Wow Containers Reviews and Complaints

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The unique design of these containers allows ever piece to connect with every other. So every lid is a container and every container is a lid making over a 100 Configurations. The new as seen on tv Wow Food Containers feature mix and match interchangeable lids that can make over a 100 combination and fresh lock tabs keep your food leak-free and secure. Perfect size for everything.

How do Wow Containers work?

Your storage containers and lids let you down when you have to store extra bit of food and then you have to find a bigger one and the lid that fits. The Wow Containers always have room for storing more food. Every WOW container is also a lid.

So you can use each piece as a bottom or top and the universal quick snap seal lets you mix and match with every size container.With Wow you can keep filling above the rim and customize the perfect one. With 4 different sizes the possibilities are endless. Wow Containers are Dishwasher, Freezer, and Microwave safe.

Deluxe Fresh Lock Tabs eliminate spills and keep flavors in and odors out with these optional Deluxe Fresh Lock Tabs. They are guaranteed to withstand punishment and yet open with a touch of the finger.And when it comes to storing the Wow itself, takes less place than a blender.



What do I get?

  • 20 two cup containers
  • 10 four cup containers
  • 8 eight cup containers
  • 2 twelve cup containers

Buy Wow Container at for $14.99. Low price, No shipping/handling scams, no hidden fees, no “buy 1 get 1 free” scams, hassle-free 30-day money back guarantee.

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187 thoughts on “Wow Containers Reviews and Complaints

  1. The Wow Containers are fabulous. We are a family that uses these products on a daily basis and I don’t have any issues with the tabs, etc. Using them since they were first advertised on TV. I wish I could get lots more of them – I love the concept of all lids fitting all bottoms.

  2. My previous comment just now is in reference to (Ziplock) storage containers.

    NOT suitable for use in the freezer!

  3. A caution on purchasing Ziploc storage containers for use in the freezer for storage of frozen food products.

    These become brittle and break. Especially the lids. I purchased over 120 of these containers. About eighteen lids and two containers are busted in less than six months.

    They aren’t durable enough for most frozen food storage purposes.

  4. I purchased WOW containers twice the first set is awesome but the second set isn’t the same plastic. The corners and edges keep breaking off and the clips either break or don’t clip. I’m disappointed that I purchased a second set. Please go back to your original plastic.

  5. Fooled again by these AS SEEN ON TV ads. Thought I would try these WOW Containers since they were only $19.99. BIG MISTAKE. The plastic is cheap so the snaps break easily, out of the 40 pcs set maybe I can use 25. Too much trouble to send back. PLEASE DON’T ORDER. You will be sorry.

    Disappointed consumer.

  6. These are the biggest rip-off ever. Bought a set in 2010 and loved them. Bought 3 more sets in 2010 to keep and for gifts. Absolutely TERRIBLE. Totally different material; brittle, hard, and breaks easily. The tabs break off immediately. They’re sharp and dangerous. Could get NO response from company, could not return because they came with no packing slip. $100+ down the drain. These people should be hung.

  7. I purchased these well over a year ago and have liked them a lot. One did break that I had in the freezer when I opened the door too quick and it fell on the kitchen tile. Other than that the others have all been quite good and I like them better than ziploc/glad storage bowls. I was browsing the net to buy new ones since Target was out of stock. Since seeing these reviews I was thinking maybe this is not a great idea if quality has gone down since πŸ™

  8. I still have an unopened box which is going in the trash. The little locking tabs are so brittle that they are constantly snapping right off. So Almost all of the smallest size tops (from my first box) have been thrown out along with some of the various other sizes. (I use the smallest ones most, for lids.) I don’t recall if they were advertized as “resistant to staining” but I can tell you that definitely DO stain. What I initially thought was a great idea turned out to be junk. I will be replacing them ALL with glass. I can’t even use them for give-aways because the family members I have sent food home with in these containers, don’t like them either. They said the tabs are too difficult to snap open and closed.

    • I know exactly what you mean. I told my daughter that I was going to throw them all in the trash but she says to write the company and they will probably replace them but I say what’s the use it will just be an continual cycle unless they make them of better quality.

    • I have two sets of the WOW containers. On the bottom, there are some letters as WB. KC. I usually try to match the letters together, and they seem to fasten better. I do love the containers. If you throw them away, please give them to me, because that is why I am on this page trying to find out where to buy some additional sets. I use them in the freezer. It makes the freezer look neat. However, they will break after taking them out of the freezer and maybe hitting them against something. One of mine cracked, after I dropped it, and made a little hole in the bottom and on the side. Now I want more because I have two freezers and I use so many that my supply in my cabinet is shrinking. Remember the letters on the bottom, match them together. And, don’t forget, if you are planning to throw them away. Give them to me.

  9. These containers SUCK! They will not snap closed and they are a big piece of CRAP! I demand my money back!! I am calling the BBB and reporting this company to them. I have done my homework on these containers and they are NOT what is advertised! So, if I do not get my money back in 2 weeks, BBB here I come!!

  10. The idea would have been a good one if they had not used cheap brittle plastic for the tabs, they break easily. Out of the set over half are already broke with very little use in a very short time. No wonder they only give a 30 day warranty, most people would not have used them much in that amount of time. There really should be a class action suit against this company.

  11. I received a box of wow containers for Christmas in 2010. Within 3 weeks most of the locking tabs were broken. I have tried to contact the manufacture but get no response. I advise everyone thinking of purchasing these pieces of crap not too.

  12. Shame on the manufacturer, shame on the advertiser, shame on all of you that made money off of innocent consumers like me! Stop advertising, stop selling, MAKE THEM BETTER!!!!

  13. I just purchased WOW containers today at the local Lewis store. Neat idea but not of the locking tabs latch, they just fall off.

  14. As many of you said…OMG, what a waste of money on my behalf and a waste of great marketing on their behalf because they don’t deliver the promised results. Dream of an idea BUT very brittle, the cheapest of plastics, clips and edges keep breaking. Unfortunately, it’s too late for me, I’m stuck with them.

    They replaced one container but when they kept breaking I called them again, but they were not interested in a verbal nor a written complaint. I thought my batch may have been a one off but by reading everyone’s comments it clear that it’s not a matter of a batch, but their poor quality. For anyone who bought their set and is within the 30 days, I strongly suggest you ask for a refund. I had an order for pillows in the system with them and cancelled it asap as I had enough of their lack of care to their customers.

    I will be contacting Fair Trading Dpt and as I don’t think they should get away with selling useless and of highly inferior product and charging top money for them.

  15. OMG….was going to order….saw the infomercial this AM and ran to Bed Bath & Beyond because they ALWAYS have As Seen on TV items AND you get 20% off. They no longer carried them (should have been my first clue). Also I didn’t realize that they have been selling them since 2009. Looked at the infomercial again and was just about to order when I logged on here. Thank you ALL so much for your honest reviews. It’s a real bummer that they aren’t as advertised…..maybe someone who has more pride in their production will see this and make some really good ones for us to try.

    The first time I used them when I tried to secure the tab on the lids they cracked. They are a waste of money. Ours are going back in the post.

  17. Don’t waste your money. Great concept implemented by rip off artists. The problem is the plastic used is so cheap and brittle they are instantly unusable. Opened the box and had one cracked one. The sides cracked on some when trying to snap the tabs on. Most others, the ridges on the tabs were gone or broke off making the tabs useless. The containers fit together well but it is pointless because, as the others have indicated, they break just by looking at them. The disposable containers have way better plastic then these containers. How sad is that? Save your money and don’t buy these containers.

