Ear Pack

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What is Ear Pack

It is a range of plush animal backpacks that has storage facility in the animal ears which grow as it is filled with more stuff. The cute cuddly designs are highly attractive and kids and easy to carry around.

Backpack that grows cuter

Ear Pack promises to deliver a lovely time to children with its unique design that comes into different cute and cuddly animal form and has an innovative way of storing things. Regular backpacks with printed characters are a thing of tomorrow and kids need to get motivated to inculcate a habit of carrying their stuff around. Ear Pack claims to provide this opportunity to the parent to make them learn to carry their favorite items and playtime toys in their plush pet. The feature where Ear Pack maintains to stand out is the place where items go for storage. It stores things in the ears so that the pet remains unaltered. The best part about stuffing the ears is that the dual storage helps in segregating things from each other and the ears grow bigger as they are stuffed more and more. The amount of room available in Ear Pack is guaranteed to be spacious enough to carry afternoon snack, bottle of water, books, favorite toy, music player, chocolates and much more.


High-quality plush toy

Ear Pack convinces that the plush animal design is very cute and is definitely a hit amongst kids who would love to carry them along everywhere. Apart from being super cute it is also highly durable which makes it last for a lifetime. The material used to make Ear Pack is asserted to be very soft so that kids can even cuddle to it and use it like a soft toy when not packing it up with stuffs. The 2 ear pockets are said to be very spacious and have sturdy zippers that hold the items from falling off.

Vivid animal designs

Ear Pack promises to be a great hit at slumber parties, camping, naptime, etc. with its 7 different pet designs to decide from where each of them are cute looking animals that will capture the imagination of every kid. Ear Pack comes in shape of a Dog, Cat, Rabbit, Monster, Elephant, Panda and Mouse.

What do I get?

you get two Ear Packā„¢ back pack (your choice of monster, mouse, panda, elephant, cat, dog, rabbit) for only $19.95, plus $12.9 P&H. Official website getearpack.com.


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