Torpedo Blender Review

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Using kitchen appliances with all those confusing parts can be a hassle. Blenders and expensive stand-mixers can leave you with a cleanup nightmare. Margarita machines cost a fortune and when the party is over you are left with cabinet craziness or worse camped counter-top clutter…not any more – Introducing the Torpedo Blender the smart, powerful all-in-one appliance with a sleeker award winning design. Torpedo not only blends but it is like getting 9 additional appliances that would cost well above a thousand dollars for FREE.


Torpedo Blender

As a Juicer
Torpedo features a powerful 600 watt motor and two specially designed mesh screens which instantly transform it into a high-power juicer. The medium mesh allows the pulp to pass through while the fine mesh gives you pulp-free juice instantly. So unlike many juicers that offer only one option you can choose the pulp that’s right for you.

The powerful motor can take a whole apple with skin, seeds and all and extract the essence of vitamin rich fruits or veggies into delicious healthy juice in less than 9 seconds.

Features patented stainless steel 6-blade configuration, neatly positioned points and serrated edges to grind, blend, chop and mix any type of food and drink at Torpedo speed from mouth watering chunky chicken salad to gourmet chocolate mousse whipped to perfection without ever having to replace the blades.

The secret is Torpedo’s Smart Electronic Technology – this internal computer allows you to set it and let Torpedo do the work. The 3 functions tell the blade how to perfectly prepare whatever you are making.

Function 1 “Auto” mode lets you walk away and multitask while it operates knowing exactly when to stop and start so items like ice can circulate and settle down to the blade and reach that professional grade consistency. When it is done Torpedo automatically turns off.

Function 2 The high-speed “ON” function does heavy-duty jobs just like a powerful flour mill that could cost well over a thousand dollars alone.

Function 3 The “Pulse” function gives you complete control to chop vegetables like onions for precise results, no hassle, no mess and no tears.

Beverage Dispenser – Tired of unpleasant spills – Torpedo Blender features ingenious beverage dispenser so you can taste test without ever removing the lid until it is just the way you need it.

Safety Lid – Torpedo does not operate until the ingenious safety lid is locked tightly in place eliminating mess while making it easy for the entire family to use. And unlike some countertop appliances that can not take the heat Torpedo Blender’s multi-function vented top allows steam to escape so you can make hot sauces and soup.



What do I get?

  • The Torpedo 600 Watt All-In-One Kitchen Appliance
  • The Torpedo Recipe Book & User Guide
  • 2 Removable Juicing Screens
  • Also you get

  • Fabio & Jacopo’s Top 10 Favorite Recipes Book
  • No mess spill collar
  • 16 Piece Party Set

Try the Torpedo Blender for 30 days for only $14.95 plus FREE shipping and handling. If you like Torpedo you CC will be billed $29.95 for 3 months after the trial period. Shipping is FREE. Total amount you would pay is $89.85.

Torpedo Blender Official Website


Torpedo Blender Video


19 thoughts on “Torpedo Blender Review

  1. Recently purchased a big boss torpedo blender but there is no instruction booklet or recipe book with it. Is it possible to get one?

  2. I bought one of these last September at the Oklahoma state fair. It was great till it quit working a week ago. Anyone have any Idea what you do to get a replacement since it has a warranty?

  3. Always put liquids first. I have a $400 blender and they told me that on that one, it will last longer. Buy with am ex, they double all warranties, this one is one year.

  4. I purchased the Torpedo Blender at a show in the Woodlands, TX on Saturday, February 19th. I was told that cookbooks had been placed in the box. However….no cookbooks were found. I would like to contact the vendor who was at the show in the Woodlands last Saturday. If you do not have a contact number, please tell me how to get the cookbook which was promised. Thank you!

  5. I bought my Torpedo Blender from about 6 months ago. I use it everyday making fruit smoothies. I can put a whole apple in and it has no problems pulverizing it. I love my Torpedo Blender and I highly recommend this machine. Takes seconds to make smoothies using whole fruit. It’s a heck of a lot cheaper then the vita mix and does the same job!!!

    Thanks, bob

  6. Hi I had one of these and had to send it back as it stalled on the ice cubes that were suppose to get blended and grated for smoothies. I had to take it apart empty it as it stalled more then once and then I sent it back to ShopNBC. It only worked on light duty liquids and stalled on ice cubes . The booklet says to use small ice cubes? hmm… I think it does not have the power I was looking for Maybe it will work for someone who has little ice cubes and does not work it all the time. I was looking forward to the soup and ice cream mode but alas I will go elsewhere for that.

  7. I ordered a Torpedo Blender and am trying to cancel the entire order. I previously sent a request and only a free item on the order was canceled. I would like to cancel the entire order #36853201044125002, items 8249 & 8250. Please send me another confirmation email that the entire order has been canceled.

    Trying to find contact information for this company is nearly impossible. I am skeptical of a company that doesn’t freely give out their contact information. After spending over an hour trying to find a way to contact you, I am extremely frustrated and will never purchase anything from your company.

    • You can only buy this product at State Fairs once a year. The blender is AWESOME and better than a Vita-mix…try to find a state fair right now…I am bumbe because I need another one too!!!

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