Vitamix S55 Blender Review

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What is Vitamix S55 Blender

: It is a blender that claims to take the guesswork out of kitchen prep so that you can make anything from soups to juices and smoothies quickly and efficiently.

Vitamix S55 Blender asserts that now you won’t have to worry about the effort and time that is required for prepping in the kitchen because it can do the job for you well and without any difficulty. You often try to eat healthy and incorporate smoothies and juices in your regular diet. But that’s easier said than done because your regular blenders just don’t cut it. That’s where this blender comes into the picture, according to its claims, offering you the functionality of a full sized Vitamix blender along with the streamlined designed, which means you have the perfect on the go option too. We won’t know whether it lives up to the claims till we have Vitamix S55 Blender reviews.

A combination of power and design

This blender stresses on the fact that it has the power and capability of a full sized Vitamix blender, which has already gained its reputation. But whether that is really the case we don’t know and await Vitamix S55 Blender reviews. Another highlight of this blender though is its streamlined design that makes it just perfect for on the go food prep. But what is it that you think? We would like to know in your Vitamix S55 Blender reviews whether it really works as a on the go blender.

This blender comes with a 40 ounce cup, which can be used to make soups while the on the go cup can be used to make smoothies and juices, which can then be taken with you. Unfortunately there aren’t enough Vitamix S55 Blender reviews to tell us whether that actually happens.

Pre-programmed settings for you convenience

How often have you had to struggle with the blender you are using because you couldn’t get the required specific task done with ease? This blender claims to work well on this count because there are different preset functions that save you the hassle. Are these preset functions really helpful; we would like to know in your reviews? There is the Smoothies preset function that makes sense for the health conscious besides dips and spreads and frozen desserts functions. Do these functions offer you versatility with prepping? We would like to find out more about it in your Vitamix S55 Blender reviews.

We also await Vitamix S55 Blender reviews to know more about the unique Power Boost setting. It’s this function that is meant to be used in case of frozen berries, leafy greens etc. and convert them into a really smooth texture.

Features to boost performance

For starters, the blender emphasizes on the fact that it has a space saving design while not compromising on its functionality and performance at all. Do you think this blender is compact and doesn’t take a lot of space on your countertop? We would like to hear more about it in your Vitamix S55 Blender reviews. The blender also has a variable speed operation with pulse option, which means you can stay in control of the texture at all times. You could be blending or chopping, the results will be exactly according to your requirements. But whether that’s true, we won’t know till we look at and analyse Vitamix S55 Blender reviews.

It has interchangeable blades to make things easier, while special settings allow you to make smaller batches of spreads and dips. We won’t know how well it really works till we see Vitamix S55 Blender reviews.

Easy to use and long lasting

One of the biggest advantages of this blender is that it is very simple to use and there are no tedious procedures or assembly involved. You might want to remember that since you are going to invert the on to go cup, you put heavier ingredients at the bottom and that will do the job. We look forward to your Vitamix S55 Blender reviews to tell us if it is that simple to use. The blender has also been built and well-tested by the family owned Vitamix, a company based in the US. It says a lot about its quality and durability. But do you think this blender is long lasting? We want to know in your Vitamix S55 Blender reviews.

Send us your Vitamix S55 Blender reviews also talking about whether its special brushed stainless steel finish and design makes it a handsome addition to your kitchen.

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