  18. The worst part about ordering these containers is that various fraudulent “companies” started charging your bank account, or credit card $19.95 and $24.00, sometimes 2 days in a row, every month. Some people don’t even see this for a year since they pay their CC with auto pay. I can’t believe this is still on TV!

  19. If I could give these containers a rating it would be a -5 stars. They are a total waste of money. After receiving them I tried to make them work and they are so flimsy and hard to connect together that they kept breaking. I did finally get a set to stick together but when they were filled it wouldn’t work. I had hoped to throw out my old glad ware and actually have a set of matching containers, but I have decided I’d rather use my old stained glad ware than try to actually make these work. I will never buy anything from AS SEEN ON TV again. I’ve learned my lesson.

    • Thanks so much Linda and everyone else for posting these warnings. I tried to order 4 sets of them, – $40 worth – and was so excited, and it said I had the wrong CC#! I had the right #, so I tried again, and this time, saw all the scam warnings. Thanks goodness my CC didn’t work. BTW, what a stupid waste of a great idea and great marketing. I would have paid double if they learned to make it right. What a bunch of BOZOs.

  20. Well, I was just about to order these so called Amazing plastic containers.

    I noticed this site , so I decided to have a read, I am so Shocked at the comments! I will not be placing an order after reading how bad this product is, A Very Big Thank You to you ALL for saving me my money.

    Surely with this many complaints something can be done regarding refunds, Maybe a phone call to one of the TV stations or the Consumer Affairs can investigate this products quality & refunds.

  21. The containers are great. It is a good system to use in cupboards and the fridge. My only problem is that the tabs are breaking when closing the containers. The thin lids are the most that have broken so far. I would like to know how to get replacements for the broken tabs. I have not used all of the containers yet. The tabs do not seem to be brittle and I am not using them when they are cold. They also do not have ant stress marks.
    I would like to buy more but do not feel comfortable doing so when the tabs are breaking. Help!!!

  22. My order was broken when they arrived, the top of containers were cracked all around ordered them two weeks ago hope I can get a refund. will post results.

    • I bought these and within one use the clasp on the sides broke. Whats worse is that every clasp is now broken on the containers. They also don’t snap together like they should. I dropped one just to see, and other than it cracking, it also came open. This is probably one of the worst products I have ever invested in. Now I just use them to either serve something that I’m not going to store. As they break I just throw them away. Very disappointed

  23. WOW! I was also going on-line to order them and saw this site. So glad I did! Thanks for all the honest reviews! They looked awesome on TV

  24. WOW! I was also going online to order them and saw this site. So glad I did! Thanks for all the honest reviews! They looked awesome on TV I was about to purchase on line. I am glad I read the reviews . Thanks guys

  25. WOW! These are pieces of crap! As soon as we got the package, we put the whole kit and kaboodle in the dishwasher and the two big ones were broken as soon as the dishwasher was done. WOW! I packed a tuna sandwich last night for work and when I went to go eat it, I found that the tuna juice had leaked out of the container and all into my lunch box making everything else I had taste like tuna as well as making me smell like tuna for the rest of the shift. WOW! I’ve only been using them for a week! Talk about durability!!!

    If there is one thing you do in life, its to not buy these containers. Biggest waste of money I have ever spent in my life.

    • And just a follow up, my wife called to see if we could get a refund, and they said they would refund us our money if we returned them, but we had to pay for shipping plus we wouldn’t get our “Processing Fee” back that we paid for when we ordered, so we’d be out over 20 bucks to get 40 back, so we just kept them to use as throw aways.

  26. I wish I didn’t order those containers I can honestly say I have wasted my money, the tabs are hard to close I broke one of the larger containers trying to close it. I intend to stay on this company until I get my money back. If there ever a need for a lawsuit against a company now is the time. Absolutely unhappy with this product.

  27. Idea is great, product is horrible.

    Locks break, if they even lock. And 2 of the containers have cracked and I bought the product 3 mos ago.

  28. I also purchased the WOW set – from Target. I also cannot get the tabs to lock. This looks like it would be very successful for a class action lawsuit against the WOW company.

    I would like to suggest something for purchasing on the internet. They say never to use a debit card. But in cases like this it would work better as you put in only the money for the purchase. This way no company can scam you into paying for stuff you did not order. And if you have a separate debit card only for internet or infomercial purchases then your regular debit card doesn’t have to be put on the line. Unfortunately you won’t be covered against defective products/ scams like you would with credit cards, but this doesn’t seems to be working anyway with this WOW company.

    Another suggestion to any container company that might be reading this. The concept is wonderful. How about making round containers that act like both lid and bowl but they screw into each other rather than use tabs – like some of the disposable containers. They could be made larger if there was a hand held place at the bottom of each to hold on to while screwing the containers to each other.

    • I want to be included in this action suit, has one been started yet? or how can we get them to stop selling them and ripping people off? I tried to call the company today and it says there’s an error of some sort. Maybe we could go to channel 2 problem solvers to get a response.

  29. This is a good idea, but definitely won’t be recommending this product. Tabs are difficult to latch, and three of my lids (so far) shattered when I tried to latch them to the bases. Average use is about twice – then they are trash. If this were a reputable company they would be reimbursing everyone who purchased this product. I’m very disappointed.

  30. WOW what pieces of crap!! there is nothing good to say about these containers! bought em for a Christmas present, tried them and put my fingers through 2 of em when I tried the easy lock. Easy lock my ass!! yeah, don’t buy these things, stick with the ones you got that dont match

  31. I purchased these containers and am sadly disappointed. There is a seam on the inside of them with small pieces of plastic that come off if you stir food in them. I nearly choked on a piece of plastic. They don’t snap together as easily as it shows on the commercial either. I wasted over $30 on this crap. Don’t bother buying them.

  32. These reviews are very shocking to me! I just received these containers about 3 weeks ago. I got the two sets of 40 (total of 80).

    To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much. I knew I wasn’t getting Tupperware quality at this price, and I figured they were made in China – so my expectations were low. I was still pretty excited to open the box when it came though. I started pulling out all the containers and trying to piece them together. My husband was with me and we were both annoyed at first because we were having a hard time making the locks snap closed.

    However, after we played around with them long enough, we figured out the perfect technique for snapping them locked very easily and quickly. I also noticed that they are pretty snug even when they are not locked.

    Okay, so now I had to see how useful they would really be in the kitchen. Over the next few days I used them to put leftovers in, unused onion & vegetable portions, half a head of lettuce, salad, and pasta. I also poured some ground coffee into them to put away in the freezer. What I really like about them is the variety of sizes you can make by interchanging all of them. I also liked that there was no odor coming from the one in which I locked away a half sliced onion.

    The only negative I can see is that occasionally a snap will just not lock for me, and occasionally it’s locked so tight I can’t unlock it. But this was rare. Only happened a handful of times and didn’t take away from the usefulness.

    The bottom line is that I think people who are ordering these are expecting too much. You had to figure it would be a fairly cheap plastic and would not be glitch-free, right? But if you know that and can accept it, you might see what I see. But if you are expecting a top quality tupperware-like material – do not buy this.

    These are a great deal! They come in really handy and they stack away in the cabinet so neatly. I even use the larger ones as “bowls” sometimes. That way if I can’t finish what I am eating, I can pop a lid on it and put it in the fridge.

    I think you can only really judge them by putting them away in your cabinet and using them for a month or so. You will start to get the hang of the locks and will most likely come to appreciate their usefulness.

