Sneaker Shields Review

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Introducing Sneaker Shields, wearable shoe trees specifically designed to prevent your Air Force Ones and other similar sneakers from toe box creasing. It also prevents the leather of the shoes from wearing off.


Sneaker Shields
Sneaker Shields is the best solution to remove old creases from shoes and prevent new creases from developing. It is also the ideal leather care product one should have in his shoe care kit.

You can use Sneaker Shields on your custom Air Force Ones, Air Jordans, or any other similar sneakers to make them free from creases and look newer than ever before.

The package comes with 2 Sneaker Shields and each Sneaker Shield has an instruction below as to which foot it goes into. It also comes with a detailed instruction guide on how to use it and how to keep your Sneaker Shields.

Sneaker Shields are available in a variety of colors. They come with small openings in them allowing your feet to breathe easily.



What do I get?
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4 thoughts on “Sneaker Shields Review

  1. This guy, the owner has a ridiculous wait period for merchandise, I placed my order over a week ago and it still has yet to ship out of the location. He has horrible customer service and threatened to refund my money and cancel my order. I don’t know if he is sure that making customers happy is a good idea. It seems as though he is the only person who works there and after 7 years of business he should have a way more efficient system. He claims it takes a long time so he avoids fraud but he needs to know that the world moves faster then 7 to 10 business days. If your in a rush don’t bother with this company because you’ll be waiting for 2 weeks before you get your product. Ain’t nobody got time for all that!

  2. Are Sneaker Shields easy to use?

    Do they really prevent creases in sneakers?

    Are they comfortable to use?

    Do they also remove old creases from sneakers?

    Can they be used on all types of sneakers?

    Do they also prevent the wearing of leather?

    Has anyone tried the Sneaker Shields, are they any good?

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