Visicook AirChef | Halogen Oven by TeamUKI

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What is Visicook AirChef:

It is a new generation halogen oven that lets you bake, roast and defrost your favourite foods easily and in a short span of time.

Visicook AirChef assures to replicate the charm and efficiency of traditional cooking methods that we tend to miss today. These methods were known for cooking food evenly while their flavour was maintained. Visicook AirChef claims to bring these results to you without having to spend a lot of time and effort on cooking at home on a regular basis. Moreover it also ensures that you now have a lot of variety in your cooking too.


Visicook AirChef for halogen efficient cooking

Team UK has brought the Visicook AirChef, which makes the most out of the principles of halogen efficient cooking. It also makes it possible to maintain high air flow, which is why you are supposed to get fantastic cooking results just like those traditional methods. Visicook AirChef has a temperature range of 0 to 230 degrees, which means it can roast, bake, grill and defrost with ease. What’s more, it has rotisserie function, which is of great help when you are using meats because they will be cooked evenly.

Visicook AirChef saves you a lot of time

While the cooking results it offers say a lot about the efficiency of Visicook AirChef, the time you are saved is an added bonus. You might have the passion for cooking but taking time out of your day to create a storm in your kitchen is easier said than done. But since Visicook AirChef uses halogen heat, it is a lot quicker than your regular type of heat. It has also been designed to keep things simple with the button controls with guide menus that you can benefit from.

Visicook AirChef and its space saving design

There are times when you are struggling for space in your kitchen and can do with Visicook AirChef, which is compact and saves you the hassle of having a conventional oven. It’s also said to be sleek to look at and can add to the aesthetics of your surroundings. Visicook AirChef also makes sense when you need additional cooking facilities when you have guests at home or are hosting a party. It has easy to clean removable parts and is dishwasher safe. This oven is also available with one year guarantee for your peace of mind.


    What do I get ?

  • Get Visicook AirChef just for £43.33 with Flexi-pay x 3
  • And £65.00 with Flexi-pay x 2
  • Official Website :

8 thoughts on “Visicook AirChef | Halogen Oven by TeamUKI

  1. I have just bought one.So disappointed as it has very little instruction how to use it.I tried chips to start with.They turned out too well cooked that they tasted like dried up potato peel.I would love to know where I can get proper instruction s.Been oline for ages but cannot get them

  2. Just bought this oven does not work halogen bulb is broken,not happy,how can this company send out a brand new item that does not work ,going to get a refund and buy a beaumark

  3. The chips were barely passable but the biggest letdown is the size of the thing, if you buy anything but a wood pigeon sized chicken and attempt to use the rotisserie then be prepared to watch it rubbing itself against the heating ducts as it passes.
    I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone over a standard cheaper halogen.

  4. This AirChef is an amazing product, for quality and cooking! does it better than my oven, its fast and results are truly satisfying. Its the best gadget I ever bought and would highly recommend it! Once you own one you will ask yourself why didn’t I get it before? truly satisfied a 100%.

  5. Has anyone tried the Visicook AirChief halogen oven?

    Does it work as promised?

    Does it cook food evenly?

    Is it safe to use?

    Does it cook food faster than conventional methods?

    Is Visicook AirChief that versatile?

    Would you recommend this product?

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