    I also just received the “Salad Chef” and will post my review on that in this forum too. Unfortunately, I am not nearly as happy with this item…

    • By the way, I have not had any snaps break – YET. I am starting to think I might come to expect that to happen though based on all these reviews. Fingers crossed that they don’t πŸ™‚

      • DaChick, you are one of the only people that is pleased with this product. I didn’t expect much but I just got mine a month ago and have already thrown out about 10 pieces that were already broken or broke while using. I found a way to get one tab closed by tipping the lid into it but cannot get the other tab closed on any of them and if I push to hard they crack. Also had one fall out of my hand onto the counter and it cracked. I can’t seem to talk to a real person at the company and since I’ve already disposed of some of them I’m probably better off just keeping them as throw aways. It’s a shame that companies get away with this kind of thing knowing that the general public will probably not deal with the hassle. America needs to take better pride in what we do cuz you’re really just screwing your neighbor. Quality over quantity.

      • I’m glad to see ONE HAPPY CAMPER. I am not expecting much either. Just a better way to clean the crappy clutter in my plastic cabinet. With 80 of them, they should go a long way. Just ordered them and waiting their arrival. Will update you after spending some time with them. Wish more of the happy campers would post good stuff. I am sure there are loads out there that are happy with them, it seems like only the unhappy ones are willing to post.

        But like you said, I got all these for the price of what two pieces of Tupperware! Sounds like a good investment to me.

  33. I bought these containers and they are just as everyone said – A RIP OFF! I wish I had read these reviews before purchasing. Please don’t buy these.

  34. W.hat ‘O. W.ipoff

    I URGE YOU NOT TO BUY THESE CONTAINERS! They are completely defective, and the company can’t be reached for redress except by robot. THEIR MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE IS A LIE!

    I bought a set of these containers about five or six years ago. They were great. Because of attrition over time, I thought I should restock the set. So last month I bought one, and ordered three more for gifts.

    As soon I opened the box on my new set of What’O Wipoff containers, I could see they were different. Where the old ones I bought were flexible and worked extremely well, the new version was very, very brittle. Trying to snap the containers shut caused the plastic to break. Trying to open them causes the plastic to break. I have washed them in hot water, run them through the dishwasher and microwave–hoping to see them become more flexible. No luck. As careful as I try to be, they still break. They catch on something in the dishwasher and snap, plastic goes flying, leaving unsafe, jagged edges on the so-called containers. Over half of them have already broken and are in the trash.

    I called WOW to send them back. There are no operators “Standing By,” only a robot. The offer: They will refund your money if you pay shipping and handling to send them back. So, I paid $52 dollars for a four sets of WOW Containers and paid $37 for the shipping and handling. To send them back will cost me about $36 in postal fees. So, for a mere cost of $73 dollars, I get the privilege of ending up with nothing. What a deal. You have all been warned.

  35. WOW! I was also going on-line to order them and saw this site. So glad I did! Thanks for all the honest reviews! They looked awesome on TV!


  36. Thank you all for taking the time to give feedback – I was about to go online and order when I saw this link…I was wondering how they could be so wonderful and not be sold at the shops (at least the ones near me) and now I know. Thanks again! (and good luck with the refunds).

  37. I have been waiting for 2 months for my wow containers to arrive. Contacted the company several times by e-mail; no response. I have now send an email to cancel the order.

  38. WOW containers are a total waste of money. They are definitely not airtight. The TV ad shows them as being spill proof but they are not. They also do not seal tight and food would probably dry out. They are made out of thin brittle plastic. I can not think of a use for them. I thought about returning them but 30 day return policy does not include P&H…it was $15.90 so returning them would cost more than the containers! I ended up paying $45.85 for containers that will probably end up in the trash. They are worthless!!!! Tried calling customer service it is an automated line with no option for a live voice. When chose return link I was never given directions to return or get a refund. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!

  39. This is a good idea… However it is a BAD product. The container broke the first time I used one. I tried again… same thing. The snap lid will not snap down. It snapped together on one side, but not the other side. I put my thumb thru the container. Then when I tried to get the lid off… the rim broke off. I am returning this product. I’ve never seen such a cheaply made product. I will also loose money, as the processing fee will not be refunded.

    DO NOT BUY!!

  40. Do not buy these!! Cheap brittle plastic, unlockable tabs that snap off in your hand, no airtight seal, and leaks. Pure garbage. Huge rip off!

  41. I bought 3 of these for Christmas presents and for personal use. They are sometimes hard to snap, they break easily and leak. I am very disappointed in the wow containers.

  42. The basic idea is workable but your finished product is less than acceptable. Bought(2)sets and in the first week of use I have broke (6) tabs off of the containers,and (4) containers just by trying to latch them. Very disappointed in the performance of your product.(2) thumbs down…And will not recommend this to anybody.

    • And since there is no patent on this design that I could find, I truly hope a well known and reputable company like Rubbermaid or Glad takes this idea and runs with it and takes you down in process. TOTAL JUNK ON THEIR END. They should be ashamed of their quality control.

  43. Thank goodness I found this site, Wow containers are now being advertised over the TV in Australia for $59.95 + $14.95 postage.

    The ads are really good, I was almost going to place my order and was going to order over the net when I came on this site. Now not going to. I don’t think I have read any positive comments about them at all.

    Thanks to all.

    • I was going to order them as well in Australia. Total price over $70 and with the $au & $us almost at parity what a rip off. Plus from the reviews they are pretty much useless garbage. Certainly won’t buy them now

      • I am in Australia as well and have seen the WOW add so many times on TV, the concept is fantastic, I had got online to order some when I saw this site I’m glad I did as I won’t be ordering any, as none has a posaative comment about them.

        • Also in Australia, I was going to order these, but after I’ve seen the reviews NO WAY. I’ll stay with Decor thanks!

  44. I cannot get these Wow Containers to fasten as shown. I have broken a few of the tabs as they do not clamp tight enough for the tabs to close. I bought them thru one of those little order books for $10.00 and I had free shipping because I ordered 4 items. If I had paid the full price as seen on tv and had to wait 2-6 weeks on top of the way too big shipping amount, I would really be mad. Don’t buy these: they do take up a lot of space and they do not work easily enough to be worth even the $10.00. The idea was good, but the product feels like cheap plastic that is too brittle.

  45. I wish I would of read these comments before I bought my WOW CONTAINERS, I work at a plastic company, this is a very cheaply made PLASTIC!! I bought mine from Walmart, the first time I bought the containers the 2 large containers were cracked around the rim of container, the second time wasn’t any better. I SEE WHY THEY DROPPED THE PRICE TO $ 14.88, glad I went to Walmart instead of buying them off the internet, I was able to get a REFUND right away.Hope the makers of WOW CONTAINERS can come out with a stronger and reliable CONTAINER!

  46. I am sick to death of TV stations advertising to their clientele products that are sub standard and are not worth purchasing from companies with such bad ethics.

  47. I am still waiting for my Wow Container order which was placed back in December. I am so glad to have found this site as I ordered 1 for me and 1 for my mother-in-law. I will be returning these as soon as I get them. Thanks for all the comments… I have not found 1 positive comment about these and am glad to know before I open and try to use them. I just hope my refund doesn’t take as long as it took to actually get them (2 months almost).

  48. Great in theory. But the tabs break and the plastic rim where the tab locks breaks also. Many of mine broke on the first or second use. I have cheap GladWare Containers that has lasted for years. The WOW containers were a total waist of money.

