Yoshi Blue Diamond Skillet Review

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About Yoshi Blue Diamond Skillet

Did you know that diamonds can actually make a perfect cooking surface? Here’s introducing the Yoshi Blue Diamond Ware Skillet to make cooking a lot more fun and easy. Yoshi Blue is made from pulverized diamonds and nano-ceramic.


Yoshi Blue Diamond Skillet CLAIMS

Yoshi Blue is the incredible new cookware surface that combines a true nano-ceramic surface with infused genuine diamond particles.

The best part is that it does not stick or chip and clean up is fast and easy, regardless of what you cook. Yoshi Blue comes at an amazing price too. When ordered directly it actually costs less than a regular pan.

When you use the Yoshi Blue you will see that it is a lot better than other standard pans. Cooking in the Yoshi Blue does not require oil, fat or grease making it healthier cookware to use. It also does not contain any harmful chemicals like other non-sick coating pans.

With Yoshi Blue you will find cooking so much more fun. It is better than regular pans that you have used.

Yoshi Blue does not get scratched so it always looks new. It even wipes clean with ease.


What do I get?
• Yoshi Blue Diamond Ware Skillet
• Venting Glass Lid
• Ceramic Mandolin Slicer

Order Yoshi Blue and try it risk free for just $19.99 + $15.98 shipping and handling. When you place your order you even get a Venting Glass Lid and a Ceramic Mandolin Slicer to slice with precision. Official website www.YoshiBlue.com

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292 thoughts on “Yoshi Blue Diamond Skillet Review

  1. Pan worked as advertised for about a year. I have been very careful washing and never used metal utensils on the surface. Now I am starting to get a dark black coating when I cook anything and food sticks. Product sucks!

  2. Bought a Yoshi blue, was using it for eggs with cheese in them, and it worked great for a while, I tried cooking Canadian ham slices in it, they left black charcoal on the pan surface that nothing seems to take out and everything sticks in that particular spot now.

  3. I purchased one of your Yoshi Blue frying pans at Walmart some months ago and it worked fine for the first few times; however, now every time I use it, whatever is cooking sticks! I returned to Walmart, but w/o the receipt, they would not exchange. It’s supposed to have a lifetime guarantee – will not stick or chip, etc. I await your reply.

  4. Pan worked great for almost a year. Then some bubbling occurred and since then pan has done more and more sticking. Never cleaned with any rough brush or anything so the bubbling in the pan must be internal flaw.

  5. This is unquestionably THE WORST!! pan I have ever had!!! I never write online reviews, but after giving this pan chance after
    chance & dealing with the frustration of cleaning it after it STICKS LIKE GLUE!!! I felt compelled to add my name to this enormous list of dissatisfied customers. If only I had read the reviews before I ordered this TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY!!! 🙁

  6. I bought two of them and after about 3 months it started sticking, now after six months it has become unbearable. Don’t waste your money.
    I followed the instructions to the letter, also never used soap of any kind, I just wiped it clean with paper towels. But eventually I had to give up this gentle caring behavior, and now use a soft sponge and Palmolive dish soap, but to no available. The problem of sticking continually gets worse. (even though I now use Pam and oil.) I am getting ready to trash them both.

    I recommend everyone to stay away from this product, not only because it is a bad product, but also because the company does not provide communication via e-mail, of which in itself, is very suspicious.

    JJ Adam

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    I bought the Yoshi blue diamond in April of 2012, It was good for about 6 months. Now it sticks & I might as well throw it away. A big waste of money.

  8. This Yoshi Blue pan worked great until it got a bit too hot by accident, just warming up with olive oil. Now it is garbage, very disappointed. Same thing happened to a friends, she had her’s first and since I like blue I got one. Now we both are disappointed.

  9. I received the Yoshi Blue pan as a wedding present in August. By February it was already starting to stick. It is now April and I can’t use it anymore because my food is sticking to it. I also can’t find a place on their website to contact the company about my dissatisfaction. They only have a 30 day money back guarantee. Although the pan lasted the 30 days, this pan didn’t even last as long as just a regular pan that you can buy at any store. I am very upset.

  10. Hello,
    Yes, I bought your frying pan & really love it, except for a couple of things, it does stick at times & also the bottom has kinda burned & the coating on the outside is peeling a little. & it DOESN’T cooke evenly. I followed the instructions when I bought it, & I don’t understand why you claim this, it is not true. I’ve had it about 1 yr, well, thanks.


  11. You cant even buy this product through customer service they don’t take orders for it anymore.. They wont even replace the product they were advised to not take anymore orders for it and that you have to take it to a retail store if you want it replaced and let them know what is wrong with the pan.. what a joke they are.. the Yoshi knife though is great i love it i have one of those and it cuts through almost anything like butter..

  12. Worked great for the first two months….now everything sticks. Impossible to clean without using a scrub sponge. I seasoned it when I bought it, and again when it started to stick. Now everything sticks, even when I use oil or spray in the pan. Would NOT buy another!

  13. I got a Yoshi Blue Diamond skillet for Christmas, here it’s Jan. and already the handle fell off and the non-stick surface is now sticking. How do I get a replacement?

    • I just got off the phone with the person at Yoshi and they told me they discontinued the product they are no longer taking orders and that you have to go to a retail store and tell them the problem..

  14. I bought this Yoshi Blue pan wondering how long it would stay nice. I have had it over a month and have cooked eggs, potatoes, vegetables, etc. The pain is as good as they advertise. Not only does the inside come completely clean w/o any effort but the outside of the pan stays brand new looking. I am going to buy another. I love it.

  15. While waiting for my Orgreenic pan to come in mail, I bought a Yoshi pan at a Walmart. At first it was a great pan. Nothing stuck to it and cleanup was slick. Almost a year later, foods do stick to the center of the pan even when oil is used. I wonder if unit temperature is part of that problem or is it the pan itself? From reviews I have read, I’d assume the problem is the pan. The Yoshi pan does still clean nicely, but it is starting to take on a brownish color in the center.

    I saw the TV ad for this pan only once. Orgreenic is on all the time. That should tell the buying public something. Yoshi ads might have been pulled because the pan does not live up to the hype.

    • I bought a blue fry pan at Wal-Mart less than six months ago and the “NON STICK’ qualities have all but disappeared. I would never buy another nor will I ever recommend the product anyone else.

        • This product is awful! No longer works. I take excellent care of my pans and this one becomes warped over time. Everything sticks to it even if you use any type of oil! Trying to get customer service to call me. I want my money back. By the way, the green pan isn’t any better. Hold on to your receipts! Otherwise, the pan is yours for life! Very disappointed!

  16. My husband got me the Yoshi blue frying pan for Christmas. It won’t even sit flat. I have a glass top stove so the pan has to be level on the cook top and it’s not. It wobbles on the counter top. So, just to give it a try, I washed it, seasoned it and used it this morning. The egg slid to the side because the pan isn’t level. I assume the handle is too heavy for the pan and that’s the reason. So, I had to scramble my egg. It did clean up nicely, I’ll give it credit for that but you can’t get an even heat if it won’t sit level on the stove. Sorry, but it’s going back to the store.

    • We got ours a few months ago, and it doesn’t sit flat either, nor has it ever worked as advertised. Yoshi Blue Diamond Skillet always sticks badly, even with oil. We’re throwing it out as soon as we get another small fry pan. Hopefully people will realize those TV things are just a scam to get your hard-earned money. We’re done!

  17. This is the best pan I have ever used it cook’s the food with no oil or grease and the food tastes great. I would like to buy a larger pan but can’t find one. Great product I give it 10 stars.

    • Give it a few months, it will definitely disappoint. I thought mine was just okay, it was lopsided at first then I noticed the food tasted differently. Now its just horrible, it got worst w time & cant even clean it properly. I would never buy another Yoshi pan.

  18. We have had this Yoshi Blue Diamond Skillet for about 6 months. At first it worked OK but as time went on the skillet proved to be what I thought. Just another product that is too good to be true. Food sticks to it all the time. The handle keeps coming loose and will not stay firmly in place. I have skillets that cost much less than the Yoshi blue and works far better. I would never buy this product again and would never suggest it to anyone.

  19. I have found better fry pans at the dollar tree! This pan worked great for about a minute! I am incredible disappointed. $20 down the drain, or more appropriately up in smoke! Save your money folks, this is a rip off!

    • Oh dear. My husband opened the box while I was not home, so I didn’t get any instructions with mine. I did not season it, but rinsed with water for several minutes and wiped dry, and it cooked the best scrambled eggs I’ve ever had. The convenience of non-stick without the off flavor.

      I have a question for everyone here though – I have parrots now, and the fumes let off by Teflon cooking surfaces if overheated can kill a parrot from only the tiniest exposure. Does anyone know if these pans let off any fumes that would harm a parrot?

      I thought they were ceramic and diamond, but then got paranoid while cooking my said perfect eggs. I’m afraid to let the teenagers use the pans in case of overheating… So has anyone contacted the company to find out if there is anything harmful that can be released if these get really hot?

      These birds have a 60-year life span, and I don’t want to risk harm to them, and am hoping I did not just spend $100 on a set that I have to keep locked up except when the birds are downstairs.

      Any info appreciated. P.S. I found this page searching Google trying to find information on this issue. Thanks.

      • P.P.S. I used NOTHING but eggs pre-scrambled with a fork and salt added. No oil, no butter, no water, nothing in the pre-heated pan but eggs and salt, and they did NOT stick, and the pan wiped clean with a wet napkin afterwards.

      • I’m also waiting for the Teflon answer. I also have parrots but I get a feeling that there’s Teflon in it just like Orgreenic pans.

        • I have had Cockatoos since 1981 and I have had several Teflon pans all through the years and the birds are still alive and they have always been in the next room from the kitchen. Never even heard of Teflon pans causing toxic smoke that will kill birds before. Are you sure you’re not making this crap up?

          • Non-stick pans release a chemical that can kill birds, which is why they’ll tell you when you purchase a bird not to allow it in the kitchen. I’ve read – but don’t know for a fact – that ceramic coated pans are safe for birds. There is a lot of info. on the net. The only reason I’m going for ceramic is because I don’t trust even minute amounts of toxins deadly enough to poison a bird. Human exposure is low and “safe” by government standards, but I don’t think I want to trust my government on something like this.

  20. I bought my Yoshi Blue at Walmart. I have been using it almost daily for about 3 months now and I love it! My only complaint is that I didn’t get the lid also. I wish they were available at Walmart alongside the frying pan. Fortunately I already had a heavy glass lid that fits the Yoshi Blue but it is not vented.

    I had bought the Orgreenic first but was not happy with the outside finish it had. I have a gas stove and some of the finish on the Orgreenic scratched off with the first use. The Yoshi Blue is made much better.

