Yoshi Blade Ceramic Knife Reviews & Complaints

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Are you fed up of knives that lose their sharpness just after a few uses? Introducing the Yoshi Blade, a ceramic knife whose sharpness is guaranteed to stay sharp. Trish krupka, a professional chef feels sure that it will stay as sharp on day 500 as on day1 after opening the box. The ceramic is eco-friendly and environmentally safe.


How does Yoshi Blade work?
The Yoshi Blade’s Santoku design is ideal for precision cutting and thin slicing .Its sharpness comes from the diamond hard Zirconium Oxide that is ten times sharper than stainless steel; so it stays razor sharp. A happy customer finds that the knife does all the work without requiring much effort from her! When Yoshi Blade was run over a steel sharpener, steel dust was created, yet it could cut a soft tomato into paper thin slices. The Yoshi Blade shows no rust or pit; making it looks brand new even after years of use. One Yoshi Blade can replace a drawerful of metal knives. It can slice soft bread without smashing it, you can now carve meat like a professional and vegetables can be chopped with chef like precision. It is a lightweight and cuts without any effort.Does Yoshi blade really work
It works but you need to be extra careful while using it. The knife is sharp but many people have complained about knife being brittle and edges chip if not used correctly.

How do you sharpen the Yoshi Blade?
As per the manufacturer Yoshi Blade never needs sharpening.

What is the Yoshi blade made of?
Yoshi Blade is made of zirconium oxide also known as zirconia.

Is Yoshi blade dishwasher safe

Where is the Yoshi blade made?
Most probably CHINA.



What do I get?

  • 2 Yoshi Blade Ceramic Knives
  • 2 Ceramic Peeler

Get 2 Yoshi Blades and 2 Ceramic Peelers for just $19.99 + $16.98 s/h. 30-Day money back guarantee. www.YoshiBlade.com Official Yoshi Blade Website



Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


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24 thoughts on “Yoshi Blade Ceramic Knife Reviews & Complaints

  1. my Yoshi blade broke in two two pieces. I was under the impression that the ceramic blades were 100% warranted if they break you would replace it at know charge that is your guarantee. It worked beautiful until it broke I would like to see that a upcoming company as yours would honor their products to the public if guarantees as this arises.

  2. Dear Yoshi_Blade

    Attn: Customer Services
    I am a owner of few ceramics products, and I am very please with them. Nevertheless, I am asking how to replace a knife of 5″ long, with numbers L200
    It was the handle that came a part of the blade. Sorry, I was just cutting tomatoes… Would you help me to replace it.

    Thank you
    Osvaldo Miranda
    8940 San Gabriel Ave
    South Gate, CA 90280

  3. Our Yoshi blade knife lasted 18 months. Today, we cut a pineapple and noticed the tip is broken. Upon further inspection, the cutting edge has become serrated.

  4. This Yoshi Blade knife will hardly cut butter. I do not like it at all. I was scared when I first got it because of the advertising hype about how sharp it was. It is not what I expected at all.

  5. I am worried about the promoters of Yoshi Blade Knife exploiting the search engines, I searched for “Yoshi Blade reviews” and half the sites that showed up were the Affiliates of Yoshi Blade, promoting the ceramic knife with PAID reviews. Glad I found this website. There are very few sites that actually carry the TRUE Yoshi Blade reviews and complaints. My question is why these sites are not showing up in Google. They need to investigate and shut such sites down.

    • Search Engines cannot differentiate between genuine and fake reviews. These affiliate sites get fat commissions for selling this CHINESE crap. The first thing you should do is never buy these as seen on tv products online. You can always buy them at DDD, Walmart, Target OR Amazon.com. You can easily return them.

  6. I bought a YOSHI KNIFE a year ago at Walgreens and I use it everyday to cut up vegetables for salads and I cut up meat with it also, I have had no problems with it what so ever, so you people who complain that it broke or got chipped should look to yourselves to see how you used this knife and not blame the knife for your mistakes in properly using this knife, also anything ceramic will chip or break when dropped, so don`t be careless with the YOSHI KNIFE.

      • I am not an employee and had a fantastic experience with my Yoshi Blade…UNTIL TODAY. I was cutting squash (soft, not hard) and the blade part separated from the handle…the black plastic handle broke, I guess. Silly me did not save my ‘lifetime warranty’ paperwork so have no clue how to get a replacement.

  7. I wish I had read these reviews before I responded to Yoshi Blade’s ad. My experience with them is a nightmare! There is no way to change or revise your order with this company. They lock you in (with your credit card information) and THEN they tell you how much you are being charged for “shipping and handling.” For your own good, DO NOT have any dealings with this ripoff Yoshi Blade company. You will be sorry. They should be tried, convicted and incarcerated for the lying scam/con artists that they are.

    • If its charged to your credit card then all you have to do is contact your CC company and challenge.
      Not only will the charge be blocked but the vendor will be charged [$50 by most CC’s] because of your block.

  8. Not satisfied with this product at all! The very first time I used the knife I dropped it on accident and the tip chipped off. The third or time I used the potato peeler the blade broke in half while I was peeling potatoes. The knife isn’t too bad, but the peeler is complete crap. What a huge waste of money!

  9. True the knife is sharp, but it is crap because the blade snapped just from cutting through some cheese and pressing on the counter. They should design the knife with metal with a ceramic coating then it would be stronger.

    I will never buy another one.

  10. I bought a Yoshi Blade knife and it was just as sharp as they said it was. It cut a soft ripe tomato with ease. I have had it for 3 months and only used it on vegetables, cut on a plastic cutting board, but it is already blunt. I can run it across my skin pressing hard and it does not leave a mark. It will still cut some veg, but no better than any other knife. Can it be resharpened? NO. Stick with a good quality steel knife!

  11. I bought the Yoshi Blade about 2 weeks ago at a CVS store. I find the blade did colors and the color won’t come off (from carrots). Also the peeler broke. I think this product is junk.

  12. WARNING!!!! The merits of the Yoshi Blade’s functionality may be debatable at best. HOWEVER, ordering from the official website is scandalous! You are not allowed to confirm your order, so you go through the long process where you are offered several other blades and knifes, then BOOM, you are charged. No way to back out or cancel. And it does not even tell you the full exact amount. You get that when you get your statement as they add on taxes which of course you have to pay (based on the state you live in) but the website should make you aware of the total charge BEFORE you decide to accept the final charges.

    This is unscrupulous!

    • Wow.. I bought the knife at Walgreens in their “As Seen On TV” section because I did not want to deal with the phone scam they have going on.

      To begin with, buying it from the store you only get one knife and peeler for the price they advertise on TV for2 knives.

      When I got it home, I had it a while before I had the opportunity to use it and by then I had already thrown away my store receipt. I attempted to slice an onion with this knife and it chipped. I called the company because it is suppose to have a life time warranty. The company gave me a hard time and said it still cuts and therefore the chip is not included in the warranty. Like who would continue using a ceramic food utility with a chip in it, taking a chance on getting a ceramic chip in your food.


  13. Wow what a nightmare $37.00 and change for crap and the worst part since I responded to the phone number on the ad is the company has sold my number and I get calls from sales people selling everything. When you call their so called customer service they want to argue with you WTH?? I know this because this is a prepaid cell phone and I have never received any calls on it but only from people I know!! WARNING STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!! or YOU WILL BE IN SOLICITORS HADES.

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