  49. They don’t lock, the plastic is cheap, the tabs break, you get cut by the sharp edges, they scam you into multiple orders that you didn’t buy, charge you for items you didn’t order, make you wade through multiple offers AFTER you’ve given your CC number on the phone before they complete the deal and never send an e-mail confirmation or invoice. But other than that they suck! I did get a customer service agent on the phone and was told that the 30-day return policy had expired (just got my credit card bill so they won’t take the extra order back!).

  50. Thank you to everyone who posted your Wow Container reviews. I just saw the commercial on tv and was about to order them but something seemed to good to be true. So I Googled Wow Containers Suck and found this site.

    I’m sorry you all wasted your money. But, I just lost my job and I want to thank you for keeping me from wasting my mine.

  51. I received my WOW containers for Christmas. Was very happy to have all matching lids. I cleaned out all my other containers, I was tired of finding lids. How very disappointed I was when the first time I tried to put them together, they would not stay together and the tabs break off when trying to close them. Even after I finally got one to work, The tabs broke when I tried to open it. They do not keep food fresher and the leak. Was really hoping for a good storage container. I guess I’ll have to keep looking. I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone!

  52. Great idea, but a sub-standard and potentially dangerous product. Most of the snap fasteners broke on the first attempt to use them. leaving sharp edges. The remaining ones do not snap shut. A container that fell off a lower fridge shelf shattered, and the food in it had to be thrown away. Can’t risk eating plastic shards. As soon as someone makes a similar product, with better quality, I’ll be in line to buy. For now, save your money. This product is not a good way to waste it. I am taking mine back to Walmart.

  53. I bought some of the Wow Containers and I have not been happy with them. I had them 2 days and had one break. Then I used one tonight to store some cheese slices and another one broke! NOT happy cause I cant find a web address to fill my complaint I WILL NOT BUY ANYMORE NOR WILL I TELL ANYONE ELSE TO BUY THEM if anything I will let them know what a waste of money they are.

      • Just wanted to thank everyone who left a review. I saw these advertised on TV and thought they looked great so I impulsively bought some. Waited and waited, and when I went to check the status of my order it’s still being processed. Just for the heck of it I decided to look at reviews. Should have done that before ordering…which I usually do for most everything I buy, but not this time. Anyway, I read the reviews and decided to cancel the order. Luckily it still hadn’t been shipped yet. Got a message saying it would be 24 to 48 hours for the cancellation to show up, which it did.

        I’m glad it was that easy, and I’m sorry for anyone who ended up getting these things and having to deal with the aggravation.

  54. My daughter purchased these containers for me for Christmas. They are terrible. First of all they have an awful smell, which is very hard to get rid of even running through the dishwasher several times. The first time we used them some of the lids would not close properly. This product is very cheaply made, and has very rough edges, when opening a closed container you can actually cut your fingers, which happened to me. In addition, we used one of the large containers to store food, and when I took the container out of the refrigerator it was cracked in several places. I would not recommend this product to anyone. The only thing they are good for is taking up space in cabinets.

  55. I received a set for Christmas from my daughter who really hates my country Crock storage system. I love the concept but the plastic is too brittle and two of my small containers have broken tabs. I too hope a good manufacturer will develop this concept and make some good quality containers. I also agree, not airtight and they will leak liquid is tipped over. I sure wish I knew who to contact the manufacturer. I think they owe me a couple of small replacement containers.

  56. STOP!! DO NOT BUY THIS , I purchased these containers at the Dollar General and what a mistake. I took them out of the box and put them in the place of the Tupperware that was mix-matched. I have returned to the mix-match Tupperware ,the first thing to go on the new containers was the tabs either the tab broke OFF or the edge it was closing on broke off. What a mess /and a waste of money. This was the first time and only time they were used. What a ripoff.

  57. Hi folks,

    It always bothers me to hear/read about hard working citizens being ripped off by infomercial companies. If you would like to own a working, high quality, space-saving kitchen accessory that’s reasonably priced, check out You’ll have different shipping options (UPS and Parcel Post), and see all the charges, including shipping, before confirming your order. Plus, if you call the customer support number, you’ll definitely talk to a live person here in the US.

    Thanks for your time and attention.

    Rey C

  58. I do not recommend this product as several of the tabs have snapped off. Also they still leak no matter if the tabs are locked. I purchased 4 sets, 3 as gifts and 1 for myself. I also gave all of my Tupperware away first not realizing how bad these Wow containers were. Stay with Tupperware at least they don’t leak

  59. I bought these Wow containers for my stepmother for Christmas from Dollar General and I am so embarrassed. The little tags that lock them break easily, the lids have cracked. I would not recommend this product to anyone.

  60. I ordered a set of WOW Containers through the internet and when I got my confirmation, I was charged for two! This came to $54 + $31 S&H. When I called the customer service number, it was an automated-associate. I tried canceling my order several times and Mr. Automated kept saying that my order could not be found and that I had to wait 24 to 48 hours for my order to enter the system. By the time I got information on my order, it had been sent. Now it’s my understanding that if you refuse shipment, you are entitled to the full refund. I just found out that they charged me $31 S&H anyway and I still cannot find a ‘PERSON’ to talk to. I’m happy at least I didn’t get the WOW Containers. I saw them in a True Value hardware store. The tops and bottoms are difficult to mate, when you get them mated they don’t stay, it’s made of cheap plastic and if you get the clips, they break. Great idea, shoddy design and extremely poor customer service.

  61. Just received my WOW containers. Great concept but with one BIG PROBLEM…


    The seals are rubbish. Plastic is brittle, have already cracked one trying to push them together.

    In the first 2 minutes of opening the package I suspected that the seals were no good. So to test them out I half filled one with water, locked them together (even with the extra tabs) and turned it on it’s side. The water dribbled out the corners!

    Microwave Safe – CHECK
    Dishwasher Safe – CHECK
    Freezer Safe – CHECK
    Air Tight – FAIL

    Most people would simply assume that food containers are air tight which is why you wouldn’t expect to see this as an advertised feature. Guess again!

    I’ll be sending ours back tomorrow.
    Hope someone makes a better version.

  62. Really glad I found this website. Thanks for saving me the time, effort and disappointment everyone. Shame, they seemed like such a good idea.

  63. I bought these containers in a Dollar General. I was so excited to get them. I washed them all and put them in the cupboard and took all my mismatches out. I used the first one and cut my finger so bad I took them back out of the cupboard, put them back in the box and I’m returning them tomorrow. They are very cheaply made and have very sharp edges. They are difficult to close and even more difficult to open. That’s how I cut my finger. Not a very good product but a good concept.

    • I totally understand, my grandmother in-law got a set Containers on Christmas. Today is January 7th, since Christmas I have cut myself 6 times trying to either open them or close them. I wish I knew where whoever got them for her actually got them. So tired of fingers bleeding!

  64. I purchased two sets of WOW containers from BJ Wholesale Club for myself and my son. The containers appear to have great potential for the usage but my son and I are very disappointed on the quality and not sturdy. I am not a strong person and just slightly pushed on the lids to close them and the lid cracked. One by one they are all cracking. I had tossed out the box so I can’t even return them to the store. I would not recommend these containers due to the poor quality. Very unhappy of this purchase of the WOW containers.

  65. I was so excited about these containers. Anything to end the never-ending search for matching containers and lids! I guess I should have known 40 containers for $14.88 was too good to be true. The first 2 containers I tried to snap together, the tab snapped right off! I’ll be returning them tomorrow.

