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What is VegieFresh?

It is a natural mineral mix that keeps vegetables and fruits fresh in your refrigerator. It is in the form of granules packed in a bag that absorb ethylene gas and protect produce from getting spoilt for up to three months.

Fresh fruits and veggies everyday

VegieFresh is something you may find useful if you’re agitated by discarding fruits and vegetables often as they don’t stay fresh for long. There are times when you buy fruits and vegetables but don’t consume them as you forget about them, don’t feel like having them or wait for the right time which doesn’t arrive soon. VegieFresh, the natural mineral mix fortified with zeolites, states that it retains freshness of your produce for all of three months. That means the life of your fruits and veggies extends by 50% naturally and you can relish them for a much longer time.

Convenience guaranteed

VegieFresh emphasizes on the claim that it’s really simple and easy to use. You are directed to take out the VegieFresh clamshell from its plastic bag, write the month and day on its cover to keep track of the day to replace it and store it in the crisper bin for three months.


Save big

According to statistics, a family of four in America ends up discarding at least 25% food every year, and fresh fruits and vegetables are the most widely wasted produce. The loss naturally runs into more than a thousand dollars. VegieFresh guarantees that it can prevent this massive wastage of food and money as it checks emission of ethylene gas from any fruit or vegetable, which spoils others stored alongside too. VegieFresh promises to increase the shell life of your fresh produce by 50%.

Recyclable mineral

According to the makers of VegieFresh the mineral is recyclable as the gases which it absorbs turn it into an excellent fertilizer. You can put them in your plants by reusing the clamshell as usual.


What Do I Get?

  • Buy Two VegieFresh for $9.95+$13.95S&H.
  • Official website:
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