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It’s a 10-CD compilation of 150 songs that create a special, romantic mood one would love to share withthat someone special. These are the songs which a hopeless romantic would reallydream about listening to into the night in the company of the most loved person.

About Quiet Storm

A hip and happening trend that created a buzz amongst the mid-1970s American radio listeners, “Quiet Storm” has been a popular musical format that derives its name from a hit single, A Quiet Storm. It won immense adulation for the rich,melodious slow songs it featured covering a mix of African-American musicgenres. The songs are noted for by their subtle, melodious tempos and pace that strike a romantic chord and touch the soul.

About Let’s Get It On

Beautifully sung by popular American recording artist Marvin Gaye, ‘Let’s Get It On’has been a high-flyingstudio album released in the 70’s. It marked Gaye’s foray into the funk genre and experimentation with romantic elements. It features a mix of music genres like smooth soul, doo-wop and quiet storm. ‘Let’s Get It On’ is also known for sexually evocative theme and lyrics that established Gaye as a kind of sex symbol.

About If Only You Knew

It’s an ‘80s chart buster sung by famous American singer Patti LaBelle for her sixth solo album, “I’m in Love Again”. Released in the year 1983, ‘If only You Knew’ topped the US R&B charts and also made it to the Billboard Hot 100 list. The theme of the songis search for simple love. LaBelle preferred to present the song in her own distinct style, which she innovatively combined with refrains ofdrums, bass, rhythm guitar and strings.

About Close the Door

It’s a 1978 US chart-bustersong sung by famous American R&B/soul singer and songwriter Teddy Pendergrass. The theme of ‘Close the Door’ is a seductive and tender invitation a man extends to his beloved to spend intimate moments with. Pendergrass has done full justice to the song with this soulful voice and approach.

About Sweet Love

It’s a gushysong recorded by the famous American R&B singer-songwriter Anita Baker in a studio album, Rapture. ‘About Sweet Love’ was released in August 1986 and was her first hit single which featured on various lists like the BillboardR&B chart not only in the US but other countries too.

About Sexual Healing

Itis a classic hit song sung by Marvin Gayethat won a Grammy Award. True to its name, ‘Sexual Healing’ has been hailed as a sizzling song that created a buzz by listeners and the media alike.The song is a rather overt expression of a man pining for physical intimacy with his lover. The fact that it figures in the Rolling Stone500 Greatest Songs of All Time list is testimony tothe adulation and popularity it achieved.

Endless Love

Hailed as one of thegreatest song duets ever, ‘Endless Love’, written by Lionel Richie and initially recorded as a duet between him and Diana Ross, is a soulful expression of eternal love.It is also a declaration of endless love that only true lovers can commit to. The song was incorporated as the official soundtrack for a film also titled Endless Love. The song topped popularity charts and found tremendous success in the US and the UK.

Distant Lover

Another Marvin Gaye number notable for overtly suggestive lyrics sure to startle anyone listening closely. ‘Distant Lover’ is the sixth song recorded byGaye in 1973 for the album “Let’s get It On”. Its live version followed in 1974, which took music lovers by stormas it went to attain phenomenal status and success. The track depicts,with startlingly graphic details, the mood of a lover pining for intimacy with his sweetheart who’s miles away.

Smooth Operator

It is a chart-buster track recorded by the English band Sade in the 80’s. ‘Smooth Operator’remainsthe biggest international hit of the group that scaled several popularity charts and stayed high up for weeks at a stretch. The song features exceptional elements like spoken recitation as an introduction and soulful tune of the saxophone. The rich, sensuousvoiceof the lead singer creates a placid feel and transports the listener in a different world altogether.

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