Twisty Lid

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What is Twisty Lid?

It is a quick and easy-to-use tool that helps you open the lid of any jar or bottle without any kind of hassle. The Twisty Lid claims to open the lids of different sizes of jars, jugs, small bottles, large sized containers and even oil caps for that matter. Twisty Lid proudly declares that whether you are replacing your old can opener or introducing a new one to your collection of kitchen gadgets, the Twisty Lid will do the job. However we are in no position to attest any of these claims until and unless we analyse the Twisty Lid reviews.

How does Twisty Lid work?

Many a times it so happens that we pick up our favourite food item from the departmental store, but once when we reach home and are ready to savour, it just won’t open. That’s because the jars or containers are so tightly packed that opening the lid becomes quite a mammoth and tiresome task. We tend to resort to old tricks like banging the jar against a hard surface, wrapping the lid with a towel and trying to open it or even holding the jar under piping hot water so as to loosen the grip of the lid. But nothing seems to work. That’s where Twisty Lid claims to come to your rescue. It takes away all the frustration of opening lids in no time. This claim can be proved only if there are sufficient number of Twisty Lid reviews supporting the same.


Fix-Twist-Open – The Twisty Lid Jar opener asserts that it works in the most simplest of ways. It has to be placed on the lid of the jar. Retract it so as to fix onto the jar firmly. Twist in an anti-clockwise direction and pull up the lid.


Durable – The sturdy design and long lasting chrome design supports the promise of Twisty Lind being a durable gadget to have in your house.


Reduces strain on hands – Whether you suffer from arthritis, achy hands or lack upper body strength, the Twisty Lid takes away all your worries.


Makes opening Jars effortless – The intricate design of this innovative product is masked by its practicality. With almost zero efforts, the Twisty Lid guarantees to twist off jar lids that are seemingly impossible to open. This seems to be a huge claim for which we will definitely need a valid proof of someone who has actually used it. How about you doing the needful and letting us know through your Twisty Lid review?


Portable gadget – Owing to its small and convenient to handle size, Twisty Lid can be used absolutely anywhere including household, hotels, bars, kitchens, garages etc. Being a very handy gadget, the Twisty Lid can also be your perfect companion while travelling.


Easy for any age to use – Lightweight and sturdy enough to get the job done, the Twisty Lid can be used by anyone from a small kid to an elderly person.

What do I get?

Get 2 Twisty Lid Jar Openers for $25.90 + S/h. Official website:

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