    I do usually use a very tiny bit of coconut oil or butter when I cook eggs or something in it but I don’t believe it would be necessary, I just prefer it. It is the absolute best non-stick skillet I have ever used. Every time I use it I am still amazed. I can scramble eggs in it and clean it with nothing but a quick rinse under hot water, no soap, and dry with a microfiber towel. It doesn’t say if you can use metal utensils or not so I don’t and, so far, my Yoshi Blue looks just like it did when I bought it.

    • I thought when I bought this Yoshi Blue Diamond pan it would best suit my needs and the main reason I bought it was its size and looks(easier to wash in a small sink). In all have been very very disappointed . First the handle was loose. That was easy to fix with a Philips screw driver. Than the first thing I cooked stuck to the pan and has been greeting worse ever since. There was no sizing instruction or caution about over heating the pan. I think this is what went wrong. I wish it had warnings to read instructions before use ,may cause improper results when using. As far as the people that do not have a problem with this unit. You probably got one in the good batches produced. (Its A Crab Shoot). Pardon the bun You pay your money and hope for the best. Now days if you read any reviews on any products. Quality control has left the building. The next non stick I will take the precautions that may be needed.

  21. I was given the Yoshi Blue skillet as a gift. Unless I use a little oil in the pan everything sticks. Cant return it to the person who gave me 2 pans as a gift, passed away.

    • I have the same problem. It started out good, then after about six uses it started sticking. Once that starts you are all done because they say not to use a scrub pad and there is no way to get the pan clean of the stuck on material. Then next time it sticks more yet. Since it started sticking I thought maybe oil would solve the problem. It does not. Even with foil it sticks badly. Up to the first six uses it worked great and I loved it, but now it is worthless and I wish I had never purchased it. If I were rich and could afford to buy a truckload of them and just throw them out when they quit working, then I would. But as it is, I will never buy another. If anyone knows a way to clean the gunk off the surface and make it non-stick again please tell me how.

      • Long time ago I went over to someone house that I was to clean and I have to say she was not very clean. In the kitchen was a stack full of pots and pans, in side there was bake on food. The only was to clean them was to put water and put them on the stove and heat until the water is boiling. lower the heat before you pour in the vinegar and baking soda. The foaming action should loosen the food. I really don’t know if you can use it on these pans. Any other pans you can use this process on except Teflon.

  22. My husband ordered this pan for me, and it compares with my Le Crueset cookware, only much lighter and so far it has held up beautifully. I would order another larger skillet if available. Really nice equability.

  23. I bought better fry pans for $2.00- in a flea market that did stick as yours. This is the worst I have ever bought. I did everything It stated to do and for 2 weeks it good. Now I cannot even get the scrambled eggs off today so I had to toss it.Please do not buy this product. I am 74 yrs of age and been thru a lot of fry pans with the 7 children I raised, so I definitely talk with experience.

    • It did the same for me, only it did not even last two weeks. Now everything sticks no-matter what I try. The instructions say not to use a scrub pad and there is no way to get the pan clean of the stuck on material. Is there any way to clean the gunk off the surface and make it non-stick again?

  24. I really put the Yoshi Blue to the test. Everybody knows how easily okra burns! I took a can of diced tomatoes, fresh okra and seasoned with dried onion, salt and pepper. It came out really nice and stuck just a little, easy to clean up. So far, thumbs up, Yoshi. Thanks.

  25. I love my Yoshi Blue. Ordered from Infomercial, which I have only done twice in 56 years. I figured for $19 what the heck. Not great at reading instructions, which husband probably tossed anyway, as he opened box. First thing I made was an omelet and the pan so slick, I had to use two spatulas to keep the eggs in the pan when I went to turn them!

    Made non-greasy grilled cheese sandwiches the other night, cheese melted all over the pan, as usual. Got called away from the house on emergency and when I got to the pan (not pre-soaked, mind you) after 36 hours, used paper towel to remove the burnt on cheese.

    Going to buy for my family for Christmas. every household should have one!

    • Hi Beth ! I just got my YoshiBlue yesterday & I seasoned it today. Do you know if it is better to heat the pan before adding food or should I add food to a cold pan for best results? Thank-You in advance for any help !

      P.S. Anyone who knows, Please let me know !!! Thank-You !!!

      • I have found in other pans, that pre-heating reduces sticking. I would imagine that would be the case with these pans too.

  26. I was very disappointed with the pans. Having prepped them according to instructions I found that everything stuck just like any old pan.The absolute worst were eggs.

    The advertisement is the best part. It surely fools a lot of people including me. Don’t fall for it.

    When I complained they said I could return the pans. They did not offer an alternative.

    • I just got my Yoshi Blue pan yesterday and it worked GREAT!!! I followed ALL instructions on how to season the pan: (1) small amount of oil and remove excess; (2) heat on HIGH; (3) remove from heat until COLD; (4) wash the pan. My husband made fried eggs today and they SLID out of the pan! Great buy!!! The trick is to make sure you SEASON the pan first before you use it!

      • Be assured, I did season mine and it worked great for the first six times, then it started to stick and increasingly got worse. Now it is too frustrating to try to use it anymore. You cannot clean off the stuck on stuff completely because you are not supposed to use a scrub pad. A plastic brush will not clean it. Now even with oil it sticks. Once it starts to stick nothing you can do will make any difference. It just gets worse and worse. If you know how to clean it and make it non-stick again please tell me.

    • I bought one have had no real problem with the inside, it does stick a little , but the bottom and outside of the stupid thing the finish is coming off , It is just popping off, The black on the side and the bottom in the center is a round circle and the finish is coming off, and you can’t send it back after 14 days, Trouble is I got mine and didn’t use it for 2 weeks . LOL After using it 2 times it looks like its been used on a camp site . NO GOOD

      • Mine is chipping off too and I’ve hardly used it. If they cannot make a good finish then why did they not just leave the outside unfinished? It would surely have looked nicer. Of course then I would have a pan that looks nice on the outside but is gummed up on the inside from sticking.

  27. Did not see any instructions about pre-treating with oil. My son used first and said it was great! I washed it with Dawn dish soap after.

    I just used it to cook cheesey scrambled eggs. I used just a dab of butter first. Did not stick and tasted great.

    Handle has Phillip screws so don’t see a problem if handle loosen’s as some have stated. I will be using for everything after this. We’ll see how it goes.

  28. I just bought a Yoshi today at Walmart, after returning a restaurant quality pan, to save a little money. I get home and open the packaging to read the arbitration disclaimer. Red flag, so I start reading all of your comments. I haven’t used it yet, but am considering returning it now. I’m wondering if everyone that had negative results properly seasoned it as directed? Please no rude comments…just want to make an informed decision before using it and no one with a negative experience has mentioned that they seasoned it.

    • Kathy, do not use this pan if you have a smooth top range. It left what appears to be a permanent burn mark on my range even tho I followed the directions perfectly.

      • Worked great for me. I’ve been using it for at least 20 meals. I have a smooth stove top and no problems. I only found these reviews after looking online for retailers who have it. Walmart in my area doesn’t. they have the green one. My only criticism is difficulty finding them.

  29. This the biggest scam of all..Everything sticks even when you put “Pam” in the skillet..Then it just sits and burns..And the food taste like crap….Don’t buy this skillet..Mine went right back to Walmart…..I’m sure it has to be toxic the way the food taste..One bite did it for me…Nasty Don’t buy one not unless you want to get SICK

  30. I bought the complete set only to find out that food sticks to them worse than a cheep skillet. I would not recommend these to anybody they are total junk

  31. Bought mine at Walmart so did not get the vented lid. I first tried the Orgreenic and it works fine but has some sort of coating on the outside that started scratching off the first time I used it. The Yoshi Blue works great and has a nice outside finish too. I wish I could now get the lid but can’t seem to find one to buy separately. I like the pan so much I may just order another one online so I can get the lid also. I personally think it’s well worth the $19.99 + $7.99 S/H. A very reasonable price for a really great little non-stick skillet.

    • Mine is the Blue one and its having the coating coming off on the outside and the handle is loose , Looks like whoever put the handle on stripped the Phillips screw , RIP OFF .

  32. I cannot call your company to complain because your customer service hangs up on me every time I call.

  33. I purchased a Yoshi-blue skillet a few months ago, the handle is falling off. I am 84 years old, there is only two of us, we use pan maybe twice a week. I am fearful of someone getting hurt with this pan.

    Thank You
    Mary Grabowski

  34. I’ve seen kids toy cookware with better quality than this junk. Want a good fry pan. Visit a restaurant supply and pay the few extra bucks and learn to to cook with it like the restaurants do.

  35. I received my Yoshi blue skillet about 2 months ago. I loved it so much that I ordered the complete set and I received it last week.For me the customer service was great.After ordering it was shipped out the following day. They sent me a UPS tracking link, via my email. I absolutely love my Yoshi blue! I’m presuming that everyone is following the instructions. You have to put a few drops of oil in the pans and heat it up and let them cool completely before the 1st time use. It only takes a couple of minutes. Mine is great. I make popcorn,fry eggs,chicken,hash browns,etc. All of my pans just wipe clean. I highly recommend!

    • Yeah sure, you sound like an advertiser, you probably work for the company …. I bought the set and its crap!!

  36. The Yoshi Blue pan has a small circular piece about 2 inches in diameter that sticks out of the middle of the bottom of the pan. Consequently, it cannot be used on a ceramic cooking surface. We returned ours immediately.

    A truly stupid design screw up.

  37. Hey: Does anyone know what the surface really is? Is it toxic? Probably made in China. They sure have a good record of consumer safety.

  38. It does not work as described. It is a few weeks old and started sticking within 2nd week. Meat and potatoes seem to work fine but try flipping an egg in it and see if it doesn’t stick. I would return it but the shipping costs (which were ridiculous $16.) Cost as much as the pan and $8 to send it back, so I would get a $10 refund in total. They know it and play on it. It is cheaper to just keep it then return it.

    Buyer beware, I’ve told you it doesn’t really work “as seen on tv”.

  39. I got my Yoshi Blue from Wal-Mart back in Jan. 2012, and I really like it, I was making grill cheese sandwich and the cheese that melted in the skillet..didn’t stick! I use it everyday and I love it! I will be getting the larger skillet soon, I wished they made pots. I really enjoy my Yoshi Blue Skillet.

    • Hi

      I just rec’d my cookware. I found it to do as it advertized so far. I use pan or something like that to cook with. I do not use much heat as with the cover you do not need as much heat to cook. They do make a soup pot and a smaller pot. I bought a set for $80.00. Is that a lot, well yes but I have spent a lot more than that on others cookware. It does, the egg thing for me slides. I actually cooked some meat and was thinking I was so smart so I tilted the cookware in sink and half of it slipped out and went into sink. I will see how it works a few months for now. I do not smoke, gamble or drink. If I did I would spent allot more than this amount. I made corned beef and hash with two eggs and it slide into my plate.

