Most Loved 50 Hymns

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What is Most Loved 50 Hymns:

It is a 2 CD collection of hymns that can fill your life and days with a lot of positive energy.
Most Loved 50 Hymns has been put together for the benefit of listeners who want to have some comfort, joy, hope and peace in their lives. Our lives have become quite stressful today and we need such comfort from time to time. No music can fill our hearts the way hymns do as they have something magical about them. Most Loved 50 Hymns claims to let you bring this magic into your day to day lives and surroundings too.


Most Loved 50 Hymns has an impeccable collection of hymns

Most Loved 50 Hymns is said to work for everyone because it has all the popular and much loved hymns in it. From “Amazing Grace” to “Just As I Am”, you will find hymns that you never tire of in this collection. Most Loved 50 Hymns also has classics like “Praise To The Lord, The Almighty”, “Immortal, Invisible”, “Rock Of Ages” and a whole lot more. You can listen to these hymns everyday and build your faith in many ways or on some days when you are looking for a special inspiration.

50 Hymns are performed by some of the biggest names in the business

That’s said to be another highlight of this collection, which is supposed to be a class apart. Hymns on this collection have been performed by the likes of the renowned London Philharmonic Choir. That’s what makes Most Loved 50 Hymns stand out. It also has performances from The Thomas / Cumberland Choir, The National Philharmonic Orchestra and The London Festival Orchestra. These are some of the biggest names out there and together they add a special touch to the magic of Most Loved 50 Hymns.


50 Hymns is a timeless collection for you

Those who like to hold on to their favourite music will find the collection of Most Loved 50 Hymns worth having for a long time to come. It’s said to be a brilliant listening experience that can fill your days with good energy. While Most Loved 50 Hymns is meant for collectors, you can also give it to your loved ones as a present. Given all the goodwill attached to it, the collection will be seen as an ideal and thoughtful gift.


What do I get ?

  • 50 magnificent hymns on two CDs Only $21.98 + $5.95 S&H.
  • Official website :

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