Turbo Roaster Reviews and Complaints

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There’s nothing like making that perfect roast chicken at home on Sundays or whenever you feel like a special occasion with your loved ones. But do you feel roasting chicken takes ever so long and the results leave a lot to be desired? There are many who have the same grouse and Turbo Roaster offers to give them some respite in this regard. Turbo Roaster claims to let you roast chicken in a way that it will be moist, tender and juicy while the job will be done within half the time to save you the hassle.


How does Turbo Roaster Work

The vapour infusion is the highlight of Turbo Roaster and that’s the reason heat and moisture is delivered to chicken being roasted. And thus it will cook a lot quicker without drying out, which is what happens otherwise. Turbo Roaster claims to offer you great results with cooking chicken in 45 minutes as it will be well cooked and succulent at the same time. However that’s not the case when you cook it with your traditional means. Thus Turbo Roaster not only offers to save you time in cooking it can give you the results you want and that too at your convenience.

Turbo Roaster seems to be quite convenient for use and you need to start with adding liquid to it. The turbo tube can then be placed into the chicken and you can place it all in the oven to start roasting. Turbo Roaster claims to infuse delicious flavours into the chicken as well, which means you can win brownie points for your cooking skills too. One of the advantages of Turbo Roaster is said to be the fact that it cooks inside and outside at the same time. Cooking turkey, even stuffed one seems to be a lot easier now.

No REAL Reviews

We have looked everywhere over the internet and haven’t found a single Turbo Roaster review that can tell if the product really works. This means people who have ordered this product haven’t received it.

Cons of Turbo Roaster

It looks rather cheap and there is no information about material used in its construction on the website. It seems nothing more than a glass jar with a metal piping from the lid, which could be easily put together. It’s also likely that the material is a lot cheaper than the real product cost.

False Marketing

It’s a bit naughty to find “bonus” knife and infuser deal on the website when you are actually charged $7.95 as S&H. It can be easily missed as was by me and once I had pressed Process Order there was no way I could review it. However the deception doesn’t end there; there is an offer to get three more Turbo Roasters for $7.95 S&H each. Seems fair I thought, but then they also added the “bonus” knife and infusers with another $7.95 each with the two extras I ordered. I turned down all other offers but my final bill came up to $117. When I called the customer service to complain I was told that the extra turbos were actually available for $14.95 plus S&H for each and not just S&H. That’s just not true but there was no way I could review the order. Since I ordered on Sunday night I called them first thing on Monday morning. Guess what; the order couldn’t be cancelled apparently because they had already shipped it. They offered me the difference of $10 on the two extra turbos but it was a lot of hassle that should be avoided.

It’s a rip off

I have had a nightmare with the customer service of this company. I ordered it but then thought better and wanted to cancel. They kept asking me to call them after a few hours because apparently they hadn’t received my order. I tried calling them till late in the evening but with no luck, so I tried them again the next morning. To my horror I was told that the order had already been shipped and I would have to pay for the return. Such a rip off; am simply disgusted with this company.

Should I buy Turbo Roaster?

Turbo Roaster looks like a over-hyped infomercial kitchen gadget. Most important thing is there are no REAL reviews about the product. So we don’t know if it really works as claimed and cuts down cooking time of a whole chicken, in half. So you wait till the product reviews show up and when it is available in stores where you can try it and return it hassle-free. The price of the Turbo Roaster is $35.89 which is too high for a simple kitchen tool.



What do I get?

  • 1 Turbo Roaster
  • 1 Turbo Roaster Recipe Guide
  • 1 Turbo Roaster Flavor Infuser
  • Chef’s Knife free

You get all this at $19.99 + $15.90 S&P. Official website turboroaster.com



Turbo Roaster Video

8 thoughts on “Turbo Roaster Reviews and Complaints

  1. Seems like this could be built by anyone with ANY DIY desire. By mason jar with rubber gasket (designed for high temps) and buy a metal (somewhat flexible) tube (safe for food handling). Drill hole through lid… voila… yes, you would need to find a way to get a tight seal around the hole and the tube… but,shouldn’t be difficult… use an o-ring / gasket (again safe for food)…

    I would think you could then place the mason jar in the bottom of the oven with the tube going up through the rack (looked like many had problems getting tube into cavity with device on same rack as chicken/turkey).

    All of that should cost less than $5 and take less than 10 mins.

    Also, what about putting seasonings / aromatics into the water in the jar? Wouldn’t that also enhance the flavor – from the inside?

  2. I used mine for the first time this Thanksgiving after seeing it on the Today show (they had a NY Culinary Institute try it against a $250 deep fryer and convection oven, with comparable results). I LOVE Turbo Roaster. I have never had such tender turkey, and our 20 pounder was done in 2-1/2 hours. Crisp skin, tender meat. VERY easy to do.

  3. To cook chicken breast I keep a piece of lemon in the cavity and cover it with a foil for at least part of the cooking time. It ensures that the bird doesn’t dry. I also add herb/butter mix between skin and flesh of the bird as it cooks while basting.

    Once you take the chicken out of the oven its internal temperature continues to rise. That’s because heat from the outside is getting in; hence if it’s taken out when the inside temperature is “right” you might be in trouble. It’s going to be about 10 degrees F higher than the desired temperature and quite dry.

    Chicken breasts/portions are often quite thin and they cook quickly, and get overcooked. I tend to cook for a shorter period and then cover with foil before serving. I have realized that having a meat thermometer also helps while cooking.

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