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What is VitaMeister

It is a slow juicer that claims to be versatile and highly functional for your needs so that your regular kitchen tasks are done with ease and you get the best out of natural goodness in fruits and vegetables. VitaMeister is made by the same company that makes the Visicook Airchef

How does VitaMeister work?

– VitaMeister maintains that now you can get the benefits of slow juicing easily and conveniently without spending a lot of time in your kitchen. While most of us today want to eat healthy, keeping a sensible and helpful diet plan can be a task. We realize that slow juicing has its benefits and it ensures that you get the maximum nutrients out of fruits and vegetables. But the problem is that regular slow juicers are bulky, tedious to use and in many ways quite messy. This slow juicer promises to be the answer to all these questions. But we won’t know whether that’s really the case till we get VitaMeister reviews.


It makes less noise and is easy to use – If you have used slow juicers in the past then you know that they tend to make a lot of noise, which is annoying. However in this case the noise is only about 65 dBa at its maximum. If you think that’s not true then you can let us know in your VitaMeister reviews. This slow juicer also stresses that it’s very simple to use and all you have to do is prepare the fruits and veggies so that they fit the chute. You can then push them down through the screw augur. Seems too simple to be true? VitaMeister reviews will shed some light on that.

The slow juicer also has a reverse function in case there is any blockage. But we won’t know the benefits of this function till we have analysed VitaMeister reviews.


It is effective and highly functional – The secret of this slow juicer lies in its screw type augur that brings out the flavours, minerals and vitamins that bring natural goodness of fruits and veggies into your glass of health drink. Foods get squeezed through the mesh filter so that juice goes into one cup while the dry pulp is collected in another. We don’t have enough VitaMeister reviews at this point to corroborate this claim. VitaMeister reviews can also tell us whether it’s really versatile thanks to its special vegetable processor accessory that has attachments for slicing and grating as well.

It’s designed to be safe – We await VitaMeister reviews to know whether it lives up to its claims of being designed for your safety. For starters, it asserts that the motor only works when the machine is assembled correctly. There is also a delay-slow start to the motor. The juicer comes with two pushers for chutes and it has a 20 minute maximum use time to ensure long life. In your VitaMeister reviews you can also tell us whether it is easy to disassemble for clean-up and if it is compact enough to be stored conveniently wherever you want.

What do I get and Price

  • 1 VitaMeister Slow Juicer Body
  • 1 Slow Juicer screw augur
  • 1 Slow Juicer filter mesh
  • 1 Screw augur housing
  • 1 Large Pulp cup
  • 1 Juice Cup
  • 1 Rectangle shaped slide-in juice cup solid filter
  • 1 Slow Juice housing tray
  • 1 Round-shape Slow Juice housing pusher
  • 1 Vegetable processor attachment
  • 1 Vegetable slicer accessory
  • 1 Vegetable grater accessory
  • 1 Square-shape Vegetable processor pusher
  • 1 Cleaning brush

Price: £67.42 at | Official website:

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