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Do you want your kids to drink healthy beverages at home but are worried about all the spills they make? It can ruin your expensive furniture, fabrics etc but you need to remember that kids also try their best to avoid those spills as much as you’d like them to. They need cups that will ensure that there are no spills while they sip. And that’s just Wow Cup promises to do; your kids can have their drinks without a care in the world. Wow Cup is an even seal cup that can let your kids drink without any spills.

How does Wow Cup Work

Wow Cup claims that you will never have to clean any messy drinks spills again in the house. It has many uses for your kids and not only can they use it at home, or at nights but they can also take them on their travels. Wow Cup will ensure that those spilling disasters are now a thing of the past and your kids can also take them along when they are going to school or to the playground for that matter. The 360 degree even sealing technology is at the heart of the Wow Cup and it is responsible for letting the drink flow only when kids sip.

When kids are done with the drink, the Wow Cup automatically seals in. They can then play, run, jump, do whatever they like; their drink will not spill. You will also find that the Wow Cup is completely indestructible so that when it’s dropped on the floor there will be no spills either. You simply fill it with the drink of your kids’ choice, twist and let them slip. Wow Cup is completely BPA free making it safe for your kids to use and its dishwasher safe too.




What do I get?

    Wow Cup is available in Pink and Blue colour

Price – $10 + $5.99 S&H Total Amount $15.99. Official Website



Wow Cup Video

4 thoughts on “Wow Cup

  1. I have not received my Wow Cups yet, however DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THE WOW CUP WEBSITE. I attempted to order 2 different colored cups so my son and daughter could distinguish their cups from one another. The wow cup website does not let you buy one individual cup for $10.00. If you want to purchase one $10.00 cup, you have to pay an additional $6.99 for an additional cup of the same color. Because my kids really wanted them, in order to buy 2 different colored cups, I had to order 2 different colored sets for a total of $33.98 ($16.99 per set). Shipping is $10.99 (for 4 plastic cups which probably don’t even weigh 1 lb. and the estimated arrival is 6 weeks!) So, all in all, I am paying about $45.00 for 4 plastic cups and have to wait 6 weeks to receive them!! Bottom line — don’t buy them unless you can find the individual cups for $10.00 in a store.

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