Wraptor Teeth Cutter Review

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Do you wrestle with your food wrap? Has frustrating packaging got you all tied up? There’s a great solution for all your food wrapping frustration and that is the amazing Wraptor Teeth! The Wraptor Teeth is the new kitchen tool that gives you an easy way to cut food wrap! Wraptor Teeth is a removable inside drawer mounted food wrap cutter that installs in seconds without requiring any tools.


How does Wraptor Teeth Cutter work?
All you have to do is just clip it on to the edge of your drawer and Wraptor Teeth does all the work! It works with all kinds of food wraps including foil, plastic, wax paper and parchment paper. It comes in a collection of four attractive colors including green, yellow, blue and orange.

You will never have to take the box out of the drawer. Enjoy the easy convenience of tearing off food wrap whenever you need to. Open the kitchen drawer, tear off the required amount of paper and close the drawer; it’s that simple! Wraptor Teeth is always ready for the next time!

You get to save money and time by saving up on long pieces of food wrap and plastic containers. Wraptor Teeth is good for the environment! The innovative Wraptor Teeth has an original design and won’t rust or break. Get the revolutionary Wraptor Teeth and take the wrestle out of food wrap!



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
UNIVERSAL Drawer Mounted Cutter – Fits wood drawers 3/8″ 1/2″ 5/8″ 3/4″ (2 Pack) available in Blue, Green, Orange and Yellow colors. Price – $9.99 for 2.



Reviews and Complaints
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Wraptor Teeth Cutter Video


15 thoughts on “Wraptor Teeth Cutter Review

  1. Only available at wraptorteeth.com I ordered from the website and received my order in a couple a weeks. There were no up charges. The product woks just as it is shown in the commercial and it was easy to install, just like they said, no tools required. It’s great, I never have to take the box out of the drawer. The cutter works awesome, you can use both hands and you don’t struggle with the food wrap. For someone that uses food wrap daily, this product is awesome. Great invention!

  2. What a great product! Wraptor Teeth are easy to use and they make it fun to cut and wrap. I highly recommend this product!

  3. Cooking with kids can be challenging but even the youngest can open the drawer and tear off the strip of wax paper, foil or saran wrap when needed. It is safe and easy to use!!

  4. I have been using my Wraptor teeth cutter for over 1 year now and am using the Wraptor teeth cutter for cutting all my wax paper and stretch and seal for my food and have enjoyed the ease and true cuts I get, no more fitting it.(if you know what I mean) thank you, thank you, thank you. Pastor Reg.

  5. Wraptor Teeth is a welcome guest who has been a REGULAR in our home! Wraptor Teeth cuts down on the mess and is so easy to use. My husband, who is the ‘cook’ in the family, swears by it and he even shows it off to people when they come over for a visit. He snaps off food wrap like a REAL PRO! He is so proud of it, it really works!! I highly recommend this product to ANYONE who has a kitchen!

  6. Yeah, Wraptor Teeth, you have made working in the kitchen much, much easier. Placing the order was very easy, no surprise charges, or emails followed. My Wraptor Teeth was delivered within 10 days and put to use within minutes of delivery. Place your orders everyone, you won’t be disappointed.

  7. I love this product. I love it so much I bought a bunch to give to my friends. It always works, I can buy the cheap food wrap and every time I have something to wrap, I open the drawer and pull on the wrap. It never messes up. Always a clean cut. This is one product that really delivers.

  8. An awesome product. A one hand operation. And don’t stop at plastic wrap. Wraptor handles it all …foil, parchment, wax paper. Reorganizing your drawers? No problem, this little gem is installed on any drawer edge in an instant. No tools required. My favorite stocking stuffer or added wedding shower gift. This is a product that you actually use every day and enjoy the ease of it.

  9. I started using the plastic bags and containers because I found plastic wrap and foil a pain to tear on the sharp metal teeth on the box.

    Then I discovered Wraptorteeth and now I save money all the time. No more expensive baggies or containers with lids I can’t find. I just pull open the drawer, roll off the amount I need and cut it with those plastic teeth on the side of my drawer.

    I love it.

  10. I just received my green WraptorTeeth kit in the mail a few days ago and love them! They work JUST as shown on TV and were so easy to place on the sides on my kitchen drawers and use right away.

    I’m so pleased and would recommend them to anyone who wants a great quality product, that’s clearly made to last, to cut through any of their food wraps.

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