  66. I think that these are a great idea but I feel that they need to do a better job with the plastic that they make them from. I am totally disappointed with them cause the first time that I tried to use them they started breaking. I bought them for $15 from the Family Dollar Store…they were my Christmas present. When I tried to store our Christmas dinner in them the tabs would break or the corner would break off. Needless to say as soon as I go to the Dollar Tree and get some disposable storage bowls then I’m taking these back. If they can improve on the quality, then the product would be well worth it.

  67. I purchased 2 of these for Christmas, one for my mom, and the other for myself. I was sadly disappointed with the containers and my mother was too. Where to start? My very first container on top had a gap in the plastic where the edge meets the side, the plastic was missing, so there was a gaping hole. Several pieces out of both my box and my mom’s had pieces of small debris embedded in the plastic, I thought at first it was pieces of cardboard, but the pieces were actually in the plastic, a couple pieces had small black particles in them. Imagine what plastic looks like if it’s poured out of a mold and is kinda wrinkled but should smooth out, well one of my containers had the wrinkled plastic that was dried hard like that. The edges are sharp and many had plastic that had not been cleaned off the edges, pieces of plastic were laying in some containers. The snaps that snap on two sides of the containers to make them air tight are cheaply made and would probably break after using them once or twice, especially if you used them in the freezer, they are difficult to snap over the edge of the containers and even harder to unsnap them. The plastic is a cheap hard thin plastic, if it was in the freezer and accidentally fell out on your floor, they would break. Their colors are not uniform. Some were very clear, others were foggy looking, and yet others were a mixture of clear and foggy. It almost reminded you of what clear plastic would look like if someone blew white smoke into the plastic. I especially was TERRIBLY disappointed, as I really liked the concept of these containers. Needless to say, both my mom and I are returning our sets to the store we purchased them from (the As Seen On TV isle at our local store). These were the original As Seen On TV, not an imitation. Save yourself the money. I know now why they are being sold in the stores for $14.88 a set.

  68. I bought these Wow Containers as a gift to my mother for Christmas and she just received them.She loves the concept BUT as soon as she tried to use one it broke. BEWARE THESE CONTAINERS ARE JUNK!

  69. I received wow containers for Christmas. When I took them from the box one of the larger containers was busted. Will the company replace it.

  70. I purchased the Wow containers what a mistake! I have never written a review on any product before, but this one is horrible! Within one week of using them three of them are broken, two tabs broke off because they are so hard to snap and the one largest container broke right up the side when I gently squeezed it to dump leftovers out! Customer service is horrible also! My other order, two were ordered, has been lost in the mail for a month and they will not refund me until I send it back to them! I do not have it! DUH! Go to walmart and get Ziploc Food Storage Containers!

  71. CAUTION: THESE WOW CONTAINERS ARE DANGEROUS! KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN AND USE EXTREME CARE IF YOU DECIDE TO USE THEM YOURSELF. Everything everyone else said about the quality is absolutely true. I couldn’t wait to receive this product and empty my pantry of all the other containers that don’t stack or store easily. Some came already broken and the others break easily if you try to use them. I can see fragments of the brittle plastic getting into food and possibly being swallowed. There are sharp shards of plastic and could cause injury if swallowed! They also cut hands easily, so be careful if you decide to be brave and use them. I feel like a fool for not reading anything about these before I wasted money that I could ill afford to lose! I got a set for myself and one for a Christmas gift that I now can not give away and need to spend more money to replace! I can’t believe that with all the problems with this product that someone out there is making money by abusing our trust! I guess they are laughing all the way to the bank, and in the meantime, those of us who were trying to save money by purchasing a product that would help to keep our food fresh longer, are now screwed. Who do I thank?

  72. I got these Wow Containers and they are not wowing me! almost all of them have broken on the sides and cant close! these things SUCK.

    • I told my mom they are called “WOW”, because that’s what you’re gonna say when you see the poor quality of them! πŸ™‚ I don’t think the company should even be allowed to stay in business. There should be truth in advertising.

  73. Wonderful idea! Low cost. Bought mine about a week ago and have used many of them. They are low cost ,microwave and hand wash nicely,(I do not know yet how tomato sauces will do) but are very difficult to close (some impossible to lock both little locks, although one usually locks.and holds) Users with arthritis and carpel tunnel will curse a lot. One also needs to be careful of when the little piece of plastic in the lock ‘flies off’ that it does not land in your food –not good for digestion. Like I stated great idea–but back to the drawing board!

  74. Purchased these Wow Containers at BJS, loved the idea but the quality is poor, the tabs break off a little to easily and the first container lid broke when dropped on the counter when I took it out of the box. Love the idea but the quality of the material leaves a lot to be desired.

  75. I ordered the Wow Container set with the clips however when the final total came up it showed I ordered 4 sets and charged me $86.70. I called as soon as they opened in the morning to cancel and I was intending have the order corrected. It was only 7 hours and they said they shipped the order already and I would have to wait to refuse them and of course I would be charged s/h, I still have not received them in order to refuse them..grrr!

  76. I received the wow containers and was really excited about them unfortunately the quality of the containers are crap. I rang to let them know that I was not impressed with the product and they said don’t worry about sending them back but we will give you a refund I’m going to ring them today as it should of been credited to my account by now. If they give me the run around I will just return the wow containers lets see how it go!

  77. I ordered this Wow Container last night expecting my credit card charge to be $19.95. Instead it was $86.70. my order # is 3424579. I already wrote the BBB last night for an inquiry into their business practices. I do not want a charge on my CC. Judging from these Wow Container reviews few people are satisfied with this product.

  78. The concept is awesome; it doesn’t matter what you grab, you will have a whole container. BUT and it is a big but, I have had some of the side plastic break off and they DO NOT SEAL. So after having to empty the fridge and clean for the third time, they will go to the trash. I hope some other company will pick up on the idea, but give a quality product.

  79. Purchased these Wow Containers at BJS, loved the idea but the quality is poor, the tabs break off a little to easily and the first container lid broke when dropped on the counter when I took it out of the box.

    Love the idea but the quality of the material leaves a lot to be desired

  80. Its a great concept but they are junk. Glad I bought locally and not through some commercial. Will be returning tomorrow. Every tab on every container broke or split even when being careful that the containers were sealed. Very sharp edges and cheap thin plastic.

  81. Just bought some Wow Containers and cut my finger on the locking tab. When I locked the tab it was very hard to do, then I tried to unlock it and it sliced the skin off my finger. Bought locally and will be returning them tomorrow.

  82. After reading Wow Container reviews on different websites, I would never have purchased this product, but my girlfriend ran across it on clearance at the Buckeye, Arizona Target store for $7. My interest was piqued, so I had to see them and try them out.

    Having just opened the box this week and experimented with the product a little bit, I knew some of the pitfalls to look for, so was prepared for them: like the overall cheapness, the tabs not working properly, the apparent sharpness of the edges, and a few other things.

    They are as cheap in quality as the reviews indicated, but I still like them. The tab issue, that they don’t always snap properly, is probably a tolerance in manufacturing issue. On the tv infomercial (which I barely saw tonight for the first time), they probably used a set with perfect proportions. Manufacturing always has error involved, a tolerance has to be included, and because of the rigidity of the plastic, any error is going to play havoc with the way the tabs connect, esp if you try to force them into place, or out of place once connected.

