InstaBag Review

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Are you tired of lugging heavy bags when you come from a grocery shopping or struggle with handling multiple small sized bags while shopping? InstaBag is one bag that will not disappoint you in handling such things.

How does InstaBag Work

The problem with grocery bags is that the plastic handle are smaller in comparison to the size of the bag itself making it more uncomfortable to hold while walking with them in your hand. Plus these bags don’t have the comfort of wheels that the shopping carts have making it a difficult scenario especially for people suffering from arthritis. InstaBag provides absolutely stunning features that will work like magic to solve this problem in a breeze!

InstaBag is one dream bag that comes from the idea of having a compact bag that can expand to fit in a lot of items with ease and comfort. It’s difficult to fathom what this amazing bag can do since it comes in a compact size as equivalent to a single laptop bag but the secret is in its innovative design that makes it such a rave. InstaBag has the capacity to expand up to 24” x 12” mammoth size where it can store almost an unlimited item which does not fit in one plastic bag at all. Its unique feature is not just its compact size but also the addition of strong ABS folding wheels that makes InstaBag comfortable to drive around while having heavy items reducing strain.

InstaBag is revolutionary in terms of its size and the amount of weight it can take which is approximately 30 lbs equaling the capacity of total 24 filled water bottles and still stays lightweight. What’s more, considering this weight capacity it can be easily used to also carry clothes and necessary stuff while traveling for a vacation. InstaBag also has a provision of zip pocket that can be used to stuff necessary items instead of using small plastic bags. InstaBag can also serve as a backup bag since it can fold and fit into any briefcase or suitcase and opened up to its actual size when desired.



What do I get?

  • 2 InstaBags
  • 1 InstaBrella Umbrella
  • 1 Insta Therma Cooler

All this for just $19.99 +$13.98 S&H. Official website



InstaBag Video
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