Miracle Bamboo Pillow vs My Pillow vs My Pillow Premium Review

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Compare Features and Benefits: Miracle Bamboo Pillow vs My Pillow vs My Pillow Premium

Miracle Bamboo Pillow Features and Benefits
Miracle Bamboo pillow gives maximum comfort and support to the back region so that you get restful sleep at night. It works like a 3-in-1 pillow – it can be laid flat for standard medium pillow, turned on inside for fluffy support, folded in half for firm bolster support. The pillow has shredded memory foam filled pillow is soft yet supportive. Its custom cradle support gives your neck and spine the correct alignment. The temperature regulating feature keeps the pillow 44° cooler and it has breathable and moisture wicking fabric that prevents sweating and stays cool all night. Available in Queen and King sizes, it is hypoallergenic and resists molds, dust mites, allergens and it is also static resistant.

My Pillow Features and Benefits

My Pillow ensures fitful sleep throughout the night and prevents neck and shoulder pain on waking up in the morning. The pillow has patent pending medical fills that keeps the cervical nerves and the vertebrae in correct alignment so that you get longer REM sleep. The fill is created in a way to give you custom fit so that you get maximum comfort for a goodnight sleep and the ultimate support and to the neck and back region. It stays cool through the night with its built-in cooling effect so that you don’t lose sleep turning the pillow over to the cooler side. The pillow is also 100% non-allergenic and anti-microbial. It is available in Standard/Queen or King sizes.

My Pillow Premium Features and Benefits
My Pillow Premium supports the C-1 and C-2 vertebrae thereby supporting all the nerves in the arms, torso, and legs thus preventing problems caused by inadequate sleep like fatigue, migraines and snoring. The pillow comes in different color-coded fill-levels (yellow, white, blue and green) that are customized as per the size, sleeping pattern and health conditions so that you get the right support for proper sleep. While supporting the back region, the pillow makes sure that the nerves rest and rejuvenate so that you wake up in the morning feeling fresh. The pillow stays cool all night long. My Pillow Premium has a 2-in fabric gusset. It is non-allergenic, antimicrobial, and dust-mite resistant so you won’t ever suffer from allergies, which is a common problem caused by traditional pillows.


Compare Material: Miracle Bamboo Pillow vs My Pillow vs My Pillow Premium

Miracle Bamboo Pillow – The cover is made of bamboo fabric and contains bamboo viscose that’s softer than cotton.

My Pillow and My Pillow Premium – Cotton


Compare Where is it made? Miracle Bamboo Pillow vs My Pillow vs My Pillow Premium

Miracle Bamboo Pillow – USA

My Pillow – USA

My Pillow Premium – USA


Is it a bamboo pillow

Miracle Bamboo Pillow – Yes, its cover is made of bamboo fabric.


My Pillow and My Pillow Premium – No, they are made of cotton


Compare How to wash it? Miracle Bamboo Pillow vs My Pillow vs My Pillow Premium

Miracle Bamboo Pillow – The cover and pillow are washable in machine and would still stay in shape.

My Pillow and My Pillow Premium – The pillow and the cover are both machine washable and dryable


Is it noisy

Miracle Bamboo Pillow
No information


My Pillow
No information


My Pillow Premium
No information


Is it durable

Miracle Bamboo Pillow


My Pillow


My Pillow Premium
Yes, it doesn’t lose its shape for at least 10 years.


Compare Reviews, Pros and Cons: Miracle Bamboo Pillow vs My Pillow vs My Pillow Premium

Miracle Bamboo Pillow Reviews and Complaints

Miracle Bamboo Pillow supports the neck and back region while sleeping quite well. The pillow also promotes air flow to keep it cool through the night. But overall it makes for an average experience. The pillow is not as soft as it is claimed to be and though it is supposed to be made of shredded foam, it feels like solid foam. There is no travel bag that accompanies the pillow. In fact, it is not great for carrying on travels because it is too heavy. If the pillow molds to an odd shape, it turns hard as a rock.


My Pillow Reviews and Complaints

If My Pillow is washed in the machine with a damp cloth to activate the foam, it prevents soreness and provides sound sleep. It is ideal for back, stomach or side sleepers. But the foam also forms gaps and is mostly lumpy and feels uncomfortable to use. The pillow bunches up towards the headrest of the bed and fails to stay cool. On being used for a week, one may end up with a stiff neck.


My Pillow Premium Reviews and Complaints

My Pillow Premium is supportive and firm without being too hard. In spite of looking lumpy, it doesn’t feel so and conforms to the shape of the head well. The pillow makes very slight rustling noise unlike loud noises by many standard pillows. After a couple of months even if the pillow loses a bit of shape, tossing it in the washing machine and dryer makes it good as new. It emits a horrible smell like rubber that could wake you up in the night. It also retains water after it’s put in the washing machine and doesn’t dry easily.

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