    I build delicate mathematical models that fit together tip-to-tip, so am used to being precise and working with errors that are fractions of a millimeter in size. What I found with these tabs, is that a bit of patience goes a long way. If having attached the first tab, the second tab doesn’t want to connect, try gently deflecting the plastic, i.e. lift it up a bit or push it down a bit, as the case may be; and the same thing when you release the tabs: give them a little help, because the plastic, although cheap, does have some give to it, not much, but enough. If you’re rough on the plastic, it seems to be on the brittle side, and might break as people have indicated and really cut skin. If you like the concept and the product, a split second of effort can deal with the tab issue.

    As far as the tabs coming off, well this may again largely be a tolerance issue dealing the depth of the splice in the plastic on different runs of the product. Some people are going to get sets where the splice is on the deeper end of the tolerance, so that tabs will be more prone to breaking off. Some people probably have sets where the tabs don’t ever or hardly break off, where the depth of the splice is at the lower end of the tolerance. The problem is exacerbated because the plastic used is so thin and brittle, which is its own issue. The brittleness of the plastic probably also varies with heat and other factors involved in the manufacturing process. I guess what I’m suggesting is that the materials used seem to be so cheap that provided everything is perfect, the product will work as described in the infomercial (although, I don’t see how their claims about microwaving and putting them in the dishwasher can be credible, unless they used a thicker guage and better quality plastic in their infomercial set; I will never put these in the dishwasher, microwave, or freezer, no matter what they say). But things are rarely if ever perfect–they can’t be and aren’t intended to be–so that materials used need to be of good enough quality to absorb/withstand error to allow a product to still be functional as advertised.

    When I make something new, part of the process is always to try my best to destroy it and see how it takes the abuse, from every possible angle. That is how you find its limitations, be it factors of heat tolerance, or tensile strength, or the ability to deflect, or absorbency (permeability). I don’t buy As Seen on TV stuff, but from what I have read about these type of products, they seem assume/require perfection on the part of the user.

    As a last comment for the disillusioned people who found the containers lacking and already threw away their margarine tubs: if you have an IKEA nearby, in their kitchen area, they have an inexpensive set of five stacking round bowls for $3. They used to be only $2, which was even better. The plastic is really good quality, nice and thick. They used to be clear with a cerulean blue-ish color lid. Now they are less flexible white with a lighter, turquoise blue-ish lid. They can be microwaved and put in the dishwasher, and the freezer no doubt, although I have rarely put them in the freezer. They are cheaper in price than the throwaway Glad containers and about half the quality of a good Tupperware bowl. For the month, they are very satisfying to use and just a dream. The bowls and lids don’t have much of a lip, so if you have trouble with your hands, they might be hard to manage. Aside from that, they are totally awesome, IMO.

    Back to the WOW containers, I’m thrilled with them for the time being, and will work around the cheapness issue(s).

    • We liked the WOW containers because of their functionality. Being able to use the tops as bottoms and vice versa. The snap down sides, the leak proof (yeah right)…goes in the freezer, microwave, dishwasher. I can get the other containers you are talking about anytime, anywhere…in fact, my kitchen cabinets are full of them, that’s why we all bought these new containers. I don’t know how you can be THRILLED with this product, unless you have a stake in the company. How can you be thrilled with a product that does ABSOLUTELY nothing it claims to do? Perhaps you like just throwing your money out the window on useless junk.

  83. These WOW! containers are a piece of junk, I took one out of the box and tried to snap one closed and the tab cracked and broke. The plastic that is used for these containers is far to rigid and thin. The concept is a great idea, I just wish they would have put effort into the material they are made with.

  84. I bought these Wow Containers from Wal-Mart and have the containers broke is there some kind of replacement I can get I have had them only for a few months, in the first few days of using them they started cracking.

  85. RATING…not water proof, good for nails, maybe. Guys … they ALL leak … easily… I had to bring them back… $100.00 worth…I own a restaurant and thought these would be fantastic. Who tested these…Stevie Wonder”? They really SUCK…Get your picture off the internet…you look like a thief. Let a Priest sell ’em. Sorry, great idea, bad product…I guess People will have to buy silicone!


  86. I ordered your Wow containers and I’am not happy with your product.they are junk!!my wife cut her finger trying to get the lid on one of the containers.your money back guarantee is very ,very deceptive. I should not have to pay shipping and handling to send them back to you.that’ BS!

  87. I ordered the Wow Containers based on a TV ad. They charged me $50.80 instead of $27.90 It took almost thirty minutes to get through the automated prompts of additional sales promotions. They get your credit card first, then you are afraid to hang up–its all automated. Their quality is poor, my wife cut her thumb trying seal a lid-the plastic just broke. No customer service either, it will probably be another few years before I fall for another TV promotion.

  88. What a beat. I only wanted to buy one set online.
    After a barrage of phone prompts, when I hear “do you want to buy the sure seal for an additional…, I hung up, thinking that my order was cancelled. And there was never a prompt to allow me to just want one, so I wound up paying the extra shipping for 2. They just arrived. Broke the second one that we were trying out on the table.
    So, CC was billed 36. To return them, I will be out whatever it costs me to ship them, PLUS only get a refund of 20. So if it costs me 8. to return, I’ll get a total of $12 back.

    This is a rip off in the first degree. If you buy these, you will be so sorry….

  89. I would not suggest that anyone buy these Wow Containers. They’re nearly impossible to seal and I’ve had two of them split and/or shatter just today. This the first time I’ve ever ordered from television and the last. So wish I’d read some reviews before ordering. I have Tupperware that’s 30+ years old that’s in much better shape. Sheesh!

  90. My husband brought me a set of these Wow Containers yesterday. I broke the tab of one while simply taking it out of the box. Tonight I thought I’d use a couple to store leftover dinner in and found that while the tab snaps shut on one side, it won’t snap shut on the other side. I tried different tops with different bottoms too, thinking either I was doing something wrong or had a defective piece. Well, I couldn’t snap any one of them together on both sides. Only one side…so, I figure maybe I’d better not throw away those margarine containers I’d been using.

  91. Why is your review longer than the infomercial? Should be 30 seconds. Do containers fit properly into one another? Yes. Do they leak, no.

    End of review.

    • Randall,

      Your review was absolutely too long. If you would have removed the following flaming comments:

      1.)Why is your review longer than the infomercial?
      2.)Should be 30 seconds.
      And the most of all pointless:
      3.)End of review.

      It would have saved me precious seconds.

      Thanks for your review, I particularly appreciated it’s depth. I’ll be saving my money.

      And as for people telling you how long your reviews should be:

      Randall is either:
      1.) A Wow Containers company troll.
      2.) An internet troll (Someone who puffs himself up online to make himself feel big and important)

      I hope you all have a wonderful day! (Except Randall)

      • Hey Randall: do they fit together? Barely. Do they stay together? No, because the tabs are broken or do not snap. Do they leak? Yes, because the tabs are broken or do not snap. Also they charged me $86 instead of $34 because they claim that I bought (2) sets of (2).

  92. Thank you so much for taking the time to let us know your experiences with these WOW containers. You saved me expense and aggravation.

  93. I bought 2 sets of the Wow Containers and I have a hard time locking one side and hard time opening it, I cut my finger opening, the plastic is sharp.

    Barbara Endo

  94. I just purchased these containers and I’m glad I didn’t read these Wow Container reviews because I wouldn’t have purchased them. I purchased one set locally to try them. I paid $19.95 with no postage. I got them, thought I really liked the space saving and the one size top that fits all, that is wonderful and I was able to empty out two drawers. I did keep all my old Tupperware and Rubbermaid though. I broke two the first day and then I have continued breaking them in different ways just learning how they go together and how to close the tabs. The manufacturer needs to come up with a better material. MY MAIN POINT IS – DON’T BUY THEM ONLINE. OTHERS HAVE WRITTEN ABOUT ALL OF THE TACK ONS AND BY THE TIME YOU’RE DONE ONLINE IT’S NOT WORTH IT. BUY THEM LOCALLY IF YOU WANT TO TRY THEM.