      Postage well I mailed to small letters the other day. $.45 each letter

      Hope all of you have a great day

        • I was able to read this comment with no problem. You say you wished he “understood” English. Maybe you meant to say you wished he communicated better in English. Oops. Maybe your English needs some improvement.

          • I really appreciated your rebuttal. I, too, was able to understand David’s post. I get tired of people using postings to write stupid, intolerant remarks that have nothing to do with the subject. I am here to find out what experiences people have had with this product, not read reviews of others’ use of grammar and punctuation. (In my case, probably spelling)

  40. Do not buy this skillet, you will be sorry the food does stick and the handles don’t stay tightened. I cooked an egg in it and it stuck to the skillet wouldn’t fall off after turning it upside down.

  41. This is the biggest piece of JUNK I have ever seen!!! These people should be fined for selling this TRASH. Even with oil, everything sticks. If you want two scrambled eggs, you have to make three because one will remain stuck in the pan. Cleaning is almost impossible, even with soap and a sponge. DON’T BUY ANYTHING WITH THE NAME YOSHI ON IT!!

  42. My only complaint is that with my glass stove top the pan doesn’t sit well enough, seems to be a bump in the bottom so it moves around. I also have the green pan which I love. Both cook well though.

  43. “Caveat Emptor”, buyer beware. Yoshi blue pan capabilities is false advertisement, to say the least. Everything sticks at any heating element temperature, or with margarine, butter, vegetables oils, etc. Pan is 9 1/2-inches. Marketing company, seller and company owner should be fined and placed in jail for a period on false and misleading advertisement to the public. Television channel showing advertisement should also be fined an amount based on number of item sales from their network. Do not buy, I repeat, do not purchase this product.

    • Sue them all, Sue the seller, Sue the shipper, Sue the grocer, Sue the maker, Sue China. Help make the lawyers richer.

  44. How can I get in touch with Customer Service? I need a Phone number — one that works and I can talk to a Representative. I need the times that the Customer Service Representatives are available. I need to know the time zone that the calls are received in. Why does Customer Service not respond to an E-MAIL?

  45. Thanks everyone. Guess I will buy one at Wal-mart to try out. At least there if I am not happy I can get a refund. So thanks again for saving me time headache and money.

    • My friend has 2 of these pans that he bought at Walmart and now I plan on getting some. We think they are great. They cook well and clean so easy. If people follow the instructions and prep the pan like they are supposed to maybe they wouldn’t have any problems.

    • If you bought the pan at Wal-mart, it was the Orgreenic pan, not the Yoshiblue. There is a difference. Yoshiblue is a diamond surface and the one from Walmart is a ceramic surface.

        • Actually, diamond particles are a ceramic! Actually, it’s all nano-ceramic, which is a molecular ceramic coating. I’ve used mine now for two years and love it!

          First of all–Do not wash in a dishwasher, only hand wipe it. Dishwashers contaminate and remove the ‘seasoned surface’ just like any cast iron cookware. Hand wash only with a dish cloth. Most of the time, I clean my pan immediately after use and use the heat from cooking and my sink facet stream to boil and steam off any cooked-on junk.

          I only wish there were a way to get all of my old cast iron cookware nano-ceramic coated! 🙂

          • I have only had mine for a couple of weeks but I never have washed it with dish soap and certainly have not put it in the dishwasher. It doesn’t need it. I have sort of just rinsed it with hot water and dried it. I did wash the outside of it with dish soap once because I didn’t want the outside to have burned grease on it but other than that just rinse and dry and it’s spotless. I love it!

            Oh, I used Crisco to season it the first time and so far no problem. If it starts to stick I’ll just repeat the seasoning process.

  46. The good professor says:

    “But here is your problem, if you would have read the directions it tell you it is necessary to “season” the pan, and they describe how to season the pan, it is easy to do but a necessary thing to do to have the pan perform correctly and give you good service.”

    • where in the commercial does it say you need to season the pan?

      pan-seasoning with oil or lard, etc. is nothing more than what you’d traditionally do for an old-school iron frying pan, which will give you a much wider variety of pans, with about the same ‘non-stick’, egg-fall-out, capabilities as this pan.

      • Ha, love all of these comments. I wondered about the pan after seeing the infomercial. If you have to season a pan, get a good cast iron one made in the US. The commercial says it is non stick, but does not state that you have to season it first. Amazing Diamonds! LOL

  47. I ordered three Yoshi blue skillets on the internet plus I paid extra for faster shipping and delivery. I called the customer service number several times to find out what happened to my order. Seeing that I paid for expedited delivery I believe that I deserve a better response from the company then to refer me to a website that I must download (which I will not do) in order to find out what happened to my order. I am not to pleased with the company that has not sent me an E-MAIL confirming the shipment of my order, nor a customer service department that is virtually non existent, which hangs up on me with no contact from a live person. HOW CAN I BECOME PLEASED WITH THIS COMPANY AND REFER MY FRIENDS TO IT FOR FURTHER PURCHASES.


  49. The very best pan I have ever purchased – the expensive ones couldn’t hold a candle to Yoshi Blue. Absolute even cooking and nothing ever ever sticks. Clean up is an absolute pleasure – purchased two.

    • With all the other feed back to consider, are you possibly someone who works for the company. I am ols and half deaf, so it may be partially my fault. I received my orser today and the bill was $227.and change. They sent me 2 sets of cookware and I only let them talk me into 2 skillets and one set. I think they sent 2 skillets. Also a set of knives. My first inclination was to return them, but the postage is too high. I guess I will keep them and follow the instructions which they don’t mention in the TV ad. I can give my grand daughter a set and my brother wants the 2nd skillet. My daughter wants the soup pot. My daughter was wild about the small skillet –for 2 weeks when it started ti stick. She is why I ordered the set. She is also why I signed up with Direct Buy. They cost me $4900. and lied to me about allowing my daughter to be a joint member with me. It has been a couple of years and now they don me for $109 per year for membership dues. WE have bought nothing from them so if you think they are a bargain and a good thing forget it. I am 81 and have furniture from a previous 5000 sq ft house and now have downsized to 1700 sq ft. Going to have an estate sale soon. LOL

  50. I ordered the Yoshi Blue pan from an ad on TV. I did it by phone and it was a real chore as the menu kept trying to sell me more things that I did not want and expedited shipping for the double the cost. I kept saying NO emphatically to all the extra orders. The charge for the pan, a cover and a plastic slicing machine was $19.99. The shipping was supposed to be $7.98 but I was billed &15.98. When I called I was told that the additional postage was for the cover! They didn’t say that on the phone or in the ad. I complained and she said, I can credit you $4.00 or you can ship it all back and pay the shipping…RIPOFF

    • I know what you mean. Since you aren’t talking to a live representative you say NO forever but their is no one their to hear you. I actually ended up with three items. When I tried to sent 2 back, I was told that I could only send one back since the order was always for 2. BTW it wasn’t for the frying pan. I was really angry. It is really a rip off and I will never order anything from them again.

      I found the frying pan at Walmart today and purchased it.

    • I forgot to add about them pushing all the other stuff so my bill came to $227. It was as though they were deaf when you tried to turn them down. We should all get together and file charges. I guess I will try mine first before I call the better business bureau If it turns out to be less than advertised. All I wanted was 2 small skillets when I called them. Most of the companies who sell on TV do try to make the order larger. Since I am a shut-in most of my shopping is via the phone. I shop early for my extensive family for birthdays and Christmas.

  51. This skillet is great. I have used cast iron for years after I learned about the dangers of Teflon. I purchased on at wall mart next to junk magazines. I the put it to the test and caramelized some vegetables with a slight amount of oil and got great results. Then I made an omelet and it slid off the pan and left most of the olive oil in the pan..perfect. However I am a little confused about the new nonstick technology out there. Some use a Teflon substitute thermoplastic that is a similar compound some use a ceramic titanium some use a ceramic diamond I think. Some use a Teflon substitute thermoplastic substitute with diamonds. Yoshi claims to use a ceramic diamond but I would like more details. Either way this pan works and does not distort the flavors of food like normal Teflon or cast iron. I want to know more and they need to make a 12″ deep pan for stir frying.

  52. I posted comment earlier regarding the Yoshi Blue skillet(s) and they were honest and hopefully informative.

    If you have found information on this site – https://www.asseenontvonsale.com – it would be good to pass it on to your friends or social network sites when leaving comments about Yoshi Blue or any other products you obtained information about.

    This was my first visit to AsSeenOnTVOnSale.com and I looked at several other products. All the reviews submitted whether positive or negative appear to posted as submitted. Very few sites post as many negative comments or complaints in their reviews; other sites tend to censor the complaints.

    I also found – by looking at different products – that worthy products seem to have their positive reviews posted. Along with complaints they all appear to be unedited by the site.

    Just saying, if you found it useful, mention this site to others because I’ve visited sites that claim to review or compare products but most them seem to be slanted.

  53. All reviews are negative and indicate the same thing I found out; “That they lied like hell to make a sale.” Please look on the site for Yoshi and they want you to like them on Facebook and all the other social networks.

    I encourage everyone to find their page on all the social networks and post the URL from this page – https://www.asseenontvonsale.com/kitchen/yoshi-blue-diamond-skillet/ – It would be the best way to help others avoid the same mistakes we’ve made and will stop this company from ‘stealing’ anymore money or more specifically to take people’s money under false pretense.

    They can also be charged criminally if enough people contact the attorney general in California. This URL from a Google search gives links to pending “class action suits” against Idea Village, located in Orange County. Post it to the social network sites, your own tweets, your Facebook page to make your friends and others aware of the various alleged scams from this company with pending court actions; https://www.google.com/search?hl=en&newwindow=1&safe=off&site=&source=hp&q=idea+village+class+action&oq=idea+village&aq=3&aqi=g10&aql=1&gs_l=hp.3.3.0l10.2125l5672l0l16531l12l12l0l3l3l0l94l656l9l9l0.pfwc.1.

    If everyone would do this it should put them in a position where their future infomercials for any product will be scrutinized. Hopefully they will not make enough money to afford air-time in the future.

  54. This must be from the same company that made the “Pocket Fisherman” because after I received it I could almost put it in my pocket.

  55. I was wondering if anybody knows how I can get the stuck on food off my Yoshi Blue Diamond skillet?

    I used Pam spray the first few times but then I tried to fry up some eggs and forgot the oil. I can’t seem to get it all off. I let it soak overnight in soapy water but the egg particles are stuck like somebody epoxied them on. I don’t want to scrape too much because there are too many scratches already.

    I’m tempted to use liquid plumber and let it soak but I don’t want to mess up the pan any further.

    Except for tossing it in the trash does anybody know what I can do with this “stick-proof” skillet? Please be kind. Thanks!

    P.S. – The warranty doesn’t cover S&H so I would actually lose a lot of money by sending it back.

