Pop Goes The 70s

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What is Pop Goes The 70s:

It is a CD collection that promises to bring back the melodies and magic of 70s music into your living room.
Pop Goes The 70s brings you the best of music from the 70s that in many ways became a soundtrack for the decade. If you have lived through those times then you look back at the decade with nostalgia. Others want to enjoy those moments and make them their own. Why shouldn’t you, because the decade had the best of music in all genres and Pop Goes The 70s claims to bring it right back to you.

Pop Goes The 70s for the magic of the time

70s AM Radio was a class apart and had the best of different types of music that you could listen to and have a great experience. Pop Goes The 70s collection ensures that you can listen to this music whenever you want. The decade was known for chartbusters in different genres including pop, rock, country ballad and stunning soul. Pop Goes The 70s has soundtracks from all these genres that will help you relive those sensational times today and go down the memory lane.


Pop Goes The 70s is packed with the best of the decade

Pop Goes The 70s enables you to listen to your favourite music from the decade without having to look for it. Now that music along with the culture it led to is always at your disposal. Pop Goes The 70s maintains that it contains over eight hours of brilliant feel good tunes and soft rock music, love songs and disco music to groove to and a whole lot more. It’s a wholesome collection of music with over 150 songs by original artists that can give you everything you want and more.

Pop Goes The 70s is a collector’s item

Pop Goes The 70s is a two CD pack of brilliant songs including 30 of the difficult to find one hit wonder songs. It features several remarkable artists including Jim Croce, Looking Glass, Andy Gibb, Bay City Rollers and more. Pop Goes The 70s comes with a colour booklet that not only has pictures of the artistes but interesting information about them as well. Thus it makes for the perfect collector’s items, which can also be given as a present to your loved ones and those you want to introduce to the aura of 70s.


What Do I Get?

  • You get 150 Songs On 10 CDs for $149.95
  • You also get 32-page booklet, collector’s box + 2 CDs
  • Official website: timelife.com
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