  95. I was so excited when I saw the infomercial for WOW containers. The lady demonstrating them was just pressing down on the top ever so gently and they clicked closed effortlessly, I did not see her press down on any tabs that lock. At the end of the order I was given the option that for $10.00 more I could purchase the deluxe containers that had the lock tabs. My purchase was $60.80 that included $15.90 for shipping. I am so disappointed in this product. The plastic is cheap & brittle. The plastic Tab broke off the first time I used it. It is extremely hard to close the tabs and lock them into place. I can’t imagine closing the containers with food in them and they leek. The idea is brilliant -but this product will flop unless they use better materials. And ease of use. I believe that the demonstration used to make the video used special containers that were easy to use with no tabs.

    • I have seen the commercial like 20 times and first time I did miss the tabs, but the 19 times after that the containers due indeed have tabs they are not different than yours, you just don’t pay attention.

  96. I am so thankful that I found these Wow Container reviews, just saw WOW at Walmart and was thinking about buying them. We are both unemployed and are barely squeaking by. We are always searching for better ways to keep foods fresh. We’re using ziploc and hefty storage and freezer bags. They work great but they’re not always reusable.
    After reading these reviews, I’m sticking to my rubbermaid products! I’m very happy that I looked for reviews on these containers. I will be researching everything online now before I buy!

  97. All of you who came to check out these reviews BEFORE buying the WOW CONTAINERS are lucky. I never thought to check any reviews – the commercials looked damn good. And convincing.

    Believing the WOW CONTAINERS would be the answer to any and all container problems, I threw away several containers that I had had for several YEARS simply because they didn’t all stack neatly or save space. I wish now I had kept them!

    –Immediately, I discovered these containers don’t “lock” all that easily. And some, once locked, are even more difficult to Unlock.

    –Within a week, one container cracked down the side – I have no idea how.

    –Also in the first week, I discovered by accident that the containers are not as leak-proof as containers that can’t be “mixed and matched.”

    –After a couple or three weeks, the part of the tabs that snap into the slots to create the locked affect had broken on three or four pieces. I expect this trend will continue, eventually rendering this 40-piece finger-mangler useless.

    –These containers are not dishwasher friendly – they are space hogs, and even on the top shelf, will be tossed around. Pull out that top rack carefully, or you’ll dump dirty dishwater all over the clean dishes below!

    Whoever came up with these containers had a good idea as far as being able to mix and match tops for bottoms and bottoms for tops. Nothing worse than having misjudged the size container you needed. But the manner in which these containers are secured shut needs to be improved. Until then…I’d say don’t waste your money. I guess “beware if it sounds too good to be true” is definitely true in this case. I now see why they began selling these two [sets] for the price of one. One set is definitely not worth $20…and there is no way you are getting a $50 value as claimed.

  98. Thank you to all who took the time to write a review. I read these after watching a commercial to see if the reviews (by consumers) had any information. THANK YOU ALL FOR POSTING. I WILL NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. Nothing infuriates me more than poor customer service.

  99. These Wow Containers are very cheap and crack with the littlest pressure applied, do not waste your money, great idea needs more research and a better quality of material.

  100. It is clear that Star Reviews should invest more time doing more thorough product review given how skewed theirs is compared to customer experiences. My concern of the visibly cheaper product quality just by video/ infomercial, extreme difficulty getting live customer service, customer service inability to address questions of grade of plastic in product & use in freezer supported by the overwhelmingly negative reviews here. Will not be buying this product but instead either Lock & Lock or Frigoverre.

  101. just buy a container set from the local grocery, walmart etc..

    I think this Wow thing is a sophistic scam, and warrants investigation. This product we found does not even pretend to be of any quality. and why does it cost $7.95 for postage?

    • There is a difference between ‘scams’ and just crappy quality products.

      The infamous original Ginsu knives were just cheap, common, supermarket knives… but they actually worked. Apparently these wow containers are cheap, common products that just happen to be too cheap to actually work. I’d reserve “scam’ for things like miracle cure bracelets.

  102. Thanks for the reviews – I will definitely not buy this product and will look into Lock and Lock or Sterlite – thanks for the recommendations!

  103. This company has extremely poor customer service. No email address and no live customer service, only automated system. They sent the product to the wrong address. Even though I supplied the correct address, they chose to send it to a different street in my city. Now I have to chase it down.

    • Finally spoke to someone at customer service who actually knew what he was doing and the problem seems to be resolved.

      • Since my original post, the company has been very good in handling my situation and I am pleased with the way things were resolved.

        • how did you get to talk to a live person?? we ordered these containers about 6 weeks ago and haven’t received anything. now I call the customer service number and its all automated AND they cant find our order. I cant find another phone number. can you help?

      • I am so frustrated. They did not send all of my order and I can’t find anywhere to contact them. The automated phone system stinks. I have bought quite a few as seen on tv items and while not always wildly satisfied I have never been this mad. I will never order here again. They need to learn a new tool. It’s called CUSTOMER SERVICE. They want my money, they take my money they can talk to me.

  104. Well I also threw out all my plastic containers in frustration and ordered the WOW containers they seem to fill the job, all neatly stacked in so little room, Wow. Then today not even a month later one of the lock tabs on one of the lids broke off so that won’t seal anymore. Wonder how long before the rest of them start to do that?

    I noticed some of them are awfully hard to open and close.

  105. I purchased the WOW container offer from TV and I like them very much, except for one small item. I have taken the big container out of the freezer to find a large crack in the side. That was about a month ago & last night I took 2 containers out of the freezer. One had a cracked top lid and a large crack on the side of the medium container. I froze bean soup & stew which were not liquid.
    They said that I couldn’t freeze liquids or they might expand. They are sending a new order at no charge for my trouble.

    Call customer service @ 866-518-6140

    • The general rule is if you can use a fork then it isn’t a liquid. If you have to use a spoon it is.

    • If you call their automated phone number on their website which is really hard to find. The # is 1-800-493-1097 between the hours of 8:30-10:00pm EST/Monday-Friday. You can get the information that way. Now you will never be transferred to a live person so if you want the human touch call 1-866-518-6140.

      good luck

      • I didn’t get to use the product it was broken when I received it thanks for the phone number will try to get a refund. will post results

  106. The absolute worst product ever! Such cheap, brittle plastic and ridiculously difficult to close and lock. There seems to be no information on the website to return them. What a waste of money. The more I read all the reviews, the more I believe wow containers is a complete scam.

    Save your money and do NOT buy these!

  107. I bought these last night at the Grocery store(Safeway). DO NOT BUY THESE! Cheap, brittle, plastic, the tabs break off when you try to close them. So disappointed. Just warning everyone. Also, they do not have an email to complain to or ask any questions. Is this even a legitimate company?

    • The only true legit infomercial company that I have ever experienced is Telebrands (the one Billy Mays was spokesman for)…anything not Telebrands is a waste of money.

