Wraptastic Sealer Review

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Your plastic wraps, aluminium foils in the kitchen are practically indispensible to you. If you want to store leftovers in the refrigerator or put half cut fruits away, pack sandwiches for a picnic or want to carry practically anything along for the day, these foils make things a lot easier for you. But you often have to struggle with them and it can be a nightmare to deal with especially when you are hard pressed for time. Thanks to Wraptastic you can use your aluminium foils and plastic wraps without any hassle and save yourself time.

How does Wraptastic Sealer Work

This is one of those products that make things very convenient for you. Using this product to wrap just about anything you want is ever so simple. All you need to do is pull the roll out, press it over the object you want to get wrapped and then wrap it around. No more hassle and struggling with the foils when you have this smart product at home. It works well with different types of wrapping foils including wax paper, which makes it very versatile. And you can store it securely in your kitchen drawers, which will save you a lot of space and avoid clutter.

Another highlight of this product is that it is spring loaded, which lets you pop rolls in and out of it with ease. It has a Stainless Steel blade, which is recessed and it makes sure that your fingers are protected when you are using this product. It also has rubber feet, which means it won’t move around while you use it and does its job with precision. Extremely handy and convenient for use this product can wrap the deal for you within minutes.



What do I get?
You get Wraptastic for $10.99 plus P&H of $6.99 at www.buywraptastic.com. You can get another Wraptastic by paying additional P&H and get 50” Plastic Wrap and 25” Aluminium Foil roll with your offer.



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10 thoughts on “Wraptastic Sealer Review

  1. I love my wraptastic except the thing that makes it retract broke and I have to pry it up with my fingers but other than that it is one of the greatest things since plastic wrap.

  2. I Bought My wrapTastic at the dollar tree an mine works fine infact Im looking at the Dollar tree for some more .love mine

  3. i set my plasticwrap up and the first time i used it, the plastic on the top broke. so now i have a broken item that i paid 20.00 for and never got to use it, i am done with the seen on tv crap, because that is all it is, is crap.

  4. Bought one Wraptastic Sealer at Sears over Christmas. Very hard to make the roll fit in it, the lid doesn’t seem to line up right when you press down to cut the wrap, and the feet are not nonskid. I tried it on Formica and corian and there’s no way you can work it without holding it down, it slides all over the place! Very disappointed, glad I only paid $10 for it.

  5. I ordered the standard order of 2 Wraptastic units and the (Wait! There’s more!) bonus offer. I was charged $53 for the order and then they double billed me, The second order was billed at $72 for the same thing. I called to cancel and they told me they could only give me credits of $18 and $22 if I sent them back. I refused the second order at the post office and Wraptastic won’t give me anything back. What a scam!

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