Turbo Cooker Plus Review

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You now have quicker, easier and healthier way to cook without losing the flavor…introducing the TurboCookerPlus. Fry, Roast and Bake with little or no oil, Cook frozen foods without waiting them to de-frost. Cook dry pastas immediately without waiting for the water to boil. It cooks a complete 3-course meal for a family of 4 in less than 15 minutes. Fry, steam, boil, braise stew and bake With TurboCookerPlus your favourite food on your gas, electric and glass stove tops (follow the instructions).

How does Turbo Cooker Plus work

The unique feature of the TurboCookerPlus is its patented method of cooking i.e. SteamFrying. TurboCooker Plus creates a “vapour seal” by combining Steaming and Frying. This “Vapour Seal” captures an intense amount of steam and rotates it throughout the cooker creating a convection effect. This method of SteamFrying mantains the liquid in the base longer and replaces oil with water. Because the food cooks under slight pressure so it cooks faster with little or no oil. With the unique design of TurboCookerPlus the flavors wont mix. The bottom chamber has a durable dupont premium coating for easy food handling and easy cleanup.

What’s the new “Plus” in the TurboCooker?
Stack Rack – Cook 30% more food with the new stack rack. It is perfect for smaller food. It clips to the Steam Rack so that you can move both the racks at the same time.
Turbo Timer – With this removable timer the TurboCookerPlus tells you when your food is ready.


What do I get?

  • TurboCookerPlus base unit with its non-stick coating
  • Steam Rack – Designed to hold small and large portions of food.
  • The Original Dome Lid with its simple to use Turbo Valve.
  • Quick and Easy Cooking Guide
  • 10 TurboCookerPlus Recipe Cards
  • Stack Rack
  • Turbo Timer
  • 15 under 15-minutes recipe cards
  • 10 under 10-minutes recipe cards

Recipes Included

  • Peppered Pork Chops and Vegetables in 15 minutes.
  • Chicken and Dumpling in 15 minutes
  • Western Omelet with Suasages in 15 minutes
  • Cherry-Cola Muffins in 10 minutes
  • Thai Chicken with rice in 10 minutes
  • Beef Pot Roast in under an hour
  • Meatloaf and potatoes in 20 minutes
  • Chicken Pot Pie in 14 minutes
  • Stir-Fried Mexican Beef in just 12 minutes
  • Cod, Shrimp, Rice and Brownies in just 20 minutes
  • Sweet and Sour Chicken, Chicken Teriyaki, Grilled Rib Steak, Orange
  • Beef Stir Fry in just 10 minutes.

Official website turbocooker.myshopify.com. (all above mentioned recipes are included in the offer).

Turbo Cooker Plus Video
Turbo Cooker Plus Part 01

7 thoughts on “Turbo Cooker Plus Review

  1. Have had a Turbo Cooker for ten years, still my go-to pan for three or four course dinners as well as one-pot recipes. Works great. One does have to experiment with stove heat settings as it says in the instructional video and the recipe book, but once you get the knack it’s a great utensil. Love making browned chicken breasts with green steamed veggies and rice or pasta all at once. Great for brunch frittatas and good ol’ Polish latkes too.

  2. What a great video. Altho I need your help. I was given an original turbo cooker years ago from a neighbor and have since lost the instructions and recipe cards. Can you help? I just loved it. Thank you. Deb

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