Waffle Cone Fun Factory Review

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Ice creams are loved by everyone right from children to elders and amongst all the different ice creams that one comes across, ice creams in waffle cone scoops are undoubtedly the yummiest. The problem is you can only have a waffle cone ice cream at an ice cream parlor and that too with limited choices in the menu. Expensive waffle making electronic appliances can do the trick only if you have a lot of money to spare and though with all the promises can still lack the touch of imagination. Waffle Cone Fun Factory negates such problems by making fun filled waffles anytime almost instantly.

How does Waffle Cone Fun Factory Work

Waffle Cone Fun Factory is a latest appliance and one of a kind in the range of home waffle makers when it comes to judging its efficiency and low price. Its impressive design makes it really compact to use and at the same time efficient in making waffles. The best part about Waffle Cone Fun Factory is that one can make a wide variety of custom cones right at home in no time making it a personal ice cream parlor.

A lot of creativity can be applied while making cones using Waffle Cone Fun Factory like baking strawberry cones that might enthral everyone, double chocolate cones for the ones addicted to cocoa and Neapolitan to surprise every ice cream lover. Waffle Cone Fun Factory is also great for making lovely red velvet cones, a delightful peanut butter cone or fruity blueberry cones. It also can be simply placed over a bowl to make mouth watering banana bowl sundaes or converted into a chocolate taco dessert.

Waffle Cone Fun Factory is very easy to use. All it needs is pouring the waffle batter on the appliance and add sprinkles, flavors, assorted nuts, etc on it. The cone can be quickly baked on any stove top and is completely non-stick so that waffles can be easily removed from it. The bottom line being Waffle Cone Fun Factory is one amazing way to make cones like no other and can be experimented with favorite ice-cream, yogurt, sherbets, etc.



What do I get?

  • 2 Waffle Cone Fun Factory
  • 2 Recipe Books
  • 2 Rollers
  • 2 Ice Cream Scoopers

All this for just $19.99 + $13.98 S/h. Official website WaffleConeFunFactory.com



Waffle Cone Fun Factory Video

10 thoughts on “Waffle Cone Fun Factory Review

  1. The phone number to contact the company is 212-541-6222. I really want to order one of these, but the website is no longer working.

  2. Just got email stating that they will not be delivering it, did anyone else receive this? I had the same ordering problems as the people above.

  3. DO NOT BUY THIS!!! It is a rip off… You go in to order it, and as soon as you enter you credit card information, the very next window is the confirmation of a $67. Order!!! and then there is NO CUSTOMER SERVICE CONTACT INFORMATION ANYWHERE! No phone number, no company address, NOTHING… Now I am on my door step every day waiting to RETURN any boxes from them! and I had to put a stop payment order on the credit card purchase.. CRAZY ME, FOR TRUSTING AN ONLINE PURCHASE!

  4. I made the mistake of ordering online also never gave me an opportunity to look at my order first before submitting…..next thing I know, it’s saying thank you for your order…. my cc# was charged $87.94. Right away I emailed them saying no don’t charge my card …..now the email Addy doesn’t exist and going to cancel my card and get re issued another one..can’t get ahold of them thru phone
    Or anything!!!!!! My boys so disappointed!!

  5. Does anyone have contact info for the company selling waffle cone fun factory? I placed an order online, but made a mistake and there was no opportunity to review the order before putting it through so I ended up ordering 3 sets instead of 1; however there is absolutely no contact info provided on the website nor on the confirmation e-mail that was sent. Is this company legit or is this a scam?

    • Mee tooo…. I believe that they must have a zillion orders that were done wrong.. and the suspicious thing is NO customer service contact information anywhere!

      I am going to report it to the Better Business Bureau

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