Zippie Sips Review

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What are Zippie Sips

They are sipper lids that promise to offer you a simple way of making any cup spill proof.

Zippie Sips maintain that now you can let your kids carry their drinks on the go without worrying about annoying spills. It’s also true for the big kids on the sports fields when they are out to watch a match and cheer on their friends. Of course, you can do with your favorite beverage at times like these. Imagine having young and restless kids on hand in those warm summer months and running around with drinks in open cups. You just don’t want those drinks to be spilled on your expensive carpets or furniture. But you can’t keep buying those expensive and bulky sipper cups as well. Zippie Sips says that you won’t have to as you convert your regular cups into these spill free ones.

Zippie Sips Features

Zippie Sips means no spills anywhere – Zippie Sips claim to be ideal for kids when they are at home or on the playground. No matter what you do with your cups there will be no spills whatsoever, according to its claims. You might knock them over, shake them or tip them on the floor; there will be no spills for you to worry about. Thus Zippie Sips assure you that your kids can make the most out of their drinks and stay hydrated both indoors and outdoors. What’s more, you will have peace of mind knowing your furniture and carpets are safe too.


Zippie Sips are durable and versatile – One of the advantages of using Zippie Sips is that they are quite versatile and fit practically any size and type of cup. And they are very simple to use, which means your kids can put them on themselves too. Importantly, they are known to be durable and can be used over and over again. Zippie Sips assert that they are a smart option for the big kids too as they come with straw versions for them. Overall, they are lightweight and compact making them convenient for storage and travel.



Zippie Sips are safe for use – Of course before buying anything that is going to be used by your little ones for drinks, you want to make sure it’s completely safe. Zippie Sips stresses that it is because it is completely BPA free. It gives you respite from having to buy those expensive sippy cups and is convenient for your regular use to because it is dishwasher safe. Hence you won’t have any problems cleaning them. Zippie Sips are available in 5 cool and funky colours that will be an instant hit with the kids who will be carrying their drinks without spills.


What do I get?
2 Sets of 3 Zippie Sips for $10.00 plus $9.99 S&P. Official website:

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