    • Try using enzymes such as ones used in the washing machine and sometimes dryer sheets with water–soak over night.

    • Well I am going to help you out but I do want to point out one thing that you likely didn’t do and I’m afraid because you didn’t do it, the scratches and stuck on egg was not the fault of the pan but yours for not following the directions. Here is my back ground, I am a retired Professor and an accomplished chef, I love food! I bought one of these pans from Wal-Mart and followed the directions and was very pleased with the pan, so much so I bought several of the other pans and knives Yoshi makes and I love them all and have given most of my other cookware to good will.

      But here is your problem, if you would have read the directions it tell you it is necessary to “season” the pan, and they describe how to season the pan, it is easy to do but a necessary thing to do to have the pan perform correctly and give you good service.

      The liquid plumber thing was not likely a smart thing, if you used the one with lye in it my may have damaged your pan permanently, but give this a try anyway. The idea of the laundry additive is on the right track, but make sure you wash it very well after you try it, however if you haven’t tried that yet, don’t, instead use Adolfs meat tenderizer, it must be “Adolfs” not another brand, because that brand contains a natural ingredient that breaks down food by digesting it, this is how it tenderizes the meat, however it will also “eat” any organic material. I have checked the amount you would need to make and have altered it for how much water you use in the pan. If you can completely cover the egg with one half inch of water, this pan is a 10 inch pan so you would need one tablespoon of “Adolfs” meat tenderizer dissolved in the water. I would use distilled water or at least spring or well water, most city water has additives in it that will greatly reduce the action of the meat tenderizer. Put one half inch of distilled water in the pan, put one tablespoon (the largest one of most all measuring spoon sets) the stir the tenderizer until it is dissolved into the water, then put plastic wrap tightly over the top of the pan (this prevents evaporation) and put the pan someplace it can sit for two to three days. When your done with that, put the pan on the stove (remove the plastic wrap) and turn on the heat to medium and bring the water and meat tenderizer to a simmer then turn off the heat. Let the pan and water cool and dump out the mixture, and use a scrubie pad (not steel wool) to finish getting the egg off the pan, it should come off easy.

      When you have removed the egg (I have used this method several times and it works great) you will have a clean pan like when it was new, however you now need to follow the directions and “season” the pan per their directions or you will have the exact same problem happen again. However when you season the pan they are really great pans, with my pan and all the other pans I have bought from them, after seasoning them I have never had to wash them, they wipe totally clean with a paper towel, this is also in their directions on how to care for your pan.

      I did something like this with a new Teflon pan I got, I didn’t read the directions and ended up tossing the pan. Did you know that all teflon cookware must be seasoned before use? I didn’t either, however now that I tossed a hundred dollar pan because the warranty didn’t cover the damage because I didn’t season the pan, it was then when I found out that all nonstick pans require seasoning before use,then people wonder why their non stick pans give up so quickly, seriously, go to the store and look at the non stick pans, all of them say you need to season them. How many of them have you ever seasoned?

      Well this works very good, just remember to read the direction on all your cookware, because I never knew a non-stick pan needed to be seasoned, but even on the commercial at the bottom of the screen it says you need to season the pan before use. But who reads those things?

      • Your full of crap old buddy. “Adolf” meat tenderizer, yea. Should have been
        a packet with the pan, old Prof buddy.

        • kinter koontz, you’re obviously pretty stupid. The pan comes with instructions to season it before cooking with it. Following those instructions will keep food from sticking to the pan. People who don’t read and follow those instructions will not know what to do with meat tenderizer, so including meat tenderizer with the pan would be almost as stupid as you.

        • Hi Kinter, told you ” Hi ” because I’m a a very educated person, but I’m going to put my education to the side just to let you know that the only person here full of crap here it’s you… I think that you are the kind of person that never use the brain. Your brain still new in the plastic, as never been used. If you don’t have nothing useful to say, please stick your tong very deep in that nasty hole you have right in your back below your waist and SHUT UP!! And please don’t call people “old buddy” just because they are smarter than you.

          • “Hi” to the both of you. I have to say to Jay, for someone who jumps immediately to “being very educated” (it’s actually “highly educated” FYI) you should know to utilize spell check and proof read your grammar before posting it, especially when you are professing how smart you are. In this, you don’t really back up your case against Ian who clearly had a positive experience with the blue diamond pan. Geez while you were out getting that degree, think of the countless stick free meals Ian made at home. I also share Ian’s positive experience and because I too read and followed the pre-use instructions of seasoning. EVERYONE KNOWS YOU HAVE TO SEASON ANY COOK SURFACE! I think I learned that in 7th Grade Home Economics. Now, on a side one, I’m curious if it’s easier to navigate your tongue down your back to your behind if you are highly educated or if you have to be a self cleaning reptile to do that? You silly human! I think maybe that could be done if you were in the Exorcist. It would certainly be easier to put a tong (like you told him to do) up there since you could just simply use your hand and wouldn’t have to be a contortionist. Really Jay? During the course of getting “very educated”, you clearly didn’t learn to let it go and not sweat the small stuff. In a way, its funny because I can envision you all red faced in anger, shaking your “unseasoned stick prone” blue pan in the air at Ian, sticking your tongue (out or maybe your tong) and calling Ian a poopie face. I a biochemist of 10 years and I now teach science to elementary kids. I too am highly (ivy league) educated as well. and one of the first things that we do in class during experimentation, is go over directions and follow them precisely. Everyone agrees that the outcome is more frequently successful that way. I probably would give you an F in Science and then send you to the principal for being unruly and mean to Ian. So, thank you for prompting my next science lesson on cooking and non-stick surfaces and why in regards to cooking, there is SO MUCH SCIENCE(Physics, Chemistry and Biology) backing it, it’s extra important boys and girls to slow your roll to know your role before you throw your roll. I have to say…you should have just used the meat tenderizer buddy. I’m bummed for you because you really missed out on a “very affordable and functional” pan. Sure…maybe in the end, it’s coated with the same chemical as Teflon but it’s suspected to be slightly bad for you only if you scratch the pan all up and knowing eat flecks of Teflon. Little to no clinical data is out on this but I promise you that your pent up anger and not following the rules will likely be more sticky and harmful. It’s all about cooking at the right heats depending on the protein structure and oils in foods, along with use of ONLY wooden spoons and plastic or ceramic spatulas come in great. Put down your angry chainsaw when you’re stirring the attack of a pancake you threw at Ian. I clearly remember learning that sharp metal things on smooth surfaces make a boo-boo. Teflon, just like skin is only a coated layer and for $20 I don’t imagine Yoshi took quality testing of the pan on a space trip to the sun into consideration. Just move on and go treat yourself to nice expensive pan that will do the same thing if you DON’T SEASON IT. In the end, I promise you will be OK…hungry and angry but OK and of course…still smart. One nice thing about only spending $20 is that if in a year it’s non-functional (as are most things that are $20), I can give the pans to my kids to use in their play kitchen I’ll go buy next years AMAZING new $17 pan. I love how no matter how much of a deal we are offered in life, there ALWAYS have to be people that will find some fault with it. These same people usually defend their gripes with more knowledge about the product and the problem than others. Where I’m from we call them know-it-all’s. I guess I see the correlation with product failures here, because when you think you “know it all”…it makes sense that directions would seem like a waste of time because someones hungry and wants to cook right now! But then again, I’m sure someone else would now be to blame for the directions not being clear or the pan being from a defective batch…blah blah blah I’m sure the nano-plater was having a bad day or something. Next time you complain and respond like a child you should at least own the “operator error” factor first and then maybe conduct the experiment (try another pan with the “Adolf’s Meat Tenderizer” specifically. It’s all about the enzyme in it. In not heat, enzymes directly lower the activation energy of the chemical reactions that will magically happen as soon as you heat it up to cook. Voila! The enzyme is denatured, the Teflon is essentially activated and you’re steak will just dance on top of the pan! You would have felt even smarter about your purchase, the bargain and your cooking skills have you just read the 10 words of instructions. I hope next time, before jumping to conclusions and all over Ian and his behind and his poor tongue. Yuck BTW!, that you think twice. Ian, don’t like your butt like a dumb animal. Instead you should just lick your properly seasoned pan lickety clean after cooking (and cooling) a delicious meal in it. Since you seasoned it, I bet you’ll be able to put it back on the shelf cleaned and ready for your next stick free meal, while poor Jay will be left in the kitchen with his date anxiously awaiting a buttery flaky flawless piece of fish. It will sadly be flecked with burnt Teflon that ironically will taste like poo from the hold behind HIS back below his waist line. I’m not quite sure why I joined this specific discussion, I guess I just had something to say because it makes sense after a “pan fight” between 3 of the most educated adults, is part of the reason why the world is falling apart like your pan. Jay, you should ask your college and maybe your grammar school for your tuition money back because what they instilled didn’t stick… Either that or your brain is made of seasoned Teflon. Oy vey boys! Just go spend $500 on a pan then. I’m sure you’ll find something wrong with that too. I bet you’ll never even read all this but I feel better about things, even though I know I’m being a real hole that is also behind my kneecaps on my dorsal side but not the mouth. I’m also going to go make a non-stick grilled cheese as a snack before bed.

            Stick Free in San Francisco
            Jamie Dowd

          • I can’t believe you people have this kind of time on your hands… especially Jamie who, apparently, is hoping to be a text book writer some day….

            how about a simple “THE FREAKIN’ PAN WORKS OR DOESN’T WORK” scenario, eh…???

          • If you are so educated as you say, why did you spell “tongue” wrong? Not to mention your wording in sentences is not proper English, so you shut up……dummy

      • I got an Eco ceramic pan. No seasoning required. LOVE it. I am suspicious of Yoshi, because of the tv hype, low price and high hype. Besides, I don’t need another pan. My Eco is great.

      • Just a thought – would a real chef use this type of pan and knives? I think not. If you need to season a pan to use it then I wouldn’t consider it a “miracle” pan, but rather a substitute for cast iron. My daughter cooks in a high end restaurant kitchen and is studying to be a chef. She would complain about the light weight of the pan. If the handles are loose as some have discussed, it it just plain dangerous. I am suspicious of many of the positive comments on this site, as they sound like they were written by an employee of the company. Anyone can post a comment here (obviously, based on the personal attacks below), and most of them are worthless. My biggest concern is not the product itself, but the problem with customer service and website. Beware of a “sneaky” website or phone ordering system that keeps adding to your order. A quality company will stand by its product and offer customer service after the sale.

  56. Finally got mine after over 2 months of waiting! The pan will not cook anything without sticking to the surface. I have to use oil or it’s a disaster trying to clean the pan. Half of what I cook with it burns in ugly splotches.

    The pan has a lot of scratches on its surface after 1 month of use even though I use plastic utensils. It looks like it has been through World War III.

    The price was outrageous after all the extra charges were added. Customer service is a bad joke and good luck finding a real person to talk to instead of a machine that can’t figure out what you are calling about.

