Wow Cakes

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What is Wow Cakes?

It is a microwave cake baker that lets you bake single serve cakes, desserts and a lot more in just 60 seconds.


Bake single serve cakes in 60 seconds

Wow Cakes claims to be the answer for you if you are tired of baking cakes the traditional way because of the time baking takes. With these microwave cake bakers, you can make single serve cakes within seconds. Baking cakes in Wow Cakes is supposed to be as easy as 1-2-3. All you supposedly need to do with Wow Cakes is just add and mix the ingredients that you wish in the baker, keep it in the microwave for 60 seconds and then just top it with your favorite toppings to get a delicious dessert.


Nonstick silicone design for even baking

The secret of Wow Cakes is supposed to be the silicone design that is nonstick and circulates the heat evenly to give you super fast and super yummy baked indulgence every time. Not just when it comes to baking Wow Cakes is said to give you ease even when you want to eat the dessert since you can eat it right out of the cup. You can believably say goodbye to the heat and discomfort of baking cakes the traditional way since Wow Cakes promises to bake in just 60 seconds.


Make more than just single serve cakes

Wow Cakes are meant to let you make endless number of dessert recipes. For instance, you can mix gram crackers, marshmallow and chocolate chips to make a dessert that will drive you nuts. You can also make carrot cakes and velvet cakes other than gluten free delights. Not just your desserts Wow Cakes is meant to let you make other stuff just as easily too. You can make blueberry muffin for breakfast or cheese quiche, macaroni and cheese and enjoy a quick office treat too. The microwave cake bakers promise to be BPA-free so you’ve no health risk when you use it. Cleaning Wow Cakes is supposedly as easy as baking in it since it is dishwasher safe.


    What do I get ?

  • You will get Two Wow Cakes for just $10.00 plus $13.98.
  • Official Website :

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