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A plethora of antivirus solution is offered to you in the market and it’s up to you to choose the best for your computer. Hence it makes sense to opt for SoftRanger , the best antivirus solution for you if you’re looking for the perfect protection for your computer; after all, you store a lot of important data in it and nothing should go wrong with it.

How does SoftRanger Work

Softranger is an award-winning anti-virus solution that offers 100% protection to your computer. It chases away all the unwanted dangers like viruses and harmful programs always lurking round the corner to attack your computer. There’s not much that can be done to guard the computer except for ensuring foolproof security that SoftRanger offers with its advanced features. SoftRanger is equipped with a host of pluses that cater to every aspect of security for your computer. It has a full scope virus scanner that is compatible with all Microsoft systems including Vista.

SoftRanger comes in two variants for you to choose from- Classic and Pro (recommended). Softranger Classic offers security against regular viruses, worms and Trojans too. It features almost full automation, has a user-friendly interface and does not require advanced user skill, which means even those who have limited knowledge of computers can use it easily.

Softranger Pro, the other variant, comes with additional features. Besides protecting your computer exactly the way SoftRanger Classic does, Softranger Pro also uses advanced heuristic algorithms which are improved daily. What’s more, SoftRanger Pro too requires no advanced user skill to install and use.

So if you aren’t using SoftRanger, make sure you switch over to it as soon as you can to make your computer and data thoroughly safe. After all, computer security is something you can’t compromise on. The award winner SoftRanger guarantees top quality everyday protection against the dreaded Trojan and other viruses and with it, you can rest assured as you have the best of computer security.



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