    Other than that, it’s a great pan.

  57. This is a scam product. Firstly, it is not at all a non-stick pan that does not require oil. Foods burn easily. Secondly, it is not a fair price. The price of the product and the freight rates PLUS freight rates for sending back the item are astronomical. Thirdly, after I sent my product back I never heard back from the sellers. I was scammed of $50 for nothing.


    • I would guess that you did not season the pan prior to use. You stated that the pan doesn’t require oil. It DOES require oil before it’s first use. I see that written all over this site. It sounds like as long as the pan is pretreated it works properly. The company itself adds in a lot of heavy expenses for shipping and silly extras. Might be best to purchase at Walmart as some have suggested.

  58. My wife slaves in the kitchen every day and I felt that buying a Yoshi pan is the best thing I could get her for our anniversary. I like that she doesn’t need oil (we can save money there) and that she won’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning up so we can have more romantic time together.

    Look at it this way guys, this will wind up being the best $20 you ever spent on the little lady.

      • Holy crap!!! I thought the same thing. When she received it, she should have bonked him on the head with it, and said a REAL diamond would have been a better choice. Knot-head!!!

          • I gave my wife a certificate for a free septic tank cleaning for our anniversary. She loved it ! I know she did, because she then went out and bought me a Rolex for my gift.

      • You keep giving your wife these kind of gifts for her anniversary, soon you will not celebrate another one!!! Geez what planet do you come from??

  59. I was extremely disappointed with my purchase. When I found out that I could buy a Blue Yoshi for just $19.99, I was ecstatic. Then, I thought there was an error with my order because when I opened up the box, it was just a frying pan. Where was my Blue Yoshi egg? We were going to have great adventures together! This is a scam, they don’t even sell Yoshi Blue! Buyer Beware!

    • LMFAO! That’s what you get for being greedy and wanting a Yoshi that could fly. Next time settle for green.

  60. OK for those who want a TRUE review:

    These pans are awesome. I bought the green one, which seems to be the same. I love this pan. seems to me, most of the complaints are due to the whole S&H BS. Thats typical for infomercial things. Buy this pan at Walmart and try it for yourself! I love mine and plan on buying another! If you are still skeptical, just buy another flaky telethon pan and go about your life!

    • I most certainly agree. I managed to get a blue one to match my kitchen walls and now cooking is so serene. And for the person who complained about not getting a blue egg – maybe you want Easter bunnies too? Really some of these comments seem so dingy.

      My Yoshi pan has some small scratches but it gives it “character.” I’m not an exhibitionist and don’t hang up my pans for show. I USE them. If you’re a kitchen fan-boy then you won’t like them. If you are a true cook who works hard at fixing meal to keep your husband and his kids happy this is the pan for you.

      I know some people would like to hit me over the head with their Yoshi but violence solves nothing. USE the pan and stop the criticism – it just shows your mean spirit.

      • Wow, did I just read that right.

        Your praise was how the blue frying pan matches your blue kitchen walls which makes cooking serene.

        But then the rest of your post is knocking kitchen “fan-boys” and people who care about how the pan looks?

        Color me confused.

  61. I did not hit the order tab when I saw the S&H charges but it was still charged to me. I called and canceled,which they didn’t like. Fifteen minutes later an airline ticket to South America was charged ($671.00)

    To my credit card. I called my credit Card Co. and stopped both charges.
    Got to be a bunch of crooks.


  62. If unhappy with a company’s response to your request to cancel or if you feel the ad was misleading, contact the state attorney’s office in the state in which they operate. they will have a consumer complaint/affairs dept. if your complaint is not unique, the company will have their license to operate threatened. that will usually get you a timely response.

  63. Many products will overcharge S&H just like Yoshi Blue. I put together a fake order and take it all the way through just to see what the total charges are. Never ever use your real name and card the first time through. Yes it is a pain, but there are so many scams out there so be careful.

  64. I watched the advertisement for the Yoshi Blue skillet a couple of times. I liked the fact that things could be cooked without oil and that even burned items would not stick and could be wiped away by a paper towel. So I ordered one on line.

    First disappointment: The skillet didn’t come and didn’t come. I was about ready to call when my wife happened to be home and she answered the phone without checking the caller ID. (We never pick up, when we see an 800 number on the caller ID, to avoid sales calls.)

    Looking at the number on our caller ID log it was apparent that they had been calling for sometime and several times a day. When my wife answered the phone they tried desperately to get her to consider special offers and purchase all kinds of things. When they finally realized she wasn’t going to “bite” they indicated that they would be shipping the skillet “shortly”.

    When I purchase something on line I expect that it will be shipped promptly. I certainly do not anticipate a call from the salesman trying to get me to buy more. This is the first time it has been tried and if it continues I will not be purchasing anything else from a TV ad.

    First false advertisement: I got the skillet today and with it there was some instructions for cooking with the skillet. The first point made says, “Always apply a small amount of cooking oil before you start cooking.” In their TV ad they make a point several times that you can cook without oil. If oil is required they are falsely advertising.

    Second false advertisement: From the cooking instructions they state, “Continuous high heat may result in burnt food, causing the food to stick to the cookware …” In the TV ad they demonstrate, and state, that even burnt food wipes clean and doesn’t stick. They even leave us with the impression that you don’t have to wash the skillet. But yet they say, “When finished cooking….. soak with warm water immediately for best washing effect.” And on the other side it says. “To remove burnt and dried-on foods, soak your cookware in hot water before washing.” Not the same message we get in your ad.

    I guess this skillet isn’t as “magic” as indicate in their ad.

    • I’ve been using my skillet everyday since I received it 2 weeks ago. I love it. Nothing sticks. I haven’t used oil or butter and still make stick free meals every time. I don’t know about these negative comments, but I have nothing but good things to say about this product.

  65. Yoshi Blue is fraud.

    On TV Yoshi Blue advertised price for the set is $19.95. However, price for it with S/H is about $35. Any way, I had ordered it and received it. Skillet is a very low quality. I have OrGreenic, which is much better made, and you can by it at Walgreen for $19.95 without any problems.

    In addition, it is a more important problem with this company. As soon as they received your credit card, they start to send you other sets and charge your credit card without you permit ion
    You cannot block this process. You can only dispute these charges with credit card provider. This dispute usually is a very long process and this “you said – he said “situation

    • I bought my Yoshi at Wal-mart. I also purchased an OrGreenic, twice, b/c they scratched both times. I did not use any utensils on it other than a plastic spoon and I only washed it with a wash cloth. It was like the scratches came out of NO WHERE! I like my Yoshi and I don’t mind adding a bit of oil. I also wait until it comes out into the store b/4 purchasing online.. too much trouble. Thank you, Cathy

  66. We purchased this Yoshi Blue Diamond Skillet from our local Walmart and only after we bought and returned the green one that was being advertised at the same time. The green pan never worked as the ad stated it would. I followed the directions to a T and it still failed and everything I cooked in it would just stick. I exchanged it for the Yoshi blue pan and I am so glad that I did this. This pan has never failed me and never been a disappointment. I just love it and hope that a complete cookware line of this will be marketed in the near future.

    • I too purchased the Orgreenic at Wal-Mart and returned it both times b/c it grew scratches!! Really I did not use anything but plastic utensils and washed it with a wash cloth and each time, there were scratches 🙁 Love the Yoshi Blue too!

    • You MUST use oil when cooking in the Yoshi. That’s stated in the instructions. You must also use NON-Metallic utensils with it otherwise it will scratch.

      Honestly some of you people should actually read the directions and stop blaming the pan. I bought mine and it works beautifully because I FOLLOWED THE DIRECTIONS! I am also buying some more for gifts.

      Some of you should take a remedial reading course before posting falsehoods about this great product.

  67. I just got a Yoshi Blue Diamond fry pan, it doesn’t work as is advertised. It does need oil. I tried to fry an egg and it got stuck to the pan. the Yoshi Blue Diamond fry pan is a regular fry pan just like any other.

  68. Well, my husband bought this Yoshi Blue Diamond Skillet for me, but I received it in a decent amount of time, at least from the time my hubs said he got ‘something’ for me.

    I’ve used my Yoshi every time I make eggs, which is a lot and I have been very pleased. I think one of the reviewers might not have noticed that at first use you are supposed to put a tiny bit of oil in the pan, just this once. Also, as far as cleaning, I think it says, no detergent, but you can rinse it with water, which is what I do. Any bits of egg just swish away!

    I’m just happy I don’t have to use oil anymore and now I don’t have to scrub the pan for hours. (I used to use a cast iron skillet that sticks to everything!)


    • If Iron skillet sticks, it’s not seasoned enough. I always wash mine out with water while warm. Never use detergent. Nothing sticks.

  69. Where do I begin to complain?! We ordered 2 of these pans by phone, $19.99 each with FREE (!!!) lids. Even though the lids are PACKAGED IN THE SAME BOX with the pans, we had to pay $7.99 for shipping for each pan and for each lid. Yes, $32.00 in shipping for these rinky-dink little pieces of crap! It says on the ad that you don’t have to use any kind of oil, but the instructions suggest that you do. Can’t use a fork or spatula in the pans. They look and feel like a pan you would pick up in a pinch at the Dollar Store if you were just that desperate. Do not waste your money on these chincey bits of shiny metal. This is the worst as seen on TV rip-off I have ever experienced. Sure, I’ve been disappointed before, but not blatantly ripped-off.

  70. Doesn’t anyone READ the disclosures on the site or in the Commercial? I got mine at Walmart and it works as described!

  71. I am very unhappy with my Yoshi Blue fry pan. I have followed the directions, oiling the pan before use, never using metal utensils, never putting it in the dishwasher…….and so forth.

    The very first time I used it, it worked like it did on TV. When I tried to fry two more eggs without washing it in between, everything stuck. The next time I used it, everything stuck, even though I had oiled the pan before use.

    Unfortunately, I tried to use it several more times and have gone past the “30 day guarantee” period. I am very, very unhappy with this product.

  72. The cooking surface is par-excellent however when used on c ceramic top cook stove, it rocks back and forth. – Not good, I’m looking for a way to return it and get a refund.

  73. Ordred Yoshi Blue Diamond Skillet because I love to cook and always looking for a better skillet to cook in to make my life easier (I am all about easier). The automated phone ordering is a bit too much and please pay attention or you might just wind up with several items with the pan. In addition they try to sell you speedy delivery claiming if you don’t get the faster delivery you wont see your skillet for several weeks (nothing takes several weeks anymore folks…come on it 2012) I didn’t fall for that and the extra $10 bucks for that and still received my skillet in less then 10 days. Now to the skillet, what can I say it works and it works well. I have been cooking for a long time and have bought many a skillet and have never seen one as good as this…NO BS. You can’t burn anything in this pan….nothing sticks to it. Bacon cooks like a dream and comes out perfect every time. I recently left something on the pan and thought I killed it because it was a burnt mess. Well, one swipe and the mess was gone and pan cleaned in seconds.

