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About Veggetti Power

It claims to be an electric version of the manual vegetable spiralizer that makes delicious healthy spaghetti in three different shapes – thick, thin, and ribbon. Veggetti Power promises to be an powerful, easy-to-use, electric spiralizer that can make mountains of healthy vegetable pasta in mere seconds. It utilizes a stainless steel blade mounted with a powerful rotary motor that cuts through any vegetable in a flash. More shall be revealed once it is reviewed.


Veggetti Power CLAIMS

Healthy varieties – Veggetti Power states to offer a chance to get thick, thin, or ribbon pasta with three different cones. It asserts to be perfect for cooking healthy meals out of zucchini, squash, carrots, cucumbers, and potatoes. The device alleges to have a large 84 oz. capacity to prep a large amount of food for the entire family. After prepping, it guarantees to clean easy since it is dishwasher safe. Did you find Veggetti Power really useful? Send us your reviews.

Veggetti Power Review

Carolyn Floyd, a Veggetti Power customer complains in her review that it is a terrible device. The blades aren’t as sharp as promised since it gums up with vegetables and turns them into mush.

One Veggetti Power reviewer, Ada Hensen states that it doesn’t come with proper instructions in order to use the blades appropriately and what vegetables would work perfectly well with it. The plunger design of Veggetti Power isn’t very well at pushing vegetables through the blade assembly. The reviewer further says that even though they promise that potatoes can be cut in it, they do nothing but spin while trying to plunge them into the blade.

Another Veggetti Power review by Ruby Matthews reveals that it is not worth the money. The device can only spiralize zucchini and cukes and failed to work on any other type vegetable. Also, the different blades don’t work as per the infomercial. Overall, the reviewer is disappointed with Veggetti Power especially for the price it comes for.

Morris Ford, a customer who tried Veggetti Power, discloses that it failed to spiralize vegetables that weren’t thick in diameter. So users can cut only vegetables such as zucchini or cucumbers.

A review by Ruby Robbins, a Veggetti Power customer claims that even though it is designed well and cleans up easily, it fails to do its primary job well on all types of vegetables. As per the review, Veggetti Power fails to spiralize foods such as sweet potatoes and can get stuck in the blade. Another interest fact that the user writes in her Veggetti Power review is that it is more of a novelty than a regular prepping device. For such an occasionally used device, it is time-consuming and also takes a lot of space in the cabinets or on the counter for people with smaller kitchens.

A review of Veggetti Power by Diane Fields reveals that it works decently but also wastes a large amount of food. She suggests users work smartly on sizes and textures of vegetables to get the right spiral. Vegetables that might be difficult to spiralize might need a little trimming at a right angle at their end to ensure that they don’t get smashed in Veggetti Power. Her review states that even though the alignment of the blade and top is a little difficult, if used smartly the blades do work to give neat spirals of 70% of veggies.

Many Wilson’s Veggetti Power review exposes that it cannot work on most vegetables well and sometimes even produce pencil like output instead of spiraling the food items. Her review suggests that Veggetti Power is only good for hard vegetables such as zucchini.

According to Essie Zimmerman’s review, Veggetti Power is difficult to clean since some pieces stay stuck at the end and will need care while digging them out from the blade. The review also complains that Veggetti Power wastes a lot of vegetables in this process since most stuck vegetables cannot be used later for spiraling.

Veggetti Power Questions/Answers

Q. Can Veggetti Power cut beets?
A. No, it doesn’t.

Q. Does this device only spirals the food or can slice it too?
A. It only spirals in thin, thick, and ribbon shape. Also, it doesn’t perform its job very well.

Q. Does Veggetti Power come with an angel hair blade?
A. It does.

Q. Where is it manufactured and are the blades dishwasher safe?
A. It is mentioned that all the additional attachments are dishwasher safe.

Q. Is Veggetti Power a dual-voltage device?
A. No, it is UL approved for 110-120 voltage range and is meant for use in the USA and Canada.

Q. Is it made from a BPA-free material?
A. No information is available regarding the material it is manufactured from.

Q. Does Veggetti Power have any natural rubber components?
A. It is made entirely of plastic except for the stainless-steel cutting blades.

Q. Is Veggetti Power battery powered?
A. No, it requires a power and has a power cord to be connected to a standard outlet.

Q. What vegetables are easily prepped for it?
A. It is recommended to spiralize hard vegetables such as sweet potatoes, zucchini, carrots, cucumbers, and squash.

Q. What is the wattage rating of Veggetti Power?
A. It has a 60 watts rating.


What do I get?

    1 Veggetti Power Electric Spiralizer
  • 3 Cone Blades
  • 1 Slicing Blade
  • 1 Recipe Guide

Price: $39.99 + $14.99 S/h at the Official website:

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