Train Reaction Luggage Device

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Does your luggage stress you out when you travel? Could you use an extra hand when you tend to other things such as a phone call or handle multiple luggage pieces? Does your back hurt when you travel? The answer is the Train Reaction device.


How does Train Reaction Luggage Device work?
The Train Reaction is guaranteed to improve your travel experience. It connects any two pieces of wheeled luggage together and creates a luggage train that feels nearly weightless. Simply slip the device over the retractable handle and underneath the riveted handle of the other piece and find the correct cross member until you find the perfect center of gravity. It is simple. Now it is easier to lift, load, and store your smaller pieces.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer –
Buy 1 Train Reaction Luggage Device for $14.95 OR 2 for $19.95 OR 6 for $49.95
Available in Pink and Black colors



Reviews and Complaints
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Train Reaction Luggage Device Video


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