Miracle Bamboo Pillow REVIEW

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What is Miracle Bamboo Pillow

It is a shredded memory foam pillow that promises to offer you all the benefits of bamboo fabric.

Miracle Bamboo Pillow claims that now you can sleep comfortably every night while you get the benefits of bamboo fabric, which is supposed to safer than cotton. You understand the importance of getting a good night’s sleep, especially after a long and tiring day at work. It is rejuvenating and helps you recover from the stress, aches and pains your body is put through. You wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and are ready to take on the world. Now you can get all these benefits and more with Miracle Bamboo Pillow, according to its claims.


Miracle Bamboo Pillow REVIEW

Doesn’t live up to expectations – Karen who reviewed Miracle Bamboo Pillow complained in her review that it is much thicker than your regular pillow and the thickness means you end up resting your neck at 90 degrees to your body. Another problem with the pillows is that they don’t deflate like they claim. You can lie on them but they come back to their original position. She was also annoyed that it didn’t have memory foam qualities, which is why she returned them immediately.

Cause for pain – Nikita who bought Miracle Bamboo Pillow exposed in her review that the pillow just did not work for her. She gave it a fair chance but it just wasn’t right for her and the most difficult part was that she would wake up with a painful neck and back every morning. According to her, the pillow is way too firm and she tried using it in all the positions mentioned in the brochure but it didn’t help. It makes her believe that the pillow doesn’t suit everyone’s tastes.

Heavy and disgusting – Camilla who used Miracle Bamboo Pillow complained in her review that the pillow gave out an odor that was extremely disgusting. It was heavy and dense, which meant it wasn’t really suitable for her. But the worst part was the smell, which made her want to throw it away instantly. She reminded that the manufacturers recommend airing out the pillow and now she understands why. She thinks the pillows quite overpriced as well. Given that it was heavy, she had to spend a lot of money on returning it too.

Uncomfortable for use – Angela who bought Miracle Bamboo Pillow revealed in her review that the pillow remains cool and that’s the only good part about it. In the list of problems she mentioned the fact that it was hard even when fluffed out. It is way too large to fit into your regular pillowcases. The pillow smelled for weeks, which was a nuisance and it’s also a lot fatter than what is advertised. All these factors left her hugely disappointed with the pillow.


Miracle Bamboo Pillow brings you the benefit of bamboo fabric

Miracle Bamboo Pillow asserts that it is made using bamboo material, which has several advantages for you. Some of the benefits of bamboo fabric include the fact that it is anti-microbial and hypoallergenic, which is just what you want. Miracle Bamboo Pillow also ensures that because of the bamboo fabric you have a pillow that is resistant to mites, odours and germs as well. Bamboo fabric is also known to be anti-static, durable and breathable. As a result you have a long lasting pillow that lets you sleep comfortably every night.

Miracle Bamboo Pillow brings the moisture wicking properties of bamboo fabric to the fore as well and it also regulates temperature while you are sleeping, so that things don’t get too hot for you.


Miracle Bamboo Pillow is softer than cotton

There are many who have taken to using cotton pillows but they will be pleased to find that the bamboo fabric and thereby the Miracle Bamboo Pillow is a lot softer than cotton. That’s why you have a plush, comfortable pillow for a good night’s sleep. The other benefits of the bamboo fabric bring you respite when you sleep using the Miracle Bamboo Pillow. You can now get restful sleep knowing that you won’t be bothered with temperature issues or being worried by nuisance caused by allergens.


Miracle Bamboo Pillow adjust for complete comfort

Miracle Bamboo Pillow emphasizes the fact that it can easily adjust so that you can be comfortable all night long, irrespective of the position you are sleeping in. You can use this pillow on the side to get extra soft and fluffy comfort. Miracle Bamboo Pillow can also be used in a flat position to gently cradle your neck and back while you get adequate support. In case you want additional support while you are reading or watching TV then you can use it as a bolster as well.


What do I get?

You get two Miracle Bamboo Pillow for $59.99 plus P&H.Official website miraclebamboo.com

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