    I can’t say enough good things about this pan except do they made bigger skillets and other types of cookware with this diamond surface technology !!!! Try it once and you will see what an amazing skillet this is and will be buying another like I did. Yoshi Blue people if you are reading this I would gladly be a spokes person for your products and you don’t even have to pay me in cash just pans!!! Btw, please tell me you are making other bigger skillets and where can I get them.

  74. I am livid! I accessed this website yesterday to look around, and when I saw that they charged a shipping fee of $15.98, I clicked out of it right away. But, not soon enough. I received a CONFIRMATION of my order delivered to my Inbox this morning! I did not order this pan. When I tried calling their so-called ‘customer service’ line, an automated voice said to go to their website! Be very aware of this website………When I receive the pan, I’m going to return it.

    (I had given my name, address, etc., but, didn’t click on ‘Continue’ when I decided I didn’t want the pan…..I don’t understand what they did, but, it’s definitely illegal!)

    • I had to kill the Internet connection to avoid getting stuck. You’re saying that you’re stuck with $16 shipping charge, and are returning the skillet. The shipping charge will STILL stick though. Doesn’t that make us think? My main concern (that’s why haven’t ordered, as the TV commercial looks so convincing, like any of these TV promo ads) is if the darn thing is “chemically” safe to use. Does it cause or give the food you cook in there something bad?

      • I never buy things off those TV Commercials. I just wait until the same product comes to my Local store like Walgreens or Walmart. I save all the Hassle of shipping charges and the extras they try to get you for. I did buy the Diamond Fry Pan at Walmart and it does work as described in the TV Commercials, I love mine!

  75. I bought the pan online after seeing the commercial. The pan does what it says, but my disappointment is that it is only a 9″ pan while the pan that is shown on the ad is obviously much larger. I suspect it is a 11 inch or larger. This is a deceptive practice and should be stopped. Because of this obivous scam, I will not buy any more of the product even though it seems to be a good product.

    If the reason you are reading this is because you are researching the product before you buy, you are much smarter than me.

  76. I don’t know what all the clamor is about. As long as you don’t heat the Yoshi blue on the stove, it looks beautiful. I keep mine on a shelf over the refrigerator. I love the color.

    I’ve also purchased the Yoshi knives. They are a pretty lustrous white. Mine kept sharp for a whole week. I keep them next to the blue pan.

    • So, if I need a kitchen decoration. I’ll go for the Yoshi. If I actually want to cook something, I will purchase a real pan. Thanks for saving me from a real hassle. If it sounds too good…

      • I enjoyed he comment. I’m thinking about getting he skillet and making a kitchen clock out of it. (Just to continually remind me never to buy cookware on-line.)

  77. I don’t understand why anyone would complain about this product. I just bought mines at Walmart (so I didn’t get the glass lid or the slicer), and I really enjoyed it. It really does work. Yes people are complaining about the price being $35 when the commercial says $19.99, but they clearly mention that the lid cost almost $8 to ship and so does the slicer, so in total its $35. Anyways, I made a video and I tried frying anything I could find in my kitchen, even mayonnaise! Watch the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xj4DjQ1y-kM

    • The shipping charges are ridiculous, there’s no way that’s what it’s costing them to ship. I’ve done enough shipping and online business to know to stay away from companies who are obviously and unethically turning a huge profit on their shipping charges.

      • There is such a thing as “handling”. Shipping AND Handling. They pay people to box them up and insure the shipping materials protect the contents.

        Don’t think the packaging people work for free do you?

        It’s just a small cost when you consider that the people working there could be on the street begging at intersections. You don’t want that do you? I get annoyed when a guy comes up to my car at a stoplight and asks for food money. I think to myself, “he could be working at Yoshi.”

        And don’t forget the people on the phones at Yoshi who probably have crying babies they need to support. It breaks my heart to hear these kind of complaints.

        • Machines do most of the work of boxing these products, but even if they were lovingly hand-packed by lifelong students of the packing arts the charges would be outrageous. Let’s say the “shipping” costs $10 (a generous estimate), that means they’re paying $6 for “handling”. If these packing artists can pack a box in five minutes, they’ll be earning $72/hr, which is close to $150,000 per year.

          Now consider, the shipping is really less than $10, and a packer can handle many more than one box in five minutes, and you’ll see that advertising a pan for $20 to get you to call and then almost doubling the price with phony S&H charges is pretty dishonest.

  78. What a sham! Cost for 9″ pan is $19.99 and a P&H charge of $15.98. That’s pretty damn expensive for this frying pan. $35.97! You never know when your order will arrive. This is a pressure company trying to get you to buy more. They should be cited by the FTC. Very poor customer service department. Don’t buy direct from them. Try Walmart; they’re cheaper.

    • Everything else the same, you think $26 is expensive? One should go to such department stores as Macy’s, etc. and see some of the name brand skillets, how much they sell them for. Possible $60…… The question one has to be concerned most is IF the skilled will cause harm to you, rending the food cooked in it harmful, etc….. I haven’t read anything about that.

    • Complain to the Better Business Bureau. They may or may not be able to get the company to do anything for you directly, but with enough complaints, they can generally shame the company into behaving better. It also means that anyone looking up the company on their site will see the number of complaints and think twice (or more) before buying.

  79. I brought my Yoshi Blue from Walmart because I wanted to avoid some of the problems I read about online when someone brought the pan online or over the phone.

    If you want a light weight non-stick pan that requires the same if not more care then cast iron this the pan for you.

    Yoshi Blue Vs Cast Iron

    YoshiBlue is light weight.
    Cast Iron is heavy.

    YoshiBlue and Cast Iron require a small amount of oil to be non-stick.
    Just wipe the inside of the pans with a paper towel that have a little oil on it. This is all the oil you need.

    YoshiBlue can be damaged by metal utensils
    Cast Iron metal utensils can be used without worry

    YoshiBlue in the event of being boiled dry you must wait until cool then add water
    Cast Iron water can be added while it is still hot.

    YoshiBlue clean up is easy just wipe the cool pan down if something sticks can be soaked but not overnight. Steel wool or copper pads cannot be used.
    Cast Iron clean up can be just as easy depending on what you cooked. Steel wool or copper pads can be used if something sticks, can be soaked overnight if needed.

    • I’m SO glad I decided to research before buying! It’s clear that both the Blue and the Green pans are way over-hyped and buying them over the phone or online is asking to be ripped off. You have to season those pans as well as Teflon pans, so there’s not much difference there, except EATING Teflon flakes as it ages. In the end, I’ll be ‘sticking’ with my my old reliable cast-iron skillet, still the best frying pan option at 170 years, or more, old! You can Google how to properly season them to keep them at their peak for decades, and they perform better, all and all, than all the new so-called ‘miracle’ surfaces created, and the surface doesn’t scratch! The only complaint might be, “ohhh, it’s SO heavy! It’s hurts my arm to lift it!”

  80. I did not buy this from TV. I got it at Walmart. To specify, it is the Yoshi Blue Skillet. I did a test the minute I brought it home. I heated it up with a high flame on a gas stove, and then I took boiled ramen noodles and put them in the skillet. I added no oil, but this was a test, not meant to be eaten.

    if you have ever pan fried ramen, you know they stick, and if you burn them on accident they never come off. I burned the ramens on my Yoshi Blue pan, and yes, they stuck a little bit. but nothing stuck for good, and any normal pan would have been ruined by what I did. I expected to buy it (it was 10 dollars in the “as seen on TV” section of Walmart.

    as for those of you who think I may work for the company, nope. but who can belive anything said on the internet. but I can say, this is the only as seen on tv item that was worth the 10 bucks at Walmart ever.

  81. I hate to be a cynic but I have to ask the question.

    Whenever there are such mixed reviews of a product on a website like this, is it reasonable to consider the SELLER is posting positive reviews to counteract the legitimate negative feedback?

    Of course, by the same token it can be said the competition is placing the bad stuff. It just all seems a rather convenient opportunity for flame wars between to guys both trying to sell their own frying pans.

  82. Was going to look into the product. The Yoshi TV ad was on this Morning, Feb, 18 2012. Being burned in the past buy a “as seen on tv” ad on a product, I came to this site to read reviews; Thank goodness for reviews, it illuminates slimy marketing tactics and sub-par products before a consumer becomes trapped such as the poor people listed above. I was burned on a product a few years back. The company changed my order on their site from purchasing ONE item to a 4 family pack every month automatically charged on my card per month; As the people who wrote these complaints, I called the company to only get an answer machine, no return call or mail box full. I called my credit card company (an online company CC company) they said I needed to fix it with the company and if I cancelled the card the charges would follow me until it was settled with the company I ordered from. I then looked at comments on line only to find a thousand people in the same situation; they were trying to sell their items on a ebay or craigs list to get rid of them. I was petrified. Then, something answered my prayers; before I got the first shipment: an email from the company came saying, “We lost your credit card information, if you want your order please contact us and give us your information so we can complete your order.” WOW! I was so lucky. I cancelled my credit card company after giving them a piece of my mind, and swore never to order something without doing a lot of research. My new credit card company now has my back, However, I ONLY order from reputable companies like Amazon. I am so sick of how people are taken advantage of by greedy companies and get away with it. Their needs to be stronger legal retribution on these corrupt companies. Until there are, BE WARE! I can tell some of the more positive, short comments here were written by the Yoshi people. Good Luck to all those who were trusting and hope your stories turn out good. and… SHAME ON THE SHAMMERS.

  83. We have had the Yoshi knife for over a year; we bought more of the knives because we liked them so much. No one we have found makes a knife this good. I saw the yoshi cookware offer and decided to try the small skillet. Absolutely love it. Now I want to buy the rest of the set but cant seem to find a way to do that.

    • As far as I know they only make the 9″ skillet. I would like to have an 11″ or 12″ skillet. I love the Yoshiblue skillet.

      • I ordered the single pan, lid and slicer yesterday for the TV price of $19.95 plus $7.95 shipping. I was bombarded with other options to purchase, one being the complete set for $79.00 and the knife set for around $20.00. Call the TV number and you will probably be able to purchase the set. You never get to talk to a real person, however. Good luck! CC

  84. I never buy from the TV offers. I get everything at either CVS, Big Lots, etc., to avoid the shipping and handling which they double when you get the freebie.

  85. I am thinking of purchasing a Yoshi skillet and wanted to look at all the reviews. It seems that all the problems were prior to December 2011. All the reviews since then seem good. Could it be that a small company was overwhelmed by demand and could not cope? Perhaps their problems have now been sorted out as people do not seem to have difficulty with delivery times now.

    • Looks ta me like most of the gripes here have to do with the crappiness of the product, not the delivery time.

