come and the poignant stories state to be relevant for older as well as younger generations. Sherwood DVD Collection states to make a great gifting idea especially if any of your friends or family is dejected and could do with some motivation.


  • You will receive The Sherwood Pictures 4 DVD Collection plus soundtrack CD for $39.95+$5.95S&H.
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