Whip Magic Review

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Isn’t it annoying to have lumps of food in your mouth when you’re having a delicious pancake or a protein shake? No matter how well you shake and whip with a traditional shaker, lumps just remain. Not anymore. Get Whip Magic, the great 6-in-1 shaker that can give you lump free and smooth batter easily and within minutes.

How does Whip Magic Work

And why have half a dozen shaking and lump smashing equipments when you can do it with just one Whip Magic that has powerful patent pending whipping prongs right in its cap making it better than any traditional shaker. It is so easy to use – just grip, flip and whip – that even your kids can make their own smoothie or dessert with zero problem or mess.

Whip Magic is a 6-in-1 shaker that lets you whip, measure (with ounce, millimetres and cups markings), pour, mix, store and cook right with a single item. You can pour the mix and pop Whip Magic into the oven to make hot chocolate, pasta sauce or even healthy soups. Or, whip the most stubborn of avocado and strawberries to get yummy Guacamole. That’s not all. You can measure and mix the pancake batter in the Whip Magic and pour it straight on the pan with its pour spout and enjoy a fluffy and evenly blended pancake. Similarly, you can pour and make omlete or any breakfast in just about five minutes.

Whip Magic can do the impossible of mixing vinegar and oil for your salad dressing or get lump free gravy for your meal. You can even carry your smoothie or milk shake on the go because of its leak proof lid that will prevent any spillage in the oven or your fridge too. It’s BPA free and also microwave and dishwasher safe. Whip Magic is available for a reasonable cost and if you order now you will get another Whip Magic free along with a bonus recipe book and 2 cup Red Shaker designed for tomato based recipes. You will also receive a second set of a 1 Cup and 2 Cup Red Shaker.



What do I get?

  • 2-cup Whip Magic with a solid lid
  • 2-cup Whip Magic with pouring spout
  • 2-cup Red Shaker specially designed for making tomato based recipes
  • Recipe Book

All this for just $14.99 + $6.99. Official website whipmagic.com


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