Piggyback Aliens Backpack Review

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Whether you’re a kid reading this or a parent having kids at home, don’t miss out on these; presenting Piggyback Aliens, a range of cute and absolutely cuddly ones that are more than regular soft toys as they’re designed to play as well as ride on your back when wrapped around! Piggyback Alien is a range of mind-blowing strapless bag pack designed after the famous aliens that star in the Piggyback Alien movie. These friendly toy aliens have from the skies to move around and play with you. Own one and feel that you have a superstar right at home to play with!


Piggyback Aliens Backpack
Piggy Back Aliens are really soft, adorable and comfy alien bag packs that you just won’t do without once you get them. These little bag packs are easy to put on and remove, and they not only look endearing but delight your mood too! Imagine venturing out wearing an alien bag pack across your shoulders! They will be your companions and with, watch over your back their big, watchful eyes as you carry them around.

Piggyback Aliens, ten of them, are charming, colorful toys that ride piggyback on you with their weighted yet tender arms holding securely in place for you. They hold you tight and are always on the move, just like you. Get your favorite Piggy Back Alien to accompany you everywhere you go, be it the playground, the market, to your best buddy’s place, just about anywhere. The adorable wide-eyed aliens are ten individuals named Orion, Armstrong, Dipper, Galileo, Apollo, Luna, Odyssey, Halley, Sputnik and Hubble. They’re all christened after elements, triumphs and personalities who endeavored in the skies.

Piggyback Aliens bag packs are tiny yet flexible, perch themselves anywhere and hang around where you want them to. What’s more, they have a secret pouch within them, where you can store your favorite belongings that are treasure to you. Store your stationery, little toys, I-pods, chocolates or anything safely in their belly and carry them around; who’d ever dream that your favorite thing is behind your back and under their noses?



What do I get?
These lovely bag packs also make for a fabulous gift idea; present them to your relatives or friends your age and how much they’ll love you for it. Buy a Piggyback Aliens bag pack for just $19.95 plus $7.95 s & h along with more fabulous offers! Official website www.PiggyBackAlien.com



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9 thoughts on “Piggyback Aliens Backpack Review

  1. DON’T order!! I ordered and paid (even checked w/my bank) but I never received it!! Even sent an email to them about it but no response at all!! It was supposed to be for my child who was starting kindergarten!! Now months later, and no backpack! CROOKS!!

  2. Try making or have someone make them….you are better off. They would not be hard to make and you can pick out your own material.

  3. I ordered 2 of them on 4/25. I still have not received them. I am constantly told they are on backorder….. ridiculous. I will be cancelling my order. DO NOT ORDER THESE! horrible service!

  4. I ordered two of these on June 15, 2012. At the time I ordered, I was assured that they were in stock and ready to ship from Connecticut, although it would take 2 – 6 weeks for delivery (huh?!). I asked, jokingly, if they had heard of UPS, USPS, and FedEx!

    Despite this huge red flag, I ordered anyway, due to pressure from my 4 and 7-year-olds who were going to pay for these with money from their piggy banks.

    It is now August 6th. I just called and was told the products are on back order until 8/27. Sadly, I cancelled our order.

    Good luck if you choose to order!!

  5. We have been waiting over three months for the piggyback alien backpack and we keep getting told it is back ordered and given a new date,which comes and goes, without a package being received. They never call or email. I am questioning whether they are sitting on the money and collecting the interest – they are certainly not delivering what they collected the money for. I am asking for my money back and will make one myself. This is a scam.

  6. We ordered a piggyback alien on April 20th for my son’s birthday. It is now June 12 and I’ve called to follow up on the order twice now. Each time, I’ve been told that they are back ordered and that I’ll have to wait another 2-4 weeks!! I asked them specifically when it will ship. The answer? “IF it does ship when the next batch arrives, it won’t arrive to you until sometime in July.” IF it ships?! They can’t even tell me if it WILL SHIP AND WHEN?! I asked if they would ship it faster (he said it can take two weeks to arrive after it’s shipped) and they said, “Sorry, we don’t do that.”

    What a horrible company. They take orders they can’t fill and won’t even tell you if or when you’ll get your order! HORRIBLE!! AVOID THEM!!

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