  108. I purchased the Wow Containers last month. Please don’t waste your time or money. The locks are hard to close, they break very easily. These containers were made very poorly. I have already had to throw away about 10 of these containers because the lock broke when trying to open or close them. I also had one that broke all the way down the side when I tried to lock the lid in place. That is how hard it is to lock them into place. If you have already ordered these, when you receive them inspect each and every lock because I have found at least 5 in my order that were already broken or the tab to lock it in was missing. Use caution with these, do not let children handle them because the edges will cut them. I would not recommend these to my worst enemy.

  109. I am also happy I read the Wow Containers reviews prior to purchasing. For those of you needing storage containers I highly recommend the following brands:

    “lock and lock” or Sterlite. Also Sharper Image carried a wonderful container set that I purchased in their store. The Tucson locations closed but they might be available in other cities or by shopping online.

    check out this Wow Container alternative, looks like a good deal:

  110. Wow. I mean, Wow! Saw the foo container commercial on TV and got all excited to order these. So very glad I looked here first for the reviews. I did go to the website, and is it just me, or did anyone else notice that it’s not a secure site? I’m talking about where they have you put your credit card number in. It’s NOT SECURE! Everyone who’s thinking about buying ANYTHING on the internet needs to be SURE that the site (or the web page at least) where they enter their personal information IS secure. Whew! That was a close one!

  111. Not worth the money. Great idea, poor execution. I could press the two pieces together very firmly, all the way around the container, and the tabs would lock, but the plastic is so cheap and stiff that if you don’t protect your fingers you WILL get cut. Not good for liquid contents, they leak badly. The plastic is hard and cracks easily.

    • I would recommend either “lock and lock” or Sterlite. Some WalMarts carry them or you can find them online, Just google either name.

  112. the wow containers do not work. the tabs break off very easily and crack too I’ve only had them for three weeks and had to throw many away. the tabs break off and are difficult to snap.

  113. I am glad I did some research before my fiance and I brought this product. When I see something on TV I always looking online before I buy to see if it had bad reviews

  114. I just received my order and was very excited until I tried to close and the latch is broken on all of them. The customer service number does not respond and I am furious. I am planning on sending them back.

  115. thanks so much for taking the time to post about your experience with this product/company. I was just about to order some….I am so glad I read all reviews.

  116. Thank gods I found this site and read some reviews before buying these. I thought the concept looked great and how awesome that you could stack them all into each other to save more space. Too bad the company and product seems shoddy.. if these were quality products they would be a great thing to have. Thanks everyone!

  117. I really wish I would have found this site before I ordered my set of Wow Containers. I only ordered 1 Wow Container set and was charged for two plus shipping and handling for two. They are cheap and break, I have only had mine for a few hours and they are going back. I have to pay to send back. This is a rip off. Save your money, these other people who have had the same complaints know what they are talking about.

  118. Thank all of you for your wow container reviews. I saw this as on TV early Saturday morning. I thought that these were a good idea until I cam to this site. Good job consumers . Keep reporting scrams like these. We consumers need to be warned about crooks like these.

  119. I bought these because it looked like an ingenious idea. Not. The quality is extremely poor. They do not snap together properly. I broke two the first day trying to get them to snap together. What a bunch of junk. Good think they are cheap. I hope I can recycle them. Otherwise they go right in the trash.

  120. I wish I knew about this site before I bought the WOW Containers!! Great concept, Horrible product!!! Plastic is too brittle, can not close the clasps, and when they do close the plastic around them is cracked. And, they leak around the seal. Customer service only has a toll free #, no email!! I will have to try to call at lunch some time to get thru to see if it’s a money back guarantee.

    SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • If you bought this item with a credit card, call your credit card company and have them “charge back” the purchase (including postage). If the product is defective, not as advertised, wrong product or quantity incorrect the credit card companies have to give you a charge back. First exhaust all efforts to get your money returned, second return the product USPS with delivery confirmation, third track the order until it arrives at it’s original destination. fourth gather original billing documents and receipts for returning the product. Then call your credit card company and demand a “charge back” on a defective product and tell them that you’ve exhausted all efforts to negotiate a refund without success. They’ll ask you to fax supporting documentation and investigate the claim. If the company is as shady as you claim they are the credit card company should have no problem crediting your account. Finally, contact the Attorney General for your state and file a complaint.

      • Thank you for the Wow Container customer care number. I could not find a number to reach anyone to return these containers. I kept getting only automated operators but with this number I got a live person. Thank you so much. I am sending these WOW Containers back. I realized while I was on the phone ordering them that it was a scam but there isn’t an option to cancel the order when you are on the phone so I had to call the next day to cancel with yet another automated operator. I was told the order had been canceled successfully then received them in the mail today. I will send them back and see if my card gets credited properly.

  121. I just purchased my wow containers and find them very very hard to snap. You have to really snap each side of the container closed tight before you can use the tabs. My husband was able to do it okay but it was very difficult for me. The plastic is very cheap. This would be a good product if it was so rigid and was easier to snap. Won’t send back because of cost. But not what I expected.

  122. I am so disappointed in this product. The plastic is cheap & brittle. Plastic pieces fall off because the plastic cracks and breaks. It is impossible to close the tabs. I can’t imagine closing the containers with food in them. The better business bureau and consumer products industry will be contacted. I’m going to call to try to return the product but that will cost me additional $$$ to mail them back.

    The idea is brillient -but this product will flop unless they use better materials.

  123. Glad I read this! I was excited to see them on TV and was going to purchase them. Now I don’t plan to get them at all. It would have been my second set of botched Tupperware purchased for my boyfriend!!! Haha!

  124. These Wow containers are absolute junk! Lids and interchangeable containers are very brittle and hard to snap shut, meaning you will break about half of them on the first use. The edges are extremely sharp. The are not worth the expense even if they were free.


  126. I purchased a set of the wow containers 2/5/10, they do not lock on both sides. No matter what I try none lock on both sides. I am sure that I am not the only person to complain about this problem. Don’t you stand by your product.
    Charlotte Kryfka – 708 749-1191

  127. I am writing this review in regards to the WOW containers that I received last week. I was quite impressed by the wow container commercial and the wide variety of ways that they could be used, but, these food storage containers are absolutely awful. They are extremely cheap looking and they finally seal together after you mess with them for about five minutes. The snaps on both sides sometimes work and sometimes do not. Wow food storage containers are extremely difficult to snap. Today while trying to snap them it actually cut my finger pretty good as well. I would highly suggest not wasting your money on these food containers.


  129. I am sorry to bother you but your site was the only one I could find to make contact with one of your product representatives and the site stated it was the proper approach to take. I am trying and wanting to purchase the WOW Container System that I saw on TV 12/4/09 Friday evening HST. I went online to see if I could find out when they were going to ship and found out that they want to charge even more money than what I agreed to but could find no way to contact them.

    I have issues with the price going higher than what was stated and I want to hear from them about the true price with an email before they charge anything to my card. I feel it is getting to expensive, especially when the containers are only plastic and they say it will 2 to 6 weeks to arrive. How and when do they ship if it takes that long to arrive? The other issue is that they provided me a code to use for free shipping (which seemed reasonable)considering the time involved to receive the product in question.

    But when I read the fine print it stated that I had to purchase something to have free shipping applied to my order (#1896914). That “something was a subscription service at approximately $12.00 a month. Well that is certainly not a free offer if I have to buy something before I take advantage of the shipping which could take up to 6 weeks.

    For these reasons and some others I will not go into I would like to hear
    from someone before they charge my account for any amount what so ever before my issues are addressed to my satisfaction. Thank you for helping me.

    • You can contact customer service at 866-518-6140. I also ordered them online about 3 weeks and they just told me they are on back order until 01-16-10.

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