  86. Yes, this column opened my eyes, to this crappy offer, I’m an educated chef and I thought the diamond idea for the frying surface a novel idea. But only if there was real effort behind developing the concept, not a half assed , quick money making scam to put an idea together with spit and chewing gum and then flaunt it to the public, It kind of leaves a sour taste in the mouth of the consumer when it does come out eventually a much better product, Diamonds are already used in the kitchen primarily as sharpeners and keepers of edged utensils.

    • Yo Willie,

      If all fails, have ya considered takin’ it to a jeweller and have it pounded into a ring?

      • As a pretty fair craftsman you have given me an idea on what I can use the so-called skillet I received three months after ordering.

        Since it doesn’t do a thing that was advertised I’m going to try and make a small wood burning camping oven out of it. I’ve got a small furnace I use for part-time knife making and think some well pounded heated aluminum and some cutting for a base with holes might make this piece of metal useful.

        So I threw away $75, at least maybe I can salvage something useful out of it.

  87. BIG BIG MISTAKE… Their $19.99 Yoshi blue cost plus $15.98 s/h plus tax$2.46 =$38.43… What a RIP OFF.. Once you start your order you can not cancel it…LOOK OUT…. You can buy a whole set of better cookware on QVC and their s/h is only $14.95 for a 11 piece set… And it is a name brand.

    YOSHI BLUE IS A RIP OFF… thank you

  88. Thanks to everyone who posted problems with this product. My mother saw a commercial one night while she was in the hospital and told me it looked great and we needed to get one. Knowing that pain medication and late night infomercials are a recipe for disaster, I checked out the online reviews. I’m so glad I didn’t just order it for her.

  89. My pan arrived today, less than 2 weeks after I ordered it. I haven’t used it yet but it looks like a good quality pan. Can’t wait to try it.

    • Make sure you wash the pan properly before you use it. I washed 3 times and my water was blue…little scary.

  90. I am VERY disappointed in this product. It shipped and arrived just fine, but does not perform as advertised on TV. First of all, the ad says that no oil is necessary — yet the very first thing mentioned in the instructions that accompany the skillet is, “Always apply a small amount of cooking oil before you start cooking,” therefore making the TV ad misleading. Second, there is a small, round black emblem on the bottom that projects out slightly, making the pan unable to sit flat on any burner surface, which prevents it from heating evenly and quickly. I recommend you don’t waste money on this frustrating product, you can find better skillets at a kitchen store or even the kitchen section of a large retailer.

  91. RIPOFF , they charge $15.98 “service charge” making the $19.99 pan cost $35.97 AND THEN DO NOT CANCEL THE ORDER when told to do so. Very unethical.

  92. Sounds like the same company as STOMPEEZ. Don’t order from them either. It’s obvious that these kinds of companies are simply just allowed. It’s a shame. Anyway, the reason I ended up here is that I couldn’t find the size of the pan on the pan’s own site. That in itself is crazy. In the picture where it is next to the slicer it looks tiny. In the pictures with the food it looks large. I learned that it is 9″, which would probably be 6″ at the bottom. Seriously, how could that fit two chicken cutlets. I’ll bet they used a bigger pan than they are offering to do those shots. I’m not sure why people feel deceived about the prices though. I found them to be clear and apparent on both the site and the commercial, currently anyway. HERE’S MY RULE OF THUMB: If you can’t get a human being on the customer service number (if you can even find one) then don’t even think about buying the product.

  93. I just saw the Yoshi blue ad on tv and thought 2investigate the pan online. I’m so thankful for reviews. I’ve been stung many times in my past and never, ever purchase without reading reviews again. If an offer sounds too good to be true….. Is exactly what I usually find out? Seems to me that everything I’ve ever seen advertised on TV eventually ends up in the stores and often onto their clearance shelves. If you want quality, shop @reputable stores who deal in quality merchandise. Those are the stores who really care about the customer. There are so many products on the market aimed at selling cheap merchandise in this poor economy. Be Careful. Read Reviews. Buy Quality.

    • ‘Buy Quality.’? Why not just buy your wife a decent sized wedding ring?
      Then ya have two, two, two products in one. Just stay away from the LARGE eggs in your shopping market.

  94. You’re better off cooking on cast iron or stainless steel. Aluminum causes Alzheimer. Teflon can kill birds if pans are left on the stove to heat without anything in them.

    Just another kitchen gimmick to get your money.

    • http://www.alzheimers.org.uk/site/scripts/news_article.php?newsID=169

      “There is no conclusive medical or scientific evidence of a link between aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease.”

      And thank goodness, considering the millions and millions (and millions) of people who have been cooking for aluminum foil for decades.

      But about this nano-ceramic and diamond pan…so the surface of the pan has both ceramic and diamond material exposed to the food? So both of these materials are supposedly incredibly non-stick? So then why not just use the cheaper of the two? Can you say “Marketing Gimmick”? I knew you could.

      • No evidence, huh? Studies done on patients with it after death do have trace amounts in their brains. Try reading the New England Journal of Medicine. It takes a few doctors to get their findings published in just one article. Do your research and skip editorials. Stick with the facts and trace where the money trails lead to. Make informed decisions and worries will not exist. Research it!

        • Always be careful about readilng “research” or “studies” unless you can actually read type of statistics used and the degree to which they where able to controll for other possible mitigating factors (in this case things like age, genetics, meds, traumas) otherwise the research cannot say one is linked to the other or even if there is a true correlation between, in this expample alzheimers and aluminum.


        • Over a decade ago, a year or tow after the aluminum connection was first announced, I read in a magazine with a name like technology review that a researcher was unable to find aluminum in the brains of alzheimers patients, and that no other researcher had been able to duplicate the find as well. This researcher, I think he was a phd at Harvard or some nearby prestigious school suspected that the aluminum finding was a contamination during the process since no-one had been able to reproduce it, but he mentioned that the original researcher never retracted the paper. He said some researchers who make errors simply say nothing instead of a retraction. This is a common response in some non-western cultures but I don’t know it it is the case here.

          I googled the New England Journal of Med, as you recommended but it required a subscription. At Alz.org I found this:

          Myth 4: Drinking out of aluminum cans or cooking in aluminum pots and pans can lead to Alzheimer’s disease.

          Reality: During the 1960s and 1970s, aluminum emerged as a possible suspect in Alzheimer’s. This suspicion led to concern about exposure to aluminum through everyday sources such as pots and pans, beverage cans, antacids and antiperspirants. Since then, studies have failed to confirm any role for aluminum in causing Alzheimer’s. Experts today focus on other areas of research, and few believe that everyday sources of aluminum pose any threat.

      • As for Teflon killing birds if pan is left on the stove to heat without anything in them? TRUE!!! DuPont will not comment on Teflon creating a gas when heated above 550 degrees when it starts to “Burn” away. If you want to test this out for yourself, use a grilling thermo device to bring a Teflon coated pan up to 550 to 600 degrees and take one deep breath to inhale the fumes the pan will emit. The result will be what appears to be the symptoms of “Food Poisoning” – a sickening feeling that will only last about two (2) days and it feels like death is at your doorstep. But do NOT worry, you won’t die from it and DuPont feels there is no threat to human life – Birds on the other hand is the best and most useful for detecting dangerous gasses in Mining Operations. If you have a favorite pet, keep them away from the kitchen. Seriously! If you were asked this question: “IF NOTHING STICKS TO TEFLON, THEN HOW DOES TEFLON STICK TO THE FRYING PAN?” Think about it.

      • Maybe the diamonds are there to resist wear from cooking utensils. Swiss diamond uses diamonds embedded in its non-PFOA teflon. It got good reviews by consumer reports but it was the most costly, $500, so costly in fact that consumer reports wouldn’t even include it in its final report. Swiss diamond has what it thinks is a safe teflon since the pfoa is absent from the teflon, but it still has teflon. The pfoa has nothing to do with the diamonds, I don’t think, from what I’ve read on their website.

    • Hey Mark, I called the number that you stated and it is only good for orders that are made AFTER October of 2011, any order before that they do not handle. The operator gave me another number to call and guess what? That number is one of the numbers that I had called previously but I called it anyway just in case but it still isn’t any good.

  95. I was thinking about buying Yoshi Blue but when I saw the price I was like OH NO THEY DIDN’T $95.99 in total you got to be kidding me! Thanks everyone for the tips. You helped me save money.

  96. Surprise, surprise. I Ordered around December 15th, received the skillets around December 23. Within a week. They do try to sell you a rushed delivery for an up charge and tell you it could take up to 6 weeks if you go the regular shipping route. I said “thank you but ship regular ups.” It still arrived within a week. The skillets are good and work as described. Moreover, no toxic materials like other skillets. Happy New Year!

  97. It’s Jan.1, 2012 and just seen this same commercial on tv again. It had a different phone number to call (1-800-360-9819) and low and behold a lady answered the phone. As soon as she ended her little selling speech I started to ask her some questions (after she needed my zip code). She told me that she had never heard of any complaints about this product. She gave me a phone number 1-877-833-7685 and I called it. It is for Idea Village and a recording said to go to their website (ideavillage.com/order status. Ha! Ha! I entered my order number and the status on this website showed that this order number is unknown. Still just the runaround I have gotten, I give up! If it comes, it comes. If not I’ll never order from this company (I really wonder if this company really exists) again.

    • It is so weird. I went to the website and found contact us. emailed a question was responded to immediately with a customers service # and they were very helpful. I really like the pan and am considering getting a set. I have purchased other pans separately and ended up paying about the same amount.

  98. My wife just received a Yoshi Blue pan that she ordered back in July and forgot all about. The coating appears to be durable but the actual pan is thin aluminum of typical $10.00 Wal-Mart quality. Not at all worth the total cost.

  99. I just saw the Yoshi Blue commercial.. Was going to order one but if it takes that long to get it.. I’ll just wait till it comes out at Wal-Mart… The number to call is 18009849801

  100. Received 3 sets within 10 days at Christmas time. The surface works as advertised. pots and pans are cheaper quality, but the eggs do slide right off and the surface practically cleans itself. I would be willing to pay more for a better constructed structure with this same surface treatment.

  101. Well—I ordered the frying pan in December and received it Dec. 23, the same month. I thought that was really great.

  102. Very disappointed! I ordered two skillets in July and just received them now, 12/24/11. I tried to cancel in November, but the skillets were delivered anyway. There is noway to talk to anyone. The worst customer service I have every encountered.

  103. Thank you all for taking time to post your experiences. From what I have read, the product does work (two on this list have received theirs). The problem is the costumer service and hidden cost. One person said he believed the issue with the amount of time it takes to get the product was due to a small company being overwhelmed with orders. That seems very likely. I don’t think I’ll order though. Sounds like too much of a hassle. I’ll wait to see if it comes out at Walmart on their ‘as seen on TV isle’.

