TORNADO REVIEW – Does Tornado Can Opener Work?

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The simplest of things you do can end up giving you a hard time and bog you down; for instance, if you need to open a can but cannot and you feel helpless. In such a case, the only hope that can see you through would be the Tornado Can Opener, the most ingenious opener invented ever. Tornado Can Opener makes your task incredibly easy as it uses simple leverage to pop the top off of anything-screw tops, bottle tops, jar lids.

How does Tornado Can Opener Work

While the traditional can openers are more likely to slip as getting a good grip is difficult and the automatic openers find it difficult to cut through with ease, Tornado Can Opener, on the other hand on just a press of a button gets your work done. It is faster, easier and more powerful in speed and performance. Unlike the other can openers that cut the top off and leave the dangerous sharp edges, Tornado Can Opener utilises the unique patented cutting design that enters the actual rim of the can and leaves no sharp edges. With twice the power of other openers Tornado Can Opener is suitable for all can sizes. Whether the can is thick or thin, large or small or any size, Tornado Can Opener will do the job with precision.

Adding comfort to its use is its ergonomic design that fits perfectly on the palm of your hand, and adding smartness to its functioning is its magnetic removal system that ensures a clean and safe disposal, which means no more dangers digging in the can for you. Also, this can opener is perfect if you are suffering from arthritis or if you have hand pain or weak grip strength.

Tornado Can Opener is small and compact in comparison to the automatic can openers that take up valuable counter space and are also difficult to operate. Also, if you have been thinking of other one touch openers please note that they make big claims but the get stuck all the time. Tornado Can Opener has twice the power and is smart and safe, easy and fast, hygienic and comfortable.



What do I get?

  • 1Tornado Can Opener
  • 1The Tornado Topper

All this for $19.95 + $15.90 P&H Official website


Tornado Can Opener Video


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14 thoughts on “TORNADO REVIEW – Does Tornado Can Opener Work?

  1. I had the same problem. I would think the company would replace the can opener since it was malfunctioned. Has anyone had the same problems?

  2. I have or had a Tornado Can Opener. I was using it the other day and the can opener just blew apart. All of these little parts. I have not idea what to do now. Help.
    Thank you.

  3. we open three cans of cat food daily and the longest one of these tornado can openers has lasted is one month the others before that one lasted lots less then that , when they do work it is great however for $20 a month its not worth keeping on buying, I just wish they were more reliable and lasted longer .

  4. my Tornado is in a plastic bag , ready to return to Bed, Bath and Beyond. I am tired of slivers of metal in my fingers and hand when I use it. So afraid to have served food with metal slivers in it. Wiped off the cut side with rolled up paper towel and several slivers were there. As it has a magnet, there are metal slivers on the device. This is the most dangerous piece of equipment we have ever had in our kitchen.

  5. The Tornado is a piece of crap. The first one would not work at all so I returned it, got a new one and it opened 1 can and never opened another. It just sits and spins. I threw away the receipt thinking no way to get 2 bad ones in a row, but guess what I did. Out of $20 plus.

  6. Doesn’t work!!! Don’t buy this piece of crap! Should be pulled from all advertising for false claims.

  7. what a piece of junk work for a little time stop working would not buy this tornado I will not shop at bed bath beyond any more they sell junk .

  8. We purchased one Tornado can opener and it worked well for a while then died. Purchased the second one and it does not work at all.
    What suggestions do you have for us after we have spent $40. plus tax??????????

  9. The Tornado Can Opener has been a disappointment ever since I purchased it. I have an elderly mother and she is unable to use a manual one and cannot reach one that needs to be plugged in on the counter. However, she is unable to use the tornado as well. Takes three times to get it completely to open a can, usually have to hold the start button down until half way around the can, need to stop it manually and that takes 5-6 ties before stopping. Unfortunately I cannot return it to the store because I trusted it would work and threw the receipt away. I have never wasted $20 in my life before as I have purchasing this opener. Everyone should avoid purchasing the tornado can opener.

    • I bought it because I had another brand that was excellent but I could not find it anywhere. I bought Tornado thinking it would be the same but since I got it I have not been able to open even one can with it. I tried to get a hold of the company but they have no place where you can write to. Also there is no warranty or guarantee on this opener. I would never again buy this product.

  10. I have purchased the Tornado Can Opener. It is wonderful except for one problem. Sometimes you cannot tell if the opener has successfully completed the job or not. The lid does not come off and it does have a magnet that should lift the lid off. So I started it a second time I think it might have put splinters of metal in my beans. I found one in my mouth. I would be disappointed if the manufactures of the Tornado did not say, “the splinter was already in the beans.” I don’t know?

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