Vidalia Chop Master Review

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Chopping vegetables by hands is such a painful and time consuming job. And if you are chopping onions then nothing can save you from burning eyes and tears. Even if you buy chopping machines using them will only give you mush. But now you can get Vidalia Chop Master, the easy vegetable chopper that gives you a huge amount of chopped veggies in a few seconds without any discomfort.

How does Vidalia Chop Master Work

The super-sized blade surface of the chopper will let you chop different bell peppers at the same time and without mixing them.

With Vidalia Chop Master you can chop a big bunch of mushrooms, carrots, potatoes and even a whole box of strawberries within seconds. It is so easy to use the chop master. Just place the vegetables on the surface of Vidalia Chop Master, press the blade down and you will get precisely chopped vegetables within seconds. What’s more, all the veggies will collect in the container at the base so that you do not have to deal with the mess while transferring from the chopping board to a bowl especially with something as squishy as a tomato. And you will be all set to make a delicious soup or any other delicacy. You will get precisely cut pieces of the vegetables and the stainless steel blades keep the food healthy. So you can cut a whole bowl of fruit salad with as many fruits as you want whether pears apples, pineapples or melons. Or chop celery for your soup, strawberries for a dessert or potatoes for fries precisely every time you use Vidalia Chop Master.

What’s more, using knives to chop vegetables can also lead to accidental cuts and nicks and can be dangerous if you use a very sharp knife to chop. But with Vidalia Chop Master you do not have to worry about cutting your fingers either. Cleaning Vidalia Chop Master is very easy too; you just have to toss it in the dishwasher. You can get the chop master in two easy payments and you will also get stainless steel blades and marinating attachment free.



What do I get?

  • 1 Vidalia Chopmaster
  • 1 Dicing Blade

All this for just $29.90 plus $16.90 s/h. Official website



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