Bible Simplified

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What is Bible Simplified

It is a simplified version of the Holy Bible that answers the most difficult and important questions of one’s like what should one’s next step in life be or how to stop worrying.

Life’s important questions answered easily

Bible Simplified guarantees to help one understand the Holy Bible and answer important and difficult questions of life – like whether one will go to Heaven, what should one’s next step in life should be or how to stop the constant worrying and many other such questions that are hidden in the Holy Bible, which is the most printed book in the world. However, it is not an easy to understand book because there are 45 different translations and its language is complicated. But, Bible Simplified claims to be a simplified version of the Holy Bible so that you can get straightforward and comprehensible answers to all your questions.


The Holy Bible made easy to read and understand

The Holy Bible has gems like God’s simple guidelines on how to get close to Him by living our lives correctly. Bible Simplified proclaims that the entire Bible is partitioned into four short and reader-friendly mini books that elucidates the people and stories in Bible to not only give our life the right direction but also give us God’s message of hope. Bible Simplified asserts that you do not have to refer to complicated and expensive commentaries and guidebooks to comprehend the basics of the Bible. But, Bible Simplified alleges that with its easy to read and understand language you do not have to spend a lot of money or time to understand God’s words or get close to him.

Perfect for all ages

Whether you have yourself just commenced your faith journey or are encouraging your kids or grandkids to appreciate the Holy Bible or reading it just out of curiosity to learn more, Bible Simplified declares to be that first step in being close to God. Not only does it claim to strengthen your knowledge but also proclaims to be good for baptism, first communions, gifts and personal studies.

What do I get?

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