    Merry Christmas everyone.

    • My suggestion is this……..if those commercials showing cooks using pans, knives, gadgets are appealing, I always say you better buy the person doing the ads because they never work for the common cook in the common kitchen

      • Go MOJO…. I want a private cook too, and I will hide all my good kitchen stuff and make him or her use the as seen on TV stuff.

  104. Wow… I was online looking up how to order a couple of these, glad I scrolled down to the comments section.. Now I feel lucky. Sorry you guys did not get your product. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  105. On December 21, 2011, I finally received my Yoshi Blue skillet that had been ordered on Saturday, JULY 23, 2011. The skillet came with a dented glass lid, that had to be put together, edges of the pan that were incompletely covered with the blue material, and no directions.

    I had made numerous inquires to the listed phone number on my confirmation page and NEVER was able to talk to a real human. Customer Service and all numbers tried had a recorded message.

    I would not order from this company ever again or Idea Village that is actually the web site.

  106. Found a VERY similar product in White at Bed Bath and Beyond. Two sizes 10.5 and 12in. and using their regular circulated 20% coupon the 12in was $24 + tax Now they don’t advertise “Diamonds” but use the “Nano-ceramic” surface and all I can say is…when a guy can clean up after 4 grilled cheese in less than 5 min….Well, even my wife smiled!

    Good Luck folks…and Merry Christmas

    And BEFORE you buy…click on the blue “Link” and read the arbitration agreement…Wow…first cause will cost you $125 in administration costs!

    • I ordered in early spring the complete set, never received. finally saw the commercial again, starting process of trying to get money back. Any suggestions?

    • Stew: And BEFORE you buy…click on the blue “Link” and read the arbitration agreement…Wow…first cause will cost you $125 in administration costs!

      Of course it will, for those who are foolish enough to actually instigate a lawsuit. When you read all the posts from people who haven’t read all the fine print on the company’s website, it’s no surprise that people will claim “Fraud!” and want to sue. If people would only take the time to READ what’s available… Oh, and then there’s the issue of being charged for merchandise that hasn’t been received…yet. Aside from having some patience when dealing with what’s clearly not a MAJOR operation, I’m also not sure what kind of credit cards these people have since I’m not responsible for ANY charges I don’t make on my cards (Wells Fargo and a credit union card). If merchandise isn’t received when I place an order, my bank credits my account and THEY attempt to contact the seller. One simple phone call to the bank will take care of it.

    • Stew, Thanks for the advice. I have a Bed Bath and Beyond one mile away from my house. I will check out the pan you spoke of. With all the bad reviews over shipping time, they can keep their Yoshi blue.

      • I’ll check out BB&B, thanks, as I prefer white. You don’t need arbitration. I assume you paid with a credit card. Your cc company will simply suck back the money for you if you call them and issue a claim that you didn’t receive the item. I have done that before, that’s part of their service and it is no charge. They will contact the company to see if they claim they sent it, because they have to give them a chance. I even received a Chinese pirated video set that I thought was legit when I ordered it, filed a claim, sent it back and got my money (except shipping because the shipping company is not a party to the issue.)

  107. I did not order the frying pan. Only entered my credit card information, but dropped the site when I saw they charge $15 for shipping and handling. Yet I have received an email thanking me for my order. It is clearly a fraudulent organization.

    • It’s NOT fraudulent; it’s called “marketing.” Be careful with making broad statements about fraud. Everything Yoshi Blue/Idea Village says is technically true, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to operate. And it’s all in print on their website. You even said it yourself — “I saw they charge $15 for shipping and handling.” So… Advice to all: Read the fine print before ordering anything! If you don’t WANT to pay $15 for S&H, then don’t. But don’t blame the company. The product still works. Can’t fault a company for wanting to make money on shipping and handling, just like you can’t blame movie theaters for wanting to make a couple of bucks on every soda they sell… It’s simply BUSINESS.

      • I think you miss her point. She read the part about the $15 charge and decided against the purchase, yet she got a confirmation of the order anyway. Once she had entered her credit card information, they captured it the order was placed without her permission. That sounds like fraud to me.

        • I agree. Too many of these TV advertised products turn out to be cheaply made, and they give you a freebee if you pay shipping charges when in reality it’s like buy one cheap item and get one free.

          I refuse to give my credit card until I have all the info. What I started out looking for was the size of the pan, but no info.

          It does look like a fraud/scam to me.

          • Correction: like getting one cheap and the second cheap one at 1/2 price. I’ll wait for them to come to local stores and decide how well made they are.

  108. If you want to see reviews you can trust of products you see on TV, go to Amazon.com. You can see actual reviews and you can purchase most of these products from Amazon. True, you will probably have to pay a little more, but Amazon’s customer service is excellent and they will not give you the runaround described in the reviews here if you are not satisfied.


    Enough said – Caveat Emptor!

    Joe Shanahan

  109. Ordered the skillet in July, received a confirmation the next day, three weeks later was told the item was backordered. On December 7th was charged but have not been able to find out when the item was shipped, if it was shipped or how to get a refund if I want one, phone numbers supplied do not seem to work. Unless I hear otherwise I guess this is a scam and I will be telling everyone I know not to order from this company even if they advertise on TV.

  110. This apparently is a scam. I placed an order last summer but never received the merchandise. “Customer service” is non-responsive. My credit card has been charged for the Yoshi Blue Diamond Pan, but I have not received the pan or any confirmation that the order has been shipped. I plan to ask my bank to reject the charge.

    I would advise extreme caution in ordering anything from this merchant and I am now very wary of anything advertised on “www.asseenontv.com.”

  111. I ordered the Yoshi Blue Diamond Pan last summer. I never received the pan and was unable to verify the order. I attempted to cancel the order after several months. Two days ago my Visa account was charged for the pan but I still have not received the pan or any kind of tracking information to confirm the shipment. This apparently is a scam and I plan to ask my bank to reject the charge to my credit card. “Customer Service” does not respond to inquiries.

  112. I ordered Yoshi Blue Diamond Skillet on October 10, 2011.After a month tried the customer service getting an answering machine with all the messages filled.

    I tried looking up the order in all the different ways provided by https://dr.fulfillment.com/ideavillage/ and it cannot find my order.

    There is no other way to communicate with these folks.

    Ordering off the internet is always a risk. It looks like I lost my $95.96 this time. I think when they say “backorder” they mean never ordered or maybe no actual product exists. Next time, I’ll order only the cheapest thing and see if the company is legit.

    I notice that I haven’t seen them advertising lately, so they’ve probably closed up show now.

    • I placed my Yoshi Blue Diamond Skillet order back in September and got the same run around as you have gotten. In fact when I called them they gave me a number is nothing more than a patent pending legitimate company . I talked to them and they told me that they don’t even have anything to do with Yoshi Blue and they are only a search office. I had paid mine with a debit card thru MasterCard. I checked my bank statements and they have NOT charged me. I think I’m gonna stop payment on it at the bank because I believe the company isn’t in business anymore or it’s a scam,either way I’m stopping any chance they have for payment.

    • I ordered the following:

      • YOSHIBLUE 8 PIECE SET UPGRADE $69.99 + shipping $17.98 = $87.97
      • VENTING LID $ 0.00 + shipping $7.99 = $7.99
      • CERAMIC MANDOLIN SLICER $0.00 + shipping $0.00 = $ 0.00

      Subtotal: $ 95.96
      Estimated Grand Total: $ 95.96

      Of course the shipping for the venting lid seemed excessive.

      I sent some emails to the original vendor, tempo3000 and they didn’t respond. Also, they had a number which went to an answering machine and was always full.

      However, the vendor after October 24th Idea Village did indeed respond and let me know that they weren’t responsible for anything before that date.

      Weirdly, I had a YoshiBlue charge on my credit card on 12/1/2011 for $35.97 which is the charge for the skillet and lid alone.

      Today, I got a package in the mail and it was a skillet with a lid and the parts for the lid. The handle is kind of hard to put on because the screw is very tight, but it can be done. There were no instructions, just the skillet and lid and lid parts and the mandolin slicer with a plastic slicer slider thing.

      Anyway, for the review. I tried cooking an egg directly on the skillet with no oil or butter or anything else. The good news is that after all the hassles involved with getting this product, it doesn’t stick.

      It looks like maybe it was never a scam but was just a small company overwhelmed with the orders they got.

      Hopefully, others will get theirs and let us know what they think as well.

      • I have had my skillet for a while and it is so good that I ordered the other stuff, sauce pan and some other stuff. I have to say that the sauce pan is a whole new cooking experience. Nothing sticks. Since it doesn’t stick it doesn’t burn.

        The new organization that took over is much better at getting your order to you quickly. Unfortunately, the original organization caused so much trouble that this product got a black eye.

        For those of you who ordered and it took forever, try again with the new people.

        BTW, the pan is much lighter than the one in the add and is a bit smaller. I got the original, eventually, without the extra stuff and it is actually a better pan, but don’t let that deter you. The pan is truly non-stick and the dishwasher doesn’t hurt it.

        You don’t need to do a major “seasoning” thing like the Orgreenic pans require, and it seems to be durable. I’m still using the same utensils that I used on Teflon and silverstone, so I’m not sure how durable it is, but it seems good so for and it continues to be completely non-stick. I’ll let you know if it starts to fail.

    • Today is 12/27/11 and I just saw an ad on TV for this. I went to the website and it looked good, but just to be sure, I googled Yoshi Blue and found this site… LUCKILY. The product still seems good from the review from the few people who actually got it, but over all, it sounds like too big of a hassle getting it and dealing with their (non-existent) customer service.

  113. I ordered the Yoshi Blue Diamond Skillet on October 17, 2011. Have not received my order. Order number is 12602533. Please explain, why I have not received my order. Thank you.

  114. I bought the Yoshi Blue on July. Now it is September and I did not got the item yet.. there is a number 732-534-8823….it’s an answering machine..then is a lady voice the have all kind of excuses..she said they are behind may order, but if I want to cancel there is a e-mail to cancel. But she talk so fast that is almost impossible to copy the e-mail..I got something…cancelftemto3000.com…but according to google that e mail is not good. I try google because I couldn’t send a message to cancel the order..what a scam.

  115. An obvious SCAM from what purchasers have written here about never receiving their purchases……. Remember, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is”. Sorry state of affairs when TV accepts ads without verifying the reliability of the seller and the truth about the product offered to the buying public!

  116. We ordered the diamond fry pan in July 2011 and it is now Sept 2011. It is a double scam. First you get the fry pan for $19.99 then they ad a vent glass lid and mandlyn for free but an additional S/H is added to the order. and the additional shipping is another $15.99 We had to cancel or credit card for a fraud so they could not charge anything else. Or credit card company cancelled the old card and sent a new one. But we did get hit on the old card and still did not get anything. DON’T ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY BECAUSE YOU WILL BE SCAMMED.

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