Zoom Marinator Review

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Did you turn that beautiful steak into a big mistake? You shake, you pound, but still that meal lets you down. Stop! What is the secret to a great tasting steak? You marinate! With the Zoom Marinator, it just got simple. Add any marinate to the top cylinder and push the button. Zoom’s 50 flavor pins tenderize and inject the flavor deep inside. With the Zoom Marinator, you will be flavoring inside out.


How does Zoom Marinator work?
Make the least expensive taste like the most expensive whether it is spicy garlic chicken, a delectable pork roast, fabulous fish, or mouthwatering London broil. The Zoom Marinator is great for the Barbecue. Cleaning is easy – it is dishwasher safe.

That’s not all. Zoom is also a vacuum marinator. By pumping out the air, it creates a perfect vacuum drawing the flavor deep inside. You will be flavoring from the inside out and the outside in at the same time. Marinating the old fashioned way can take hours. But with Zoom, you will be marinating instantly. Give all your meats, fruits, vegetables great taste in minutes.

Zoom is not just for marinating. It is the perfect solution for vacuum storage. Now you can keep your fruit and vegetables fresher up to 5 times longer so it pays for itself.

Get the Zoom Marinator today with the flavor injector, vacuum handles, and secret recipes.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer – www.ZoomMarinator.com)

  • Flavor Injector
  • Vacuum Handle
  • Chef Tony’s Secret Marinade Recipes
  • 2 Extra Vacuum Storage Containers

All this for just $19.95 + $15.90.



Reviews and Complaints
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Zoom Marinator Video


One thought on “Zoom Marinator Review

  1. The vacuum part of this marinator works pretty well, and I have used it several times. However I did have issues with the “flavor injector”. Basically, the tiny pins that inject the marinade can become clogged if there are any solid particles (like garlic, onion, chive) and once they get stuck in the little tubes, it’s really difficult to get them out and really clean the injector. The dish washer will not clear the pins. They do give you a tiny tiny “bottle brush” or reamer to clear the pins, but imagine how long it can take to clean out each of those 50 injector pins! I got my unit at Stop and Shop for $4.00 USD (yep, you heard it right) and for that kind of money it is well worth it. I suggest that you simply use the Vacuum part, I think it helps marinate the meat as well as using the flavor injectors. I just leave it in the fridge over night, and it works great. For $4.00 it can’t be beat.

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