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If you have been searching for the key to a happy, satisfying relationship with the opposite sex as you just don’t know how to go about it, let Get in Sync with the Opposite Sex be your guide to get there. Get in Sync with the Opposite Sex is a precious set of four CDs and a course book that enlightens you on finding love, keeping it as well as nurturing it so that it lasts a lifetime. It’s the perfect way to sense how to be in perfect tuning with the opposite sex to have a meaningful, joyous relationship in life.

How does Get In Sync Work

Developed by renowned relationship counselor, Allison Armstrong, Get in Sync with the Opposite Sex is a remarkable series that reveals the differences between the ways men and women go about engaging in communicating, dating, heal conflicts and nurturing each other. It addresses various issues related to relationships and recognizes the fact that one of the root causes of conflicts between men and women is blurring of differences between the two genders.

Get in Sync is more than the ordinary self-help books and programs. It actually changes lives, repairs hurt and grows love. It helps you understand how men and women communicate, court, feel confident and see each other the way they should. It focuses on men and women understanding the nature of basic differences, what causes conflict due to changes in time and trends. It speaks about successful partnerships and how they essentially begin by healing conflicts.

This unique 4 CD collections and course book set will help you change lives, repair hurt, grow love and improve your love life. Listening to the CD is like attending a seminar in the comfort of your own home or your car MP3 play. This program will help you nurture your love and also motivate selfless action form your partner.

Get in Sync with the Opposite Sex strikes a fine balance which enables you to form successful relationships and a happy life, rekindle your relationship and improve your sex life too. It delves further deeper into such issues!



What do I get?

  • The Get In Sync 4 – disc series and guide book
  • The “Making Sense of Men” guide
  • The “Understanding Women – Unlock the Mystery” CD
  • And a special 4 – disc bonus guide called, “The Amazing Development of Men”

All this for $ 14.